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2024.11 Doomsday Everywhere

May 20, 2024 [Notes/Interviews] [Mixcloud]

Whatever existential angst you may have, the current psychedelic music in this episode’s playlist offers a (mostly) positive outlook. All music released in the spring of 2024. New releases from Black Market Karma, Honey Radar, The Resonars, DDT, Ambassador Hazy, Super-X, Mahti, Special Cases, The Mymy, Pink Elderflower Moon, LEMAT, Mu!

time artist title
0:39 Black Market Karma Oozer
4:07 Honey Radar Pink Acid Jogger
4:57 The Resonars I Lost You
9:58 DDT Clusters
13:05 Ambassador Hazy Blue Skies
16:28 Super-X 45
20:30 Mahti Brisahka
32:14 Special Cases Imposible
39:00 The Mymy Balada Air Dan Sungai
43:37 Pink Elderflower Moon Falling Apart
48:45 LEMAT Become Whole
53:59 Mu! Viva la Flor

2024.10 Hello Void

May 3, 2024 [Notes/Interviews] [Mixcloud]

Current psychedelic music, all released in 2024, as well as a conversation with Nick from The Third Eye. New releases from Clear Mirror, Black Snake Moan, The Acid Machine, The Violet Twilight, Robot God, Night Rites, Dez Dare, Terrestrial Animal, Mutes, and Purple Hermits. Episode title borrowed from Dez Dare. Happy Bandcamp Friday!

time artist title
0:33 Clear Mirror Open Your Mind
4:00 Black Snake Moan Light The Incense
6:55 The Acid Machine All The Colors In My Garden
15:36 The Violet Twilight Dance Like a Flame
19:28 Robot God Long Way Round
32:38 Night Rites Black Diamond
35:50 Dez Dare A Billion Voices Screaming, Hello Void!
42:42 Terrestrial Animal Echoes Of The Eternal Self
48:59 Mutes Televangelist
51:10 Purple Hermits On the peak of the mountain

2024.09 Everything Under The Sun Is In Tune

April 27, 2024 [Notes/Interviews] [Mixcloud]

New psychedelic music released in 2024 and a discussion with Nick from The Third Eye. New releases from La Luz, The Albinos, The Janitors, Golden Sunbird, Myndflower, Traum, Golden Brown, Redd Axis, Sunshine America, MaidaVale, and Ogua. Redd Axis and Ogua inspired by the recent eclipse.

time artist title
0:40 La Luz Strange World
4:50 The Albinos Cant Shake
8:10 The Janitors Anger The World
18:00 Golden Sunbird Orbs of Light
21:29 Myndflower Broken Gods
26:33 Traum Kali Yuga
32:16 Golden Brown Kindness
39:16 Redd Axis Lost In Time
44:45 Sunshine America Under Your Bed
46:43 MaidaVale Faces [Where is Life]
49:48 Ogua Totality

2024.08 Into The Wild

April 17, 2024 [Notes/Interviews] [Mixcloud]

Current psychedelic music. All released in 2024. New releases from Maragda, Psycho Rebel Front, Ponyland, Carbon Decoy, Dope Purple & Berserk, Mau Jesus, Bity Booker, Cactus Bloom, Dislocated Flowers, and The Jonny Halifax Invocation.

time artist title
0:35 Maragda Tyrants
6:38 Psycho Rebel Front Idle Hands
9:34 Ponyland Chum
15:26 Carbon Decoy Out of Control
19:33 Dope Purple & Berserk Highlander
24:25 Mau Jesus Montalegre
43:15 Bity Booker The Cuckoo
46:20 Cactus Bloom Desert Orchid
51:01 Dislocated Flowers Black Feather
53:44 The Jonny Halifax Invocation Cosmic Fanfare

2024.07 Drone

April 4, 2024 [Notes/Interviews] [Mixcloud]

Current psychedelic music. All released in 2024. New releases from Room Om, Magick Brother & Mystic Sister, Moonin Down, Dope Smoker, Chino Burga, The Silk RailRoad, Psychic Lemon, Dragged Up, Leite Morno, and “the band whose name is a symbol”.

time artist title
0:41 Room Om In The Last Vision
6:31 Magick Brother & Mystic Sister The Hierophant
9:27 Moonin Down Koli
14:20 Dope Smoker Rammellzee
18:49 Chino Burga Intercept Dub
25:08 The Silk RailRoad I Need Your Love Like I Need A Hole In My Head
27:48 Psychic Lemon Trepanning For Gold
35:58 Dragged Up Young Persons Guide to Going Backwards in the World
39:38 Leite Morno Echoes
46:13 the band whose name is a symbol Popinjay

2024.06 Instant Memory Power

March 21, 2024 [Notes/Interviews] [Mixcloud]

Current psychedelic music. Winter, 2024. New releases from Adelaida, SOMA, Hilary Woods, Carlton Melton, Cannabus, Minerall, NOH, Misleading, Feathers and Greed, Empty House, Fuzz Toads. Short interviews with the artists.

time artist title
0:44 Adelaida Retrovisor
4:35 SOMA Shivranjani
8:05 Hilary Woods Burial Rites
11:13 Carlton Melton Vice Versa
20:00 Cannabus Desert Trip
25:10 Minerall Bügeln
35:12 NOH jonah
42:39 Misleading Visual Tempo
49:41 Feathers and Greed 255 0 0
52:53 Empty House Ramen Roll
56:56 Fuzz Toads Rollo

2024.05 Effective Listening

March 11, 2024 [Notes/Interviews] [Mixcloud]

Psychedelic music (almost) all released in 2024. New releases from Charles Moothart, Trigona, Sonic Dawn, Samsara Joyride, Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor and more.

time artist title
1:06 Charles Moothart Little Egg
4:19 Trigona Continuum
9:24 The Sonic Dawn Iron Bird
13:18 Distance Is a Way of Life The Journey (in My Own Mind)
19:21 Samsara Joyride Who Tells The Story
28:23 UNCOLA Plasma
32:22 Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor Mars to Earth
41:08 春山后潮 Spring hill Post tide Gulp down the tower of dreams
44:21 tnachouu Un Estilo De Vida
48:41 Rope Trick Neptune

2024.04 No Sleep Till All Clear

February 29, 2024 [Notes/Interviews] [Mixcloud]

I spent a night recently at The Neurology Center for Sleep Disorders. It’s always a challenge to fall asleep with all of those wires attached to your body, but I managed to drift off at some point. I was sleeping soundly until 2:46am when the fire alarm went off and we had to evacuate the building! Needless to say my sleep was disrupted, but fortunately I slept enough for them to gather the data they needed. Plenty of druggy psychedelia in this sleep-deprived episode.

time artist title
0:44 DRUUGG Ride Me Down Easy
5:27 Savior Machine Eyes Are Acid
12:35 Fairyport Convent Mushroom Man
17:24 Guy Roswell Mystified
21:36 The Litanies Love
25:20 ΑΜΑΤΡΟΜΑ / AMATROMA Amatroma
28:49 Aeri Satur A Queda do C​é​u PXY
34:57 Yalisco Trickling Sand
38:17 Pilot Voyager In Search of Signs and Wonders
43:44 Space Shepherds Void Hurler

Podcast 2024.03 Sonic Prayer

February 9, 2024 [Notes/Interviews] [Mixcloud]

After obsessing about the Doomsday Clock I decided to quiet my mind. The playlist for this episode his strong sixties influences, not only bands that cultivate a sixties sound, but also a track featuring Dorothy Moskowitz of The United States of America, who released a seminal album in 1968.

time artist title
00:52 One Eyed Moon Conduit Closing
04:15 Vanishing Trace No Wind is Favored
11:08 Modoki Luna To Phobos Revisited
17:56 Retep Folo & Dorothy Moskowitz Moon
21:28 The 13th Pillar Who Knows What We're Gonna Find
24:46 Iris and the Deadly Flowers Stranded On A Distant Planet
28:58 Empty Full Space Amnesia
35:50 Sonic Dealer Red Soul
39:55 The Albinos So Blue
44:03 Untimely Dosage Milky Way, Come Back
47:22 Unearth Noise Terrestrial Mechanisms
52:43 Kiyazami A Million Dreams (Melting in Awe)

Podcast 2024.02 All These Things Must Come To Pass

January 30, 2024 [Notes/Interviews] [Mixcloud]

The Doomsday Clock is still at 90 seconds to midnight as we go into the new year. In an angst-ridden world nothing beats a good psychedelic playlist. This episode starts off with garage/psych and moves into cosmic territory, including a track from the always interesting Psychedelic Source Records, a European-Senegalese collaboration, and plenty of stoner and space rock.

time artist title
01:04 Daughter of The Vine Cosmic Eye
06:39 Wax Head Jobless Goblin
10:09 Karkara Anthropia
18:33 Ndox Electrique Ngor Diouf Né Du Wallé
22:29 Shit The Cow Luger
25:27 :nepaal fractal no. 3
32:33 Deadpeach Madras
39:40 Otid The Right Way
43:50 Dead Runes Iron Song
50:08 Schiguli Lichtecho

Podcast 2024.01 Strategies Of Moving Ahead

January 18, 2024 [Notes/Interviews] [Mixcloud]

New psychedelic music spanning the globe in the first episode of 2024. I don’t know how it is where you are, but it’s snowy and cold over a large part of the US–not a great way to start off the new year. This may be a sign that it’s time to drop out.

time artist title
00:40 Canisbay Feel The Arrow
05:00 Arugula Be Open Now!
09:00 frances chang Spiral In Houston
14:24 Haszh Edges
16:36 Balarrasa El Futuro Era Esto
20:20 Kosmodrom Dazed In Space
28:25 PSP Social Plus-Minus
34:05 the courts On Yr Mind
36:23 Luminous Rift Tech Duinn
41:44 The Cosmic Mirage Palabras En El Aire Sobre Ondas de Éter
48:04 The Moondig Gallium