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Podcast 2023.14 Attaining Cosmic Consciousness

September 17, 2023 [Notes/Interviews] [Mixcloud]

The heat of the summer is over but the garage/psych continues on Turn Me On, Dead Man. Some impressive releases from indie labels Riot Season Records, Cruel Nature Records, Fuzz Club, Ramble Records, Stone Free, Sundog Sound and We, Here and Now!

time artist title
00:03 Kaliyuga Express Behind The Veil
08:37 J. Lansdowne White Hat Law
14:59 Moon Lagoon Hypnotized
18:21 Dragged Up Hex Domestic
21:50 The Mystic Tension Girl Come On
25:33 Daiistar Star Starter
28:02 The Heavy Minds Predator
35:37 Chela Flyspray
42:31 Jeramesa Dream For Me
49:16 Telford! y El Zombie Espacial Blown Princes
52:54 Iglesia Atomica Los demonios andan sueltos

Podcast 2023.13 Everywhere and Everywhere and Everywhere

August 27, 2023 [Notes/Interviews] [Mixcloud]

A family road trip to Canada and more psychedelia from the summer of 2023. Interludes from the Bruce Haack album The Electronic Record For Children.

time artist title
00:32 White Canyon & The 5th Dimension Gardeners of the Earth
05:35 Maragda Evil Seed
09:37 Skyjelly Killer B
16:26 Solilians There Is No Michigan (Merc Yes Remix)
19:37 The Dandy Chainsaw Massacre Bunny's Song
22:18 Dub Wreckage Nevis Gore
26:15 Hebi Katana Pensylvania Blood
31:24 Blue Rumble Blue Lightning
35:41 Neckbolt Fung Wah or Lucky Star
39:28 Dharmakaya Rise
45:16 New Standards Men Thundercloud in Aquamarine

Podcast 2023.12 Shine On

August 1, 2023 [Notes/Interviews] [Mixcloud]

I had a credit on American Airlines so I decided to fly to Minneapolis to see a Twins game. The music in this episode has several psychedelic tunes along with a few epic jams for this psychedelic diamond summer.

time artist title
00:29 Mossmen Wave
05:22 Tombstones In Their Eyes We Are Gold
09:23 Lemon Lemon Hammock
13:37 Herbarian Aspid
17:46 Heathmonger Pay No Mind
20:30 Sonic Delays And I
23:25 Slyne & The Family Stoned Is Heaven Sweet
35:03 ST 37 Popol 37
44:51 Guranfoe 1
1:12:50 psychedelic source records Studio Session pt.2

Podcast 2023.11 Oceanic

July 20, 2023 [Notes/Interviews] [Mixcloud]

Heavy Psych Sounds and interesting collaborations in this episode of Turn Me On, Dead Man. In the heat of the summer an oceanic experience can be just the ticket.

time artist title
00:32 Demonio Heavy Dose
05:29 Emile Circles
09:15 The Space Huns Sgt. Taurus on Coke
17:48 Chatham Rise Riddle Remix (w​/​Mark Refoy)
21:17 Flyin Up Umid
28:37 Ailuria Papel
30:45 Hopeful Dream Cult Tomorrows Shadows
33:49 Fire Down Below California
39:50 The Jansson's Temptation Experience Everything in Technocolour
50:03 Wet Meadow Emmaline
1:07:06 Yawning Balch Dreaming With Eyes Open

Podcast 2023.10 Vanish in the Haze

July 1, 2023 [Notes/Interviews] [Mixcloud]

Canada is burning and the smoke from those wildfires has been hovering over many parts of the US. The music in this episode ranges from psychedelic desert rock to dub to space rock to krautrock.

time artist title
00:43 Mirror Revelations El Portal
06:02 The Slow Voyage Mi Mente
10:12 Bee Bee Sea Time & Time
16:11 Menilek Dub Along The Watchtower
20:26 Blue Daze Night Owl
23:39 Sunfish Amp Hiss Daydream
28:57 Turban Tantric Guru
36:56 Severed Satellites Lost Transmissions
42:57 Nodarling Andromedas
53:12 The Great Machine Funrider
56:26 The Warp 2023.03.21 – 2

Podcast 2023.09 Tomorrow Is a Drag

June 20, 2023 [Notes/Interviews] [Mixcloud]

B-movie Beat poetry and current psychedelic music in this episode of Turn Me On, Dead Man.

time artist title
00:23 The Mango Furs Float
03:44 GNOB Altar & The Sacrifice
14:03 Black Snake Moan Fire
18:11 Cannabus Cannabust
25:55 Giobia Consciousness Equals Energy
29:55 Some Pills For Ayala Sore
34:07 Brick Road Mantra for Sacred Ranges
37:46 Crude Vaga​ç​e
46:29 Psychic Lemon Volver
53:44 Motus Space Rips

Podcast 2023.08 Fear of Elevator Music

May 30, 2023 [Notes/Interviews] [Mixcloud]

It’s never fun to be in a dental chair. To keep my mind off the unpleasantness (just waiting for my dentist to ask, “is it safe?”) I started paying attention to what song was playing on the muzak. “Could It Be I’m Falling In Love?” is now forever ruined for me. To clear my head I put together this hour of recent psychedelia.

time artist title
00:33 Hyper Tensions Upside Down
03:52 Sudden Voices Happenstance
06:38 The Savage Blush Incantations
12:19 Rough Image Useless Person
21:38 Goat Seu Sangue
25:42 Psychic Mass Devil Master
30:08 Sonic Moon Give It Time
33:60 Psychic Love Child All 6's & 7's
38:54 Los Acidos Stereolalo
46:15 Piranha Petting Zoo (Another) Murder In The Desert
50:24 Sun Brigade Brotherhood Hashish

Podcast 2023.07 Road Trip

May 1, 2023 [Notes/Interviews] [Mixcloud]

Last week I drove from Dayton, Ohio, to Washington, DC, in my new (to me, anyway) 1998 Chevy S10 pickup. Over several hours I ate too much fast food and listened to a lot of cool music. The result is a two-hour episode.

time artist title
00:48 Hands Of Hydra (The Forge Of) Creation
04:40 Self-Immolation Music Nervous Breakdown
07:45 Blume New Beginnings
11:23 Divisionaries Riding High
13:28 Dez Dare Uncanny Velocity
14:44 Monsoon Moon Circulating
16:35 Desmond Dandies Keep Me Going
19:48 Acid King Mind's Eye
26:42 Cosmic Jenny The Caravan
34:20 The Dharma Chain His Head
39:23 Ak'chamel, the Giver of Illness The Great Saharan-Chihuahuan Assimilation
41:59 Maya Ongaku Nuska
46:31 The Imperial Mustard Everything's Allright
50:18 After Altamont Tha Spasw Koupes ft. Dunja Botic
56:19 The Sunday Shamans The Riff
1:01:38 Plankton Wat The Forgotten Dream
1:05:13 Takashi Mizutani Is Dead I Was Sentenced To Death 13.7 Billion Years Ago
1:22:01 Vago Sagrado Ahora, Siempre
1:41:02 nepaal Brahman Sleeps 432 Billion Years

Podcast 2023.06 The Parish Line

April 21, 2023 [Notes/Interviews] [Mixcloud]

A recent trip to New Orleans got me to watch Easy Rider again. One of the defining films of the 1960s, Easy Rider portrayed the counterculture of the 1960s, showing drug use, psychedelic and otherwise, and employing experimental cinematic techniques to convey those surreal experiences. The music featured in this episode of Turn Me On, Dead Man is a variety of current psychedelia, as artists continue to explore further the seemingly boundless range of psychedelic influences.

time artist title
00:34 The Baudelaires Gordon
07:01 Los Mundos Las Venas del Cielo
10:25 The MK Ultras Do You Enjoy Popular Music?
14:27 Black Helium I Saw God
22:03 Psychic Paywalls Amoeba
24:52 Morrison Graves Crane Songs
28:39 Excellent Skeleton Moving Away
34:19 The Eternal Page Dada 441
39:34 Mssing Jack & The Kameleons You Don't Have To Think
44:40 The Inner Sight Find Yourself Again
49:27 Southsiders Wake Up!
54:06 Helicon Flume

Podcast 2023.05 I Often Dream of Train Derailments

April 2, 2023 [Notes/Interviews] [Mixcloud]

This episode is as much about going down internet rabbit holes as anything. Train derailments seem to be happening all around us lately. The image of a train wreck is fascinating, one of things you don’t want to see but can’t look away from. The music in this episode is a nice variety of new psychedelia.

time artist title
00:37 Moonwalks Heavy Tears
03:45 Crayola Eyes Grass Lick
08:15 Dead Shaman Grounded
15:39 Ulaan Khol Milk Thistle
21:07 Nighttime Curtain Is Closing
24:45 The Ineffable Witches Rest On Your Own
28:27 Astral Lite Teleport Court
33:32 Smote Genog
42:37 Sons Of Zöku Earth Chant
46:18 The Dream of When(?) A Dream
48:25 Illuminated Sidewalks I've Heard That One Before
51:33 Canned Fish Music Pre-Historic Daze

Podcast 2023.04 Bag Drop

March 6, 2023 [Notes/Interviews] [Mixcloud]

I recently took a trip to Minneapolis–nothing quite like the refreshing weather of Minneapolis in February! Luckily we beat the blizzard by a day. Still, while we were there we made the most of it. We stopped by Birchbark Books and we visited what has become known as the Free State of George Floyd. The music in this episode ranges from druggy stoner psych to improvised jams and spacey drones.

time artist title
00:31 The Black Delta Movement Fourth Pass Over The Graveyard
06:24 Cherry Cosmos As Worlds Collide
10:01 Black Sky Giant Primigenian
15:02 Las Visiones Visiones de la Virgen
21:57 Tony From Bowling Stoned to Death
26:54 Ogua \\\\\
31:54 El Universo Stellar brightness caused by planets
38:39 The Mushroom Club Take Drugs
42:53 The Lower Depths The Mind Machine
46:35 Mienakunaru MegaBlocksColonyDomes [edit]
48:18 Cementin Mejaz

Podcast 2023.03 Any Given Sunday

February 16, 2023 [Notes/Interviews] [Mixcloud]

Another Super Bowl Sunday has come and gone. It’s strange to think how much the Super Bowl has changed over time. The games are actually competitive now and Super Bowl commercials have become an institution in their own right. Gone are the days of Up With People playing the halftime show. Hard to believe, but Up With People actually performed at FIVE Super Bowls (V, X, XIV, XVI and XX). So anyway, the playlist for this episode of Turn Me On, Dead Man would would make an excellent trippy Super Bowl halftime show.

time artist title
00:37 Night Rites Den
04:18 Bard's Flying Vessel Barrows
06:48 Dark Fog Your Loyalty A sHAPESHIFTEr
11:58 Orchestra Gold Keleya
16:52 Bad Bed Ghash
22:30 Ivan The Tolerable Before the Sun Sinks
30:09 Luminous Rift Symbols In The Sky
34:56 Ambassador Hazy The Door Between
37:01 Halo Noose Magical Flight
40:52 Oceans of Stars Sailing The Oceans Of Stars
44:34 Thomas Greenwood Ritual Moon
48:37 Shivalila No Enemies
50:02 Sound of Smoke Shadows
54:56 Black Market Karma Heady Ideas

Podcast 2023.02 Byrd In Flight

January 31, 2023 [Notes/Interviews] [Mixcloud]

Byrd In Flight cover

This episode is a tribute of sorts to David Crosby, who died earlier this month at the age of 81. The tracks in this episode are psychedelic rock ranging from stoner to improvisational jams–not really David Crosby’s sort of music, but he left his indelible stamp on psychedelia from his time with the Byrds and other artists he was associated with.

time artist title
00:40 Worn Robot Commune At One
02:34 Thought Bubble Cloudbursting
06:58 Emboscada Sistemas de adivinar
15:20 Falling Floors Infinite Switch
23:18 Thee Khai Aehm Exit Ghost
25:42 Edena Gardens Hidebound
31:45 OM Machine Noise 606
37:44 Loud Light Loud Light II
42:18 Syndrom Samazvanca Kvietki Zla
47:30 Kanaan Voyaging

Podcast 2023.01 Never Get Out Of The Boat

January 9, 2023 [Notes/Interviews] [Mixcloud]

A new year and a one-hour set of recent psychedelia. I asked the bands if they had any new year’s resolutions and my favorite answer was from Firefriend who said they wanted to play around the world before WW3. The tracks in this episode originate from the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, Argentina, Brazil, Finland, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

time artist title
00:51 Die Zappa Camino en la bancarrota
06:35 Shirley & The Pyramids Sapanta Blue
09:55 Firefriend Rainbow
17:03 The Embrooks Black-Hatted Lady
20:42 SOMA Ch. 11
24:13 Kacimi Le Ballon Songe
27:17 Trigona Volta
33:33 Room Om Shards
38:38 Temple Fang Jerusalem
47:51 Broken Opium Table Constrictor
52:30 Dirty Shirts Heliosis Hot Spot
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