Podcast 2021.11 Cosmic Hum

Voyager 1, launched in 1977, has traveled out of the solar system but it’s still sending back data. It detected a hum in deep space–a sort of constant background noise caused by plasma waves. Voyager 1 also contains the Voyager Golden Record, which is an analog disc and it contains a broad selection of music and representative sounds from Earth. Quite a challenge for a single disc. This episode isn’t quite that ambitious. Here you will find a playlist of recent psychedelia. 

00:00 Turn Me On Dead Man – Intro
01:29 Thee U.F.O. – Having Faith In And Outside
04:03 Diagonal – Anticipation
08:36 Acid Rooster – Stereofuzz
13:54 Codex Serafini – Time, Change & Become
17:27 The Myriad Dharma – Love Town Singalong
20:43 Technicolor Blood – Last Night
24:55 Modern Stars – She Comes Now
27:54 MK8ULTRA – Rhythm Inside
31:27 Free Machine – Cursive Moon
35:24 Smoke Monolith – Embracing The Tide
38:51 La Otracina – Woke On Waves

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Podcast 2021.10 The Day Called X

Earlier this week I saw a playlist of songs that were inspired by the Doomsday Clock and I thought of The Day Called X, a 1957 documentary about Portland Oregon’s evacuation plan in the event of a nuclear attack. Not that the tracks in this episode have anything to do with nuclear war or Portland, but it just seemed to fit, although only one of the bands featured in this episode, Plankton Wat, is from Portland.

00:00 Turn Me On Dead Man – Intro
01:30 Raw Optics – Aqua Mundo
04:08 The Dharmas – 1000Miles
08:27 Acid Buzz – The Mind
13:22 Babe Ruthless – The Witch King (It’s Alright)
16:18 Blakdog – Lucifer Rising
20:21 Switch Ghost – St. Arrival
24:18 Massacre at Two Pines – 6 Months (Before The Breaking Of My Heart)
28:30 Spiral Wave Nomads – Radiant Drifter
33:10 Fog Lifter – V
35:15 Plankton Wat – Modern Ruins
41:25 Papir – 20.01.2020 #3

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Podcast 2021.09 Stare It Down And Nourish What Comes Near You

This is episode 9 from 2021. Number 9 put me in mind of John Lennon, especially after watching a video from the excellent series You Can’t Unhear This devoted to the Beatles song “Rain.” One of the ways “Rain” was innovative was that it included a reverse vocal line, which occurs during the track’s fade out. A Japanese pressing of the Beatles LP Hey Jude included a lyric sheet that transcribed the backward vocal. It tried to make sense of the gibberish and came up with “Stare it down and nourish/what comes near you” which actually works pretty well! I thought that would be a good starting off point for this episode’s collection of recent psychedelia.

Special thanks to Justin Bendell of fuguers cove for a better set of interview questions.

00:00 Turn Me On Dead Man – Intro
01:05 Broken Sky – California
03:52 Hooveriii – Shooting Star
08:01 Los Arboles – Felicidades
10:47 Fuguers Cove – The Cinnamon Trees
16:42 Gnod – They Live
26:20 Cosmic Flanders – What For
30:39 Murder Not Suicide – Would You Even Know
33:55 Shiva The Destructor – Summer of Love
41:24 Sunburned Hand of the Man – Dropped a Rock
44:39 Daily Thompson – Cosmic Cigar
56:47 TMODM – Outro

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Podcast 2021.08 The Day After Bicycle Day

April 20th is no stranger to strangeness. There’s the whole 420 weed phenomenon, and you can Google whose birthday it is. Perhaps most important, though, is that it’s the day after Bicycle Day. A time to reflect on the growing psychedelic influence in the world.

00:00 Turn Me On Dead Man – Intro
01:11 Post Hare Krishna – Post Hare Krishna
05:52 Mantras – Sunlight Swell
10:04 Karkara – Space Caravan
16:18 Clustersun – Desert Daze
23:01 Caapi – Psi-Phy Love Story
27:43 Double Suede – Abstraction of a Song
30:59 Sun Dream – Nowhere Left to Hide
34:42 Su Evets – Utsero-bune nos
40:02 Keepers of the Earth Peace Music Revolution – The Outer Zone
45:34 Zen trip – Black Tape
51:16 Shem – Night
57:01 CZLT – Junkyard (Excerpt)

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Podcast 2021.07 Out To Lunch

New psychedelic releases from early 2021. The pandemic rages on but the great music just keeps on coming. This set features two American bands (Maestro Maya from Denton, TX, and Room Noise from Denver), two Australian bands (Grinding Eyes from Sydney and Mt. Mountain from Perth), Dope Purple from Japan, and the rest are scattered around Europe.

00:00 Turn Me On Dead Man – Intro
01:06 Grinding Eyes – When The Night Falls
04:58 Peter Lawson – Take The Blame
08:34 Holy Monitor – The Sky Is Falling Down
16:35 Maestro Maya – Blast Off
23:00 Mt. Mountain – Aplomb
27:24 My Evilness – Dope Purple
34:00 Smote – Psolstice
43:00 Room Noise – The Disappearer
45:07 Become The Sky – Sleep
48:12 Saint Gallus Convention Tapes – January 1

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Podcast 2021.06 One With Everything

Spiritual psychedelia (even if it is a punchline). The music in this episode all tends toward the spiritual. This episode leads off with “Zenith” by Avdey, a track that explores how a person can become one with the universe, followed by “By the Hand of God” by Children’s Ice Cream. The playlist concludes with “Brotherhood of Eternal Love” by Miss Lava. A few of the tracks also explore altered consciousness. Along with “Furthur Ahead” by Word of Life and “Peyote Sunrise” by Robot God is “Turn off your mind, float downstream” from Tim, where are you now? an album that commemorates the centennial of Timothy Leary’s birth.

Karl Stefanovic was one of the hosts of Today on the Australian Nine Network when he interviewed the Dalai Lama. He ill advisedly used the opportunity to tell a joke that was lost on the Dalai Lama. “The Dalai Lama walks into a pizza shop and says, ‘can you make me one with everything.'” The Dalai Lama has a good sense of humor and even if he didn’t immediately get the joke he was a good sport about, even eating a slice of pizza during a subsequent interview. Not to mention that this actually went much better than former professional wrestler and governor of Minnesota related a line from the movie Caddyshack to the Dalai Lama in cringeworthy fashion.

00:00 Turn Me On Dead Man – Intro
01:08 Avdey – Zenith
05:52 Children’s Ice Cream – By the Hand of God
08:52 E.O.D. – The Sign
15:02 Sam Rosenthal & Projekt Artists – Turn off your mind, float downstream
22:48 The Confederate Dead – In Sha’ Allah
28:19 High Priestess [edit] – GNOB
31:14 Mainliner – Blasphemy Hunter
40:30 Robot God – Peyote Sunrise
47:06 Word of Life – Furthur Ahead
54:22 Miss Lava – Brotherhood of Eternal Love

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Podcast 2021.05 Rewind

Reissues, Compilations & Archival Recordings Released in 2020

Labels and bands look through their back catalogs, often finding gems to reissue or to release for the first time. This episode of Turn Me On, Dead Man looks over such offerings that were released in 2020.

00:00 Turn Me On Dead Man – Intro
01:06 13th Floor Elevators – Roller Coaster
06:04 Sleep Spirit – I am an art teacher…
09:39 Kawabata Makoto & The Mothers of Invasion – Fripian Flipped Over Nifty Their King’
19:23 Honey Radar – Lilac Pharmacy
21:23 Jimi Hendrix Experience – Voodoo Child (Slight return)
27:33 Hawkwind – Space Is Deep
33:15 Bardo Pond – Adrop [edit]
45:46 Jon Hassell – Blues Nile
50:27 Mort Garson – Is He Trying to Tell Us Something
52:38 The Cynics – Hand in Hand
55:15 Mudhoney – Thirteenth Floor Opening
57:23 The Stooges – 1970 (I Feel Alright)

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Podcast 2021.04 A Time For Glory

It’s Super Bowl Sunday and what better way to mark the occasion than with some new psychedelia? Actually only two of the bands in this episode’s playlist are from the US. Four of the bands are from the UK where, I understand, the NFL is trying to establish a foothold. So anyway, the season comes to an end but the psychedelia goes on….

00:00 Turn Me On, Dead Man – Intro
01:06 Blood Moss – Lagoon
04:12 Dreamweapon – Rites of Lunacy
09:03 The Telephones UK – Graceless Bird
13:12 Castle Club – Today
16:28 Pilot Voyager – Fuzziness
23:18 Underweight – Head Drop
28:04 Black Helium – Pink Bolt Cvlt Nation Sessions
39:44 Lumerians – Transmission Overture
51:55 Kombynat Robotron – Poldhu

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Podcast 2021.03 Out of the Dust: 1960s Garage/Psych Compilations Released in 2020

Last year saw a steady stream of new 1960s garage/psych compilations. New comps fell into two categories: obscure international psychedelia or more familiar music reworked around some theme. The first set of this podcast focuses on international psychedelia, most of which are from small labels. The second set covers US and European music, with several of the tracks coming from ambitious box sets.

00:00 TMODM – Intro
02:00 I Ragazzi del Sole – Nostalgia Di Te
04:42 The Mod East – Angelita
06:43 Group Syaeed – Mosh Va Karnah
08:19 Os Litles – Maze
11:26 The Mebusas – Mr. Bull Dog
15:22 Baris Manco – Flower of Love
18:00 A. Halim & De’fictions – Kembali Lagi
21:20 Tabernash – Head Collect
24:18 Mike Batt – Fading Yellow
27:48 The Action – Look At The View
31:43 The Creation – Making Time
34:38 Dana Gillespie – Andy Warhol
37:01 Moonshine – Ring Around The Roses
41:25 Beefeaters – Night Flight
44:30 Deuter – Soham
48:00 Astral Army – Interstellar Shortwave
52:27 Carol Of Harvest – Put On Your Nightcap

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Podcast 2021.02 Weird and Unusual Noises

Some weird and unusual noises from recent weeks. This music comes from a variety of places, staring off with Miminokoto from Japan and ending with Huillin from Chile. Along the way we’ll hear two bands from Sweden–Sofielund from Malmö and Entheogens from Stockholm–and Year of Taurus from Pescara, Italy, as well as Taras Bulba from Fleetwood, UK. We’ll also hear from Mt. Mountain from Perth, Australia, and four American bands: Devil’s Club (Portland, OR), Psychiatric Metaphors (New Jersey), Epic Ganesh (Tallahassee) and Over Outers (San Francisco). It’s a battle for the mind.

00:00 TMODM – Intro
01:12 Miminokoto – Mayoiga
05:45 Mt. Mountain – Aplomb
10:12 Taras Bulba – The Moon On The Tides
14:36 Year of Taurus – Fever, When I Was a Child
18:29 Devil’s Club – Wolf
22:11 Sofielund – One thing leading to the next
25:56 Psychiatric Methaphors – Body Snatchers
30:05 Enthoegens – Fire At Will
35:46 Epic Ganesh – Hare Krishna
41:32 Over Outers – Nancy Sings 2
47:58 Huillin – La verdad de la vida está en la impulsividad de la materia

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