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Podcast 2024.03 Sonic Prayer

February 9, 2024 [Notes/Interviews] [Mixcloud]

After obsessing about the Doomsday Clock I decided to quiet my mind. The playlist for this episode his strong sixties influences, not only bands that cultivate a sixties sound, but also a track featuring Dorothy Moskowitz of The United States of America, who released a seminal album in 1968.

time artist title
00:52 One Eyed Moon Conduit Closing
04:15 Vanishing Trace No Wind is Favored
11:08 Modoki Luna To Phobos Revisited
17:56 Retep Folo & Dorothy Moskowitz Moon
21:28 The 13th Pillar Who Knows What We're Gonna Find
24:46 Iris and the Deadly Flowers Stranded On A Distant Planet
28:58 Empty Full Space Amnesia
35:50 Sonic Dealer Red Soul
39:55 The Albinos So Blue
44:03 Untimely Dosage Milky Way, Come Back
47:22 Unearth Noise Terrestrial Mechanisms
52:43 Kiyazami A Million Dreams (Melting in Awe)

Podcast 2024.02 All These Things Must Come To Pass

January 30, 2024 [Notes/Interviews] [Mixcloud]

The Doomsday Clock is still at 90 seconds to midnight as we go into the new year. In an angst-ridden world nothing beats a good psychedelic playlist. This episode starts off with garage/psych and moves into cosmic territory, including a track from the always interesting Psychedelic Source Records, a European-Senegalese collaboration, and plenty of stoner and space rock.

time artist title
01:04 Daughter of The Vine Cosmic Eye
06:39 Wax Head Jobless Goblin
10:09 Karkara Anthropia
18:33 Ndox Electrique Ngor Diouf Né Du Wallé
22:29 Shit The Cow Luger
25:27 :nepaal fractal no. 3
32:33 Deadpeach Madras
39:40 Otid The Right Way
43:50 Dead Runes Iron Song
50:08 Schiguli Lichtecho

Podcast 2024.01 Strategies Of Moving Ahead

January 18, 2024 [Notes/Interviews] [Mixcloud]

New psychedelic music spanning the globe in the first episode of 2024. I don’t know how it is where you are, but it’s snowy and cold over a large part of the US–not a great way to start off the new year. This may be a sign that it’s time to drop out.

time artist title
00:40 Canisbay Feel The Arrow
05:00 Arugula Be Open Now!
09:00 frances chang Spiral In Houston
14:24 Haszh Edges
16:36 Balarrasa El Futuro Era Esto
20:20 Kosmodrom Dazed In Space
28:25 PSP Social Plus-Minus
34:05 the courts On Yr Mind
36:23 Luminous Rift Tech Duinn
41:44 The Cosmic Mirage Palabras En El Aire Sobre Ondas de Éter
48:04 The Moondig Gallium