Podcast 2022.09 Five Eyes

This episode focuses on recent Garage rock and psychedelic music from the US and Canada. I’ve recently done a show on psychedelia in the UK and another show focusing on Australia and New Zealand. So with this episode I’ve covered all of the founding member states of the Five Eyes alliance.

I’m not exactly sure of when I became aware of the Five Eyes but it just reinforced this fear I’ve had that we’re spiraling into an Orwellian future. I read 1984 many years ago, but I’ve started to wonder if the Five Eyes alliance is Oceania–and that we’ve always been at war with Eastasia. 1984 was certainly dystopian with a steady flow of disinformation, but even so I don’t think even Orwell imagined how people would be such willing participants in the spread of disinformation.

The music in this episode is divided roughly evenly between the US and Canada. This episode is longer than usual because I got sidetracked by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. That got me to put together an overdue episode devoted to Psychedelic Source Records. I thought they hit exactly the right tone with Mantras For Peace. Then I put together an episode of garage/psych and stoner bands from Ukraine. All the while I kept adding tracks to the playlist for this episode. Rather than break it up I thought I’d go with the episode I had originally sketched out with a set devoted to music from the US and a set of Canadian music. The styles run the range from garage punk to minimalist/ambient psychedelia.

00:39 The Living Sky – Cylinder
04:31 Slow Dawn – See-Through
07:40 Night Collectors – One Thousand Years
14:39 Shimmer Bed – Signs
16:49 Supplemental Pills – Run On
23:50 Myrrs – When You’re Here
28:28 thefamilystoned – Deaf Church Choir
33:05 Skloss – Upper Attic
37:20 Fantastic Purple Spots – Blasting Into The Sun
40:40 Magic Shoppe – I Feel High
43:55 Daemones – Refractor
49:39 Fuguers Cove – Gust
52:12 Babe Ruthless – Dog Days
53:33 Lightning – Vallejo
57:07 Deadlights – Paralyzed
1:00:20 Groop – Belly II
1:04:13 Shimmer Bed – Fine
1:10:10 John Denver Airport Conspiracy – The Big Classic
1:13:32 Omissam – Hide
1:16:15 Cosmic Drifter – Chasing Shadows
1:20:57 The Gateless Gate – Helcaraxë One
1:31:02 Lammping – Everlasting Moor
1:34:35 Blume – It’s You
1:44:30 Spheroid – Transparent Radiation

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Podcast 2022.08 On The Line: Psychedelia in Ukraine

This episode features garage rock, stoner and psychedelic bands from Ukraine. The Russian invasion of Ukraine began in February 24th and it looks to have stalled without taking any major cities in Ukraine. But even so, the Russian invasion has led to a horrific amount of death and destruction as well as profound upheaval in the lives of Ukrainians. As of today some 4 million Ukrainians have left the country and millions more have been displaced.

Most of the bands in this episode are based in Kyiv, but the music map below shows that the playlist also draws on artists from Lviv, Odesa, Kharkiv and Luhansk. As I usually do, I contacted the bands on the playlist and I was surprised how many replied. Given the circumstances I could understand how other things might now have taken a higher priority. The stories they tell show clearly how the war has had a direct impact on their lives. In my email I mentioned that I normally ask about influences and future plans but given what’s happening in Ukraine I was more concerned about how they were doing, and I asked them how the war has affected them and their communities. I went to say that if they just wanted to talk about the music, that was fine, too. I asked my standard questions of what had the biggest influence on the music, what record had changed their lives, and asked what’s next for them. Everyone who responded answered all of my questions. You can see their responses below.

The drops in this episode are mainly quotes from historian Timothy Snyder, author of such books as On Tyranny and The Road to Unfreedom. The book that had the biggest impact on me was Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin. Ukraine had the misfortune of being in the sights of two of history’s most murderous dictators and the population suffered greatly during World War II. The current Russian invasion reveals that Ukraine has never fully escaped this vulnerability. Vladimir Putin has gone so far as to say that Ukraine is a Soviet-era construct and questioned their right to exist. In defending itself against the Russian onslaught, however, Ukraine has clearly demonstrated a strong identity, not to mention a fierce national pride. No doubt Putin has plans of conquest beyond Ukraine and for that reason, Ukraine is defending not only itself, but the West and the liberal international order.

00:26 Headachee – Forever
03:49 Somali Yacht Club – Silver
08:43 Vasily Richter – Тебя придумала моя голова
10:51 Reflector – Take II
14:38 Reflector – Take III
22:42 Straytones – Oh Sweet Seeds
28:30 Лунар – О тебе, О мне, О нас
31:02 Ocean Bloom – Na oblake
34:24 PTMP – We U No U
35:37 Don Buzz – Mashrooms
44:14 Jesus Christ Gay Club – It Feels Like Summer
46:46 Электроптицы – Навстречу ветру
51:31 my mother hates me – Всё равно
55:25 Super Pink Moon – Disconnection Mantra
58:43 Ethereal Riffian – Dreamgazer
62:19 Twin Quasar – Over The Sun
67:32 Your Inner God – Plateau
73:35 Stoned Jesus – I’m The Mountain
86:12 Gooos – Night

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Podcast 2022.07 Mantras For Peace

The title of this episode comes from the most recent release from Psychedelic Source Records, a remarkable artistic collective based in Hungary playing mainly improvised music. They’re incredibly prolific, with more than 50 releases since they started putting out albums around 2017. A number of different bands play under the Psychedelic Source banner, and I’ve put together a playlist for this episode made up of tracks they’ve put out in the last year or so.

At the center of all this is Bence Ambrus, a multi-instrumentalist who plays in several of the Psychedelic Source bands and also does his own acoustic sets. The playlist includes a solo track of his, as well as tracks by Slight Layers, Pilot Voyager, Liquidacid, nepaal and Highbay, among others. Many of the bands share members and they often release their jams under the general Psychedelic Source Records name. What makes this output even more extraordinary is that they make it all available with the “Name Your Price” option. That’s right, they’re effectively giving it all away for free.

00:19 psychedelic source records – Opressions
15:14 Highbay – Dark Day
18:42 nepaal – Black Batik
29:24 Liquidacid – Beech Bums
30:35 Pilot Voyager – Dark Flood
44:18 Bence Ambrus – Levitating over Fields and Pine Forests
51:30 Come and See – Prayer of Death (desert song)
57:09 Ju – Ash (uses melodies from the traditional song ‘Kedah Kasaha’)
64:17 Slight Layers – Subconscious tales
69:44 psychedelic source records – Sparkling Melody (Golden Sights)

I devoted an episode of Turn Me On, Dead Man to psychedelic source records at the end of 2020
and I had been thinking about catching up with them again. They released Mantras For Peace on February 27, 2022, just three days after the Russian Invasion of Ukraine. Upon listening to the extended psychedelic jams on this album, my thought was that this is exactly what I needed to hear right now. It’s a fitting counter to the horrific destruction and loss of life resulting from Putin’s senseless invasion.
I did a short interview with Bence Ambrus about the crisis unfolding in eastern Europe. I asked him about the Russian invasion of Ukraine and how it was affecting their community. Hungary has had its own political difficulties in recent years as their politics have shifted to the right. Opposition parties and the independence of the judiciary have been undermined in Hungary, and freedom of the press has been curbed. To make matters worse, it looks like the United Opposition is struggling to stay united for the upcoming election on April 3rd, and Viktor Orban may well win another term in office. Here is what Bence had to say:

TMODM: I’d be curious to hear what you have to say about the conflict in eastern Europe. Hungary has had its own experience with an aspiring authoritarian ruler, and now it has a refugee crisis from the mass displacement from Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. How has this affected you and your community?
Bence Ambrus: First of all, calling it “crisis” or “war” or “conflict” is just euphemism. Because crisis means the potato is little more expensive in the supermarket, and war is a traditional, balanced territorial conflict between for example: native tribes. This is scriptural massacre now, an exact example of the blown up bubble by the devil. When the evil insanity drives millions of young men into death and murder and suicide. Slaughtering children and families for nothing, only for black, remorsing fun and to get down the collective spiritual statement to the bottom, prediction the end as a proof: we, humanity lost this all. For us here by the border is scary yes, but i don’t see too much changes except the prices and Ukrainian car signs. Hungary stands before political elections now, this why our demagogic leader tries to please the blockhouse dweller/factoryworker/TVgazer Hungarians in all way, to get himself and his corrupt unbalanced BMW-Christian pseudo-democratic party re-elected. So his heart is “big” now, he let the refugees in. He is not a good man at all, and he will fell this country for sure, because the opposition parties are so week and dumb in front of this mean corrupt mafia, there is no happy end to Hungary. Only happy ending to the manifested evil what will destroy this mistake we call “humanity”.

Alright, so then I switched gears and asked about the music. I got some interesting responses from various members of Psychedelic Source Records when I asked them about records that changed their lives.
TMODM: One of my standard questions that I’ve been asking artists is “what is a record that changed your life?” and I’ve gotten a wide range of responses. I’d be interested to hear from as many people who have participated in psychedelic source records recordings as would care to answer this.
Krisztián (drummer in Satorinaut, PSR, Pilot Voyager): The Offspring – Americana, Pantera – Cowboys From Hell
Ákos Karancz (guitars in Pilot Voyager, PSR): King Crimson – In the Court of the Crimson King
István Baumgartner (drummer in Lemurian Folk Songs, PSR): Manfred Mann – Chapter Three
Gergely Szabó (guitar and bass in PSR, ex bass in Lemurian Folk Songs): Pink Floyd – Animals
Bence Ambrus (bass and guitar in PSR, bass in Slight Layers and Pilot Voyager, guitar in Lemurian Folk Songs, Satorinaut): Pearl Jam – Lost Dogs, Kispál és a Borz – Ágy Asztal Tévé
Dávid Nagy (guitar in Slight Layers and PSR): Led Zeppelin – II, Queen – The Game
Krisztina Benus (vocal and keys in Lemurian Folk Songs and PSR): Black Sabbath – Vol 4
Csaba Kocsis (drums in Liquidacid): Hatesphere – The Sickness Within
Ákos Debreczi (bass in Liquidacid): Across the River – Across the River

For a more in-depth interview with Bence Ambrus, please check out Podcast 2020.18 The Truth, Unity and Love Show: Psychedelic Source Records.

Psychedelic Source Records is based in Páty, Hungary

Podcast 2022.06 The Other Side

In the last few episodes I’ve been exploring psychedelia from various parts of the world. The playlist in this episode is made up of new psychedelic music from Australia and New Zealand. I’ve noticed over the last couple of years that Australia, in particular, has a thriving psychedelic scene and this episode really bears that out. Not to take anything away from New Zealand or anywhere else for that matter, it’s just that so much good music is coming out of Australia and it’s really been enjoyable corresponding with the artists.

The drops in this episode come from the 1959 movie On The Beach. In that movie a nuclear war breaks out and the only life left in the world is in Australia, but even they’re not safe from the cloud of radiation that will eventually arrive. It’s a bleak movie, and with the end of the Cold War a lot of people (myself included) thought that we had left this behind and that the risk of nuclear war was remote. The situation has certainly changed with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Things don’t seem to be going well for Putin and he’s made noises about putting Russia’s nuclear arsenal on high alert. Even before that the doomsday clock was already set at 100 seconds to midnight–the closest that its ever been–and the UN secretary general recently said “The prospect of nuclear war is now back within the realm of possibility.”

So anyway, having said that, enjoy the great music in this hour of Turn Me On, Dead Man and just think of the message in the closing frame of On The Beach that said “There is still time, brother.”

00:34 Human Rites – The Serpent and the Rainbow
05:15 Flower Children of the Apocalypse – Return To The Sun
08:00 Golden Sunbird – Voyage, Pt. 2
16:20 Frozen Planet….1969 – Glassblaster (Alternate Take)
20:14 Black Sand – Salutations To The Sun
22:57 Trigona – Petra
30:35 Sons Of Zöku – Yang Yin (Radio Edit)
34:45 Fuzz Meadows – Orange Sunshine
39:13 The Dharma Chain – Shoot Up Love
42:42 Legal Noise – Flashback
45:35 Fortress Europe & Moonflower – Organ Grinder
48:54 Robot God – Valleys of Primordia

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Podcast 2022.05 Beyond: Psychedelia in Asia

When I started making maps of the playlists for each episode I noticed that it was fairly predictable which places would be represented in the playlist. Given the history of psychedelia and the fact that I live in the US, the anglosphere has always been well represented in the playlists for Turn Me On, Dead Man. The US, the UK, Canada and Australia have vibrant psychedelic scenes. So do many European countries, and in addition to that, I’ve had no trouble finding great garage rock and psychedelia from Latin America.

For this episode I made an effort to establish an entire playlist of bands from Asia, and in the process I discovered a lot of great music that I would have otherwise missed. In addition to the wealthier countries of the pacific rim, active scenes exist in Thailand, Indonesia, and India. When you look at the music map for this episode it makes a great arc of port cities on the oceans bordering Asia. The major exception is Solar Zero, who close out the playlist with a 17-minute jam. Solar Zero is based in Tyumen, Russia, a city east of the Ural Mountains, which historically has been considered the dividing line between Europe and Asia. Given the shit that’s happening in Ukraine right now I wanted to include these guys. I corresponded with them a little and they’re very cool. When I asked them about what’s next for them and they said “Don’t know. If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.” I corresponded with them before the invasion of Ukraine which makes that answer all the more poignant.

00:19 Pale Blue Sound – Just Like a Dream
03:58 ZeitGeistS – Juvenile
08:00 The Dude of Stratosphear – Dharma Wheel
13:32 Hebi Katana – Running in My Vein
17:11 Spacedays – Lucy’s Space Garden
22:13 Solid Liqui – Combo Miss
25:19 Kinder Bloomen – Brainless The Third, On A Cloudy Mission
29:51 落差草原 WWWW / Prairie WWWW – 轉來 Tńg​-​Lâi
35:48 Candydrain – Temptations
39:27 Jash Jhaveri – They Might Have Killed Me Back In Egypt
42:30 Bardia Haddad – Chaos as the Storm Tears it into Shreds
50:52 Solar Zero – Transcontinental Bus

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Podcast 2022.04 Sunday Stone

This episode focuses on psychedelia coming out of the various parts of the United Kingdom. The UK has long been at the forefront of psychedelic music with several key British bands among its originators. The musical styles in this episode run the range from pop to drones to soundscapes.

00:26 The Lee Rudes – Insignificant Man
06:16 The Lunar Fog Occult – Seaglass
09:09 The Web of Lies – Best Friend
12:33 Artifacts & Uranium – Dive Bomber
17:42 Melodrome Man – The Dead Planet
20:55 Permanent Rain – Street Song
24:27 The Galileo 7 – The man who wasn’t there
27:26 Necessary Animals – In The Twilight
31:19 My Opal Garden – Mind Wandering
35:19 Deep Hum – Thoughts of Cats
44:05 Organs – Furious Return
53:50 Empty House – Zanshin

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Podcast 2022.03 Carved in Stone

Since the start of the year I’ve been making music maps to go along with these podcasts. Since the maps show where the artists in the playlist are from, I decided to go with a geographical theme for the next couple of episodes. The playlist for this episode features bands from all over Europe. One of the most interesting tracks is from Turas Naofa, who made a holy journey from Berlin back to Ireland to record what I’d describe as a shamanistic track that really gets to the essence of psychedelia.

00:25 Juárez – Nébula
03:57 The Lost Noise Figure – Wake Me Up (When It’s Over)
08:46 Decasia – Hrosshveli’s Ode
14:33 Turas Naofa – I Mo Bholg
18:54 Bad Bed – No One Can Hear You
23:26 Syndrom Samasvanca – Alimpijada-20
30:41 Lunar Funeral – Burn The Shadow
36:10 Courge, MatttKonture, Alice ElRakun – Arthfuzz
38:31 The LSD Zapata – Organik
41:40 Küllä Küllä – Aural Surf
50:11 black (w)hole – unwind
55:24 Apex Ten – The Fourth Passenger

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Podcast 2022.02 Trainspotting

Trainspotting has taken on a narcotic connotation because of the 1996 film directed by Danny Boyle, based on the novel by Irvine Welsh. Although that story was not about psychedelics, the film has its share of hallucinatory moments, the sequel less so. About the music in this episode, the playlist features psychedelia that starts out more in the hallucinatory vein but then becomes more meditative. Check out the music map below. A good illustration of how psychedelia has become a worldwide phenomenon. This episode features artists from the US, Canada, the UK, Norway, Israel, Guatemala, and closes out with a soundscape from Peruvian artist Chino Burga.

The title of this episode is from something my two-year-old and I have been doing recently. We’ve been going to an overpass nearby and wait for trains to pass. I’d never thought of myself as a trainspotter but I guess I’ve had a fascination since my childhood days staying at my grandparents’ home. Their house was about 100 yards from train tracks and I vividly recall the booming sound of the freight trains on summer nights when all the windows were open. So anyway, where my son and I go there are two sets of tracks, one for the DC metro trains, which comes above ground where we are, and one for the intercity trains. It’s always a jolt when we get the metro drivers to honk the horn.

00:19 Self-Immolation Music – Anhedonia
03:30 Helicon – Freakquency
07:46 The Orange Dots – Lost A Dream
12:29 A Crone’s Orchard – Worms
19:23 Solipsisme – Chimiosynthèse
23:31 The Midnight Vein – The Link
29:05 Carlton Melton – Hazel Heat
34:29 Ouzo Bazooka – Monsters
40:25 The Soundcarriers – Falling Back
44:02 The Groovy Nobody – Elevated
47:39 Baghdad Battery – Days Gone By
53:11 Chino Burga – Quien Como Dios

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Podcast 2022.01 Eat Some Soylent Green and Calm Down

The movie Soylent Green was released in 1973 and offers a dystopian view of the future, set in our current year, 2022. (Spoilers ahead) In Soylent Green’s vision of 2022, the world is overpopulated with a permanent heat wave from greenhouse gases. The Soylent company controls the food supply and they start producing a “miracle food” that they claim is made from plankton but as Charlton Heston discovers, it’s really made from human beings. In other words things get so bad by 2022 that cannibalism becomes the order of the day. As Tony Sokol points out in Den of Geek, Soylent Green did anticipate some of the darker features of our current world: face coverings, meat substitutes, climate change. Cannibalism, though? I don’t know, we’re not quite there yet but who knows? Anyway, in our timeline 2022 is already starting off with great psychedelia. All of the tracks in this episode have been released in the last month.

00:00 Turn Me On Dead Man – Intro
00:19 Solilians – Old Schmeckled Hen
06:13 Lamp of the Universe – Return as Light
10:49 Clyde Von Klaus – Concede
13:40 Turn Me On Dead Man – Break
15:12 Ogua – Waves
24:03 Waylon Thornton – Blown Princes
26:11 Barbican Estate – The Divine Image
31:01 Elephant Stone – La fusée du chagrin
34:40 Los Árboles – Bebe Jesús
38:55 Thee Tabs – Carrier Pigeons
41:27 Parker Sprout – Milk in the Sun
44:02 Monte Meteoro – Contra
50:41 Aeon – Five
53:23 io audio recordings – Awaiting The Elliptical Drift

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Podcast 2021.27 Seven Days on the Road

It’s the last day of this eventful year. New Atlas calls 2021 a “landmark year” in psychedelic science. The Wall Street Journal‘s podcast The Future of Everything looks at “How Psychedelic Drugs Are Making A Comeback To Treat Depression.” Under consideration in these studies is how much to ascribe to the placebo effect. Another question recently raised is “How Should Psychedelic Medicine Handle ‘Flashbacks’?” And what about “Animals That Eat Psychedelics And Enjoy The Trip: From Reindeer On Mushrooms To Jaguars On Yagé“? Several studies of therapeutic applications of psychedelics for mental health care are ongoing, as barriers to this kind of research are being removed. Johns Hopkins was a awarded a $4 million grant by the Nation Institutes of Health to see if psilocybin can be used to treat tobacco addiction. Centers to study psychedelics have been established at the University of Texas at Austin and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and NYU. Psychedelics are being tested to assess their effectiveness in a variety of conditions, from treatment-resistant depression to addiction, PTSD to chronic pain.

The potential for therapeutic psychedelic treatments appears to be great, and so the commercial potential for psychedelic drugs is great, as well. Natan Ponieman points out, “If 2020 was the year psychedelics companies were placed on the map, 2021 was when they began expanding their territory and entering the realms of big finance and mainstream capital.” The title of the article asks, “2021 Was The Year Psychedelics Conquered Capitalism…Or Is It The Other Way Around?” In an article in Leafie, Bethan Finighan makes the point that, “Drug policy should be based on scientific evidence, not politics. We’ve already let half a century of research slip through our fingers, so we must now put our trust in modern science to end the war on drugs.” A number of celebrities have revealed their use of psychedelics. The most recent was comedian Bill Burr.

I’ve already posted my “best of 2021” lists and podcasts. As 2021 comes to an end, I’m including a couple of recordings that made on my “best of” list.

00:00 Turn Me On Dead Man – Intro
00:25 White Manna – Light Cones
06:04 The Myrrs – Buggy Chawnker
08:03 Dislocated Flowers – Renaissance Three Two Zero
14:00 Magoodin – Prisma
16:20 Melt Plastic Group – The Birdman Explodes
21:33 StarBath – StarBath Jam 1
27:54 ST 37 – Over and Over Again
33:08 Den Osynliga Manteln – Vortexlöpare
39:17 Moshi Moshi and the Moist Boys – Fluorescent Eye Part 1
43:03 Sonic Delays – Coast
46:44 Frozen Planet…. 1969 – Diamond Dust

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