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The Best of 2022

December 30, 2022 – Notes
Some of my favorite tracks released in 2022. I’d just like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the artists for sharing their music with the world.

Podcast 2022.16 Immaterial Graffiti

December 15, 2022 [Notes/Interviews] [Mixcloud]

Turn Me On, Dead Man returns to the one-hour format as the year winds down. My pace has slowed in recent weeks as everyone in my household has been sick at one time or another. It seems like I’ve been sick the longest–my whole body is sore from coughing. This episode is divided into three parts. The first part is recent psych, followed by notable reissues and closing with extended tracks.

time artist title
00:21 Worn Robot Meet Again
02:38 Kamel Toast M​ö​dest Man
06:27 Shit The Cow Everybody
10:54 NOON Longa Nahawand
14:09 The Violet Mindfield Tell Me
16:36 Shredd Feel It
20:08 Zezzoze Escape
24:03 Upupayāma M​á​s
30:12 Gong Mystic Sister – Magick Brother
35:56 A Place To Bury Strangers It Is Nothing
38:51 Zone Six Full Mental Jacket
48:34 Death Trip The Comedown

Podcast 2022.15 Miss Him

November 11, 2022 [Notes/Interviews] [Mixcloud]

This two-hour episode is divided into three parts. The opening sets are recent psychedelia, followed by a few archival releases including one from the Beatles latest super deluxe box set of Revolver. The last set is extended, mainly improvised tracks. The theme of this episode is the “Paul is dead” rumor.

time artist title
00:22 The Landscape The Stair
05:20 The Flower Machine Painting Black Rainbows
07:17 Split Moon Feel Free
14:26 Aming Mind Cloud
18:27 Los Palms Scared Of Saturday Nights
21:13 Solar Corona Parker S.P.
26:34 Morningface Are You Gonna Set Me Free
30:00 Space Shepherds Life On Terra
38:42 Bhopal's Flowers Byrd Of The Tree
42:39 The Dandy Chainsaw Massacre Loud Sonic Dharmadelica
46:35 Andrew Thomas Jacobs Bend to the Fire
Archival Releases
51:35 The Beatles Tomorrow Never Knows (Take 1)
55:29 The Heads False Heavy (Peel Session)
1:01:06 Suzuki Junzo Chi No Mure
Extended Tracks
1:16:40 Robot God Sleepwalking
1:27:24 Space Invaders Freak Waves
1:40:55 Dos Brujos Dahr I

Podcast 2022.14 The Peace & Love Van

October 6, 2022 [Notes/Interviews] [Mixcloud]

After a 2+ month hiatus, Turn Me On, Dead Man is back with two hours of recent psychedelia. This episode is divided into three parts. In the first hour I cover psychedelic tracks released during the last few months, followed by a short set of notable reissues, and finally I round out the episode with some extended tracks, improvised and otherwise.

time artist title
00:30 Pale Blue Sound Broken Heart
05:10 Erik's Iridescent Tent Wailing Fungus
08:42 Sun Voyager Some Strange
16:55 Snakes Don't Belong In Alaska Cosmic Prophet
24:23 The Dead Novas Bar Fite
29:15 The Hologram People Drone of the Holy Numbers
31:53 Babe Ruthless Mysteries of the Egyptian Gods
34:27 A.J. Kaufmann So Hot
37:31 Ala Mil Space Age Dub
41:04 Forklift Driver On Board
43:50 Melt Plastic Group Hooh
50:14 Lost Fuzz Someday
53:18 Uncle Wizard I Am, It Says
57:01 Brazil Banks Swell
1:04:24 Orchestra Gold Mali Senekelaw
1:08:21 Psychic Ills Mind Daze
1:11:30 Naujawanan Baidar Isyan Dorost Ast
1:15:24 White Hills Radiate
Extended Tracks
1:19:34 Sol Viator Phoenix Flies Over The Rockies
1:24:54 Uguns project No quisiera
1:32:08 They Came From Mauritania Space
1:38:22 Trip Pilots Stargazing
1:45:22 Gozu Pierced by Lunar Rays
1:51:21 Zong Encounters On The Astral Plane

Podcast 2022.13 When Worlds Collide

July 22, 2022 [Notes/Interviews] [Mixcloud]

I guess I’ve always thought of psychedelic rock as being a genre on its own but psychedelia crosses genre boundaries and in this episode I’ll be playing some jazz, ambient and even a country track that are psychedelic. It seems like these days a vinyl release carries with it prestige and seems to make it more of an event. The LP format emphasizes the cover art but the records themselves frequently have really stunning designs.

time artist title
00:35 Los Males Necesarios Repeticion
03:07 Black Lizard Killfire
07:20 Dead Waves Wake Up In The Night
09:15 Kikagaku Moyo Cardboard Pile
14:59 Medicine Singers A Cry/Daybreak
19:32 London Odense Ensemble Sojourner
25:11 Surreal Sun Ra en la quebrada de Macul con Don Cherry (fumándose unos cuetes y bañándose en la cascada)
29:17 Bad LSD Trips Consciousness Burnout
34:38 The Sensational Country Blues Wonders There's a Hole in the Fabric of My Reality
39:57 Psycada Abstract/Halal
45:10 Primordial Undermind Hermetic Armada
51:51 Science Killer Blue
56:16 Smoke The Light InHell
1:01:01 Fuzz Sagrado In Her Garden
1:05:15 The Wesleys Find a Way
1:10:12 The Cyanide Jug Band Girl In The Can-Can Hat
1:13:00 Atom Mother Searching/Finding
1:20:50 Quantum Pigeon The Pigeon
1:24:43 Ciencias Ocultas La ciencia oculta
1:35:36 Herbcraft California Poppy
1:38:23 The Qualitons Család
1:47:18 Psychlona Blast Off
1:54:35 Goat Goathead

Podcast 2022.12 No Room For Squares

June 30, 2022 [Notes/Interviews] [Mixcloud]

Two hours of psychedelic/stoner/garage rock tracks that have all been released in 2022. In this year of uncertainty, the theme of many of these tracks is healing, trying to move on from harm.

time artist title
00:40 The Mango Furs Seeker
04:17 Night Rites Dark Patterns
08:33 Melting Palms Orchard's Lie
14:18 The Striped Bananas & Nameless Newest Age Man
18:18 Mienakunaru Invisible Hammerthrow
22:03 The Dry Mouths Den-Dro Sum
25:34 Birds Flying Backwards Surrender to The Void I, II & III
30:11 Abronia Night Hoarders
36:10 Golomb Western Threshold
39:55 JIRM Liquid Covenant
46:48 Dialing In Blooming Wire
54:54 Acid Barretts Heartlock
57:45 Vanishing Trace Pierce My Brain
1:02:51 Bad Liquor Pond Painted Daisies
1:05:51 Thee Mean Reds Vessel
1:10:58 Underground Mountains In Search of Highs pt. 1
1:16:52 Shane Hartman Presence
1:23:10 East and West Rendezvous Montjuïc
1:35:43 Sendero Luminoso Sacred Bones
1:41:30 The Spanish English Dictionary Hard To Find
1:45:31 Floating Witch's Head 911
1:47:59 Omaha Haze Snow White Ferocity, Snow White Feral City (only setuar)

Podcast 2022.11 Vivid Vibes

June 7, 2022 [Notes/Interviews] [Mixcloud]

Well, COVID-19 finally got me. I managed to avoid it for more than two years but everyone in my household has gotten sick in the last couple of weeks. Our symptoms were relatively mild, I’m happy to say, but it’s still been difficult. On the positive side, it’s given me a chance to listen to a lot of new music.

time artist title
00:28 The Cosmic Lotus Lotus Devotion (Promo version)
08:17 Tombstones In Their Eyes A Higher Place
11:22 Drug Couple Missed Our Chance
17:27 Dhidalah Soma
26:17 Ambassador Hazy Modes of Transportation
30:32 Ecstatic Vision Elusive Mojo
36:33 Foraging Badgers of the Black Forest Vast Forest Lands
42:25 Hashishian Let Us Reason
48:32 The Lower Depths Trip Hazards
52:16 Boschivo Oltre il Velo
55:43 Japanese Television Space Fruit Vineyard
1:05:17 Limestoned Sacred Key
1:08:35 Thee UFO Impish Delight
1:14:42 Black Toast And the Gods Just Stood There & Laughed
1:22:15 Guitars On Drugs Trinity
1:26:29 UFO Över Lappland Blå Vägen
1:34:05 The Telephones Two Byrds
1:37:34 Weasel Melt
1:40:07 New Standards Men Spain's First Astronaut A

Podcast 2022.10 Black Swan Lane / Unknown Road

May 17, 2022 [Notes/Interviews] [Mixcloud]

I took a road trip recently and my GPS was behaving strangely. It happened a few times where my GPS was slow to identify roads I was traveling on–and I don’t mean back roads, I mean Interstate 95. I thought that was a little odd and then I noticed the street sign a short distance away from my destination: Black Swan Lane. There’s been some chatter recently about “black swan events” and it just seemed to fit somehow.

time artist title
00:39 Luminous Rift Bugs In The Module
04:31 Boar God Birthplace
07:40 The Dharmas 1000Miles
Europe set
14:39 Misleading Whirlwinded
16:49 La Casa al Mare Otherwise
23:50 SRWW Community Dreams of Space
28:28 Vomit Heat Dematerialize
33:05 The Moondig gasvoor
37:20 Bity Booker Dreaming in the Morning
40:40 Bookhouse Eferwad y Tonnau Gwyn
Latin America/Caribbean set
43:55 The Kadeem Ward Project Kaleidoscope (Demo)
52:12 Dorotheo Alba Rosa
53:33 Mint Field Contingencia
57:07 Hoja Madre Hoja Madre III EP
1:00:20 Reverb Chamber Let Her Burn
1:04:13 Sportivo Camorra Jones Poison
1:08:20 Fulgor Song
1:10:10 Skintaker Face of Stone
1:13:32 Giant Jellyfish Marvelous City
Northern America set
1:16:15 Su Evets the Deering
1:44:30 The Frozen Heads Whatever, Sky
1:54:17 Ogua Play
1:34:35 The Sadies Stop and Start

Podcast 2022.09 Five Eyes

April 27, 2022 [Notes/Interviews] [Mixcloud]

This episode focuses on recent Garage rock and psychedelic music from the US and Canada. I’ve recently done a show on psychedelia in the UK and another show focusing on Australia and New Zealand. So with this episode I’ve covered all of the founding member states of the Five Eyes alliance.

time artist title
00:39 The Living Sky Cylinder
04:31 Slow Dawn See-Through
07:40 Night Collectors One Thousand Years
14:39 Shimmer Bed Signs
16:49 Supplemental Pills Run On
23:50 Myrrs When You're Here
28:28 thefamilystoned Deaf Church Choir
33:05 Skloss Upper Attic
37:20 Fantastic Purple Spots Blasting Into The Sun
40:40 Magic Shoppe I Feel High
43:55 Daemones Refractor
49:39 Fuguers Cove Gust
52:12 Babe Ruthless Dog Days
53:33 Lightning Vallejo
57:07 Deadlights Paralyzed
1:00:20 Groop Belly II
1:04:13 Shimmer Bed Fine
1:10:10 The John Denver Airport Conspiracy The Big Classic
1:13:32 Omissam Hide
1:16:15 Cosmic Drifter Chasing Shadows
1:20:57 The Gateless Gate Helcaraxë One
1:31:02 Lammping Everlasting Moor
1:34:35 Blume It's You
1:44:30 Spheroid Transparent Radiation

Podcast 2022.08 On The Line: Psychedelia in Ukraine

April 11, 2022 [Notes/Interviews] [Mixcloud]

This episode features garage rock, stoner and psychedelic bands from Ukraine. The Russian invasion of Ukraine began in February 24th and it looks to have stalled without taking any major cities in Ukraine. But even so, the Russian invasion has led to a horrific amount of death and destruction as well as profound upheaval in the lives of Ukrainians. As of today some 4 million Ukrainians have left the country and millions more have been displaced.

time artist title
00:26 Headachee Forever
03:49 Somali Yacht Club Silver
08:43 Vasily Richter Тебя придумала моя голова
10:51 Reflector Take II
14:38 Reflector Take III
22:42 Straytones Oh Sweet Seeds
28:30 Лунар О тебе, О мне, О нас
31:02 Ocean Bloom Na oblake
34:24 Ratmir Bilodid We U No U
35:37 Don Buzz Mashrooms
44:14 Jesus Christ Gay Club It Feels Like Summer
46:46 Electrobirds Навстречу ветру
51:31 My Mother Hates Me Всё равно
55:25 Super Pink Moon Disconnection Mantra
58:43 Ethereal Riffian Dreamgazer
1:02:19 Twin Quasar Over The Sun
1:07:32 Your Inner God Plateau
1:13:35 Stoned Jesus I'm The Mountain
1:26:12 Gooos Night

Podcast 2022.07 Mantras For Peace: A Message from Psychedelic Source Records

March 30, 2022 [Notes/Interviews] [Mixcloud]

The title of this episode comes from the most recent release from Psychedelic Source Records, a remarkable artistic collective based in Páty, Hungary, playing mainly improvised music. They’re incredibly prolific, with more than 50 releases since they started putting out albums around 2017. A number of different bands play under the Psychedelic Source banner, and I’ve put together a playlist for this episode made up of tracks they’ve put out in the last year or so.

time artist title
00:19 psychedelic source records Opressions
15:14 Highbay Dark Day
18:42 nepaal Black Batik
29:24 Liquidacid Beech Bums
30:35 Pilot Voyager Dark Flood
44:18 Bence Ambrus Levitating over Fields and Pine Forests
51:30 Come and See Prayer of Death (desert song)
57:09 Ju Ash (uses melodies from the traditional song 'Kedah Kasaha')
1:04:17 Slight Layers Subconscious tales
1:09:44 psychedelic source records Sparkling Melody (Golden Sights)

Podcast 2022.06 The Other Side: Psychedelia in Australia & New Zealand

March 17, 2022 [Notes/Interviews] [Mixcloud]

In the last few episodes I’ve been exploring psychedelia from various parts of the world. The playlist in this episode is made up of new psychedelic music from Australia and New Zealand. I’ve noticed over the last couple of years that Australia, in particular, has a thriving psychedelic scene and this episode really bears that out. Not to take anything away from New Zealand or anywhere else for that matter, it’s just that so much good music is coming out of Australia and it’s really been enjoyable corresponding with the artists.

time artist title
00:34 Human Rites The Serpent and the Rainbow
05:15 Flower Children of the Apocalypse Return To The Sun
08:00 Golden Sunbird Voyage, Pt. 2
16:20 Frozen Planet….1969 Glassblaster (Alternate Take)
20:14 Black Sand Salutations To The Sun
22:57 Trigona Petra
30:35 Sons Of Zöku Yang Yin (Radio Edit)
34:45 Fuzz Meadows Orange Sunshine
39:13 The Dharma Chain Shoot Up Love
42:42 Legal Noise Flashback
45:35 Fortress Europe & Moonflower Organ Grinder
48:54 Robot God Valleys of Primordia

Podcast 2022.05 Beyond: Psychedelia In Asia

March 6, 2022 [Notes/Interviews] [Mixcloud]

For this episode I made an effort to establish an entire playlist of bands from Asia, and in the process I discovered a lot of great music that I would have otherwise missed.

time artist title
00:19 Pale Blue Sound Just Like a Dream
03:58 ZeitGeistS Juvenile
08:00 The Dude of Stratosphear Dharma Wheel
13:32 Hebi Katana Running in My Vein
17:11 Spacedays Lucy's Space Garden
22:13 Solid Liqui Combo Miss
25:19 Kinder Bloomen Brainless The Third, On A Cloudy Mission
29:51 落差草原 WWWW / Prairie WWWW 轉來 Tńg​-​Lâi
35:48 Candydrain Temptations
39:27 Jash Jhaveri They Might Have Killed Me Back In Egypt
42:30 Bardia Haddad Chaos as the Storm Tears it into Shreds
50:52 Solar Zero Transcontinental Bus

Podcast 2022.04 Sunday Stone: Psychedelia in the UK

March 2, 2022 [Notes/Interviews] [Mixcloud]

This episode focuses on psychedelia coming out of the various parts of the United Kingdom. The UK has long been at the forefront of psychedelic music with several key British bands among its originators. The musical styles in this episode run the range from pop to drones to soundscapes.

time artist title
00:26 The Lee Rudes Insignificant Man
06:16 The Lunar Fog Occult Seaglass
09:09 The Web of Lies Best Friend
12:33 Artifacts & Uranium Dive Bomber
17:42 Melodrome Man The Dead Planet
20:55 Permanent Rain Street Song
24:27 The Galileo 7 The man who wasn't there
27:26 Necessary Animals In The Twilight
31:19 My Opal Garden Mind Wandering
35:19 Deep Hum Thoughts of Cats
44:05 Organs Furious Return
53:50 Empty House Zanshin

Podcast 2022.03 Carved in Stone

February 18, 2022 [Notes/Interviews] [Mixcloud]

Beginning a series of episodes focusing on different geographic areas, the playlist for this episode features artists from all over Europe.

time artist title
00:25 Juárez Nebula
03:57 The Lost Noise Figure Wake Me Up (When It's Over)
08:46 Decasia Hrosshveli's Ode
14:33 Turas Naofa I Mo Bholg
18:54 Bad Bed No One Can Hear You
23:26 Syndrom Samazvanca Alimpijada-20
30:41 Lunar Funeral Burn The Shadow
36:10 Courge Arthfuzz
38:31 The LSD Zapata Organik
41:40 Küllä Küllä Aural Surf
50:11 black (w)hole unwind
55:24 Apex Ten The Fourth Passenger

Podcast 2022.02 Trainspotting

February 3, 2022 [Notes/Interviews] [Mixcloud]

My two-year-old and I have been going to an overpass and watching the trains pass by. The playlist of this episode starts with hallucinatory psychedelia that would fit well with the 1996 film Trainspotting, but becomes more meditative as the episode progresses.

time artist title
00:19 Self-Immolation Music Anhedonia
03:30 Helicon Freakquency
07:46 The Orange Dots Lost A Dream
12:29 A Crone's Orchard Worms
19:23 Solipsisme Chimiosynthèse
23:31 The Midnight Vein The Link
29:05 Carlton Melton Hazel Heat
34:29 Ouzo Bazooka Monsters
40:25 The Soundcarriers Falling Back
44:02 The Groovy Nobody Elevated
47:39 Baghdad Battery Days Gone By
53:11 Chino Burga Quien Como Dios

Podcast 2022.01 Eat Some Soylent Green and Calm Down

January 18, 2022 [Notes/Interviews] [Mixcloud]

The movie Soylent Green was released in 1973 and offers a dystopian view of the future, set in our current year, 2022. In our timeline 2022 is already starting off with great psychedelia. All of the tracks in this episode have been released in the last month.

time artist title
00:19 Solilians Old Schmeckled Hen
06:13 Lamp of the Universe Return as Light
10:49 Clyde Von Klaus Concede
15:12 Ogua Waves
24:03 Waylon Thornton Blown Princes
26:11 Barbican Estate The Divine Image
31:01 Elephant Stone La fusée du chagrin
34:40 Los Árboles Bebe Jesús
38:55 Thee Tabs Carrier Pigeons
41:27 Parker Sprout Milk in the Sun
44:02 Monte Meteoro Contra
50:41 A3on Five
53:23 io audio recordings Awaiting The Elliptical Drift