The “Paul Is Dead” Rumor

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Rumors of Paul McCartney’s death began to circulate in 1969, a time when the strained relationships among the Beatles were becoming public knowledge. Written versions of this story first appeared in college newspapers in the fall of 1969, but the precise origin of the rumor is unknown. The story caught fire with the public when it was broadcast by a radio station in Detroit. Russell Gibb, a disc jockey for WKNR-FM, received a strange phone call from someone who identified himself only as Tom. The caller told Gibb that Paul McCartney had died in 1966 and was then replaced by a lookalike. The Beatles had subsequently left clues on their albums about this deception. The caller claimed that the cover photo of Abbey Road, the Beatles’ most recent release at the time, represented a funeral procession with John as the minister, Ringo the undertaker, Paul the corpse, and George the gravedigger. Other Beatles album covers also contained clues, the caller claimed, and a few Beatles songs contained clues about Paul’s death&#151including some that could only be deciphered when the records were played backwards! Gibb related the rumor of Paul’s death on the air, which brought a strong reaction from listeners and the story spread rapidly after that.

The rumor became so widespread that Life magazine sent a crew to Scotland to track Paul down and take a photo of him. Paul had taken refuge from the Beatles’ legal battles at his farm in Scotland and he was not at all happy to be confronted by reporters. When the crew from Life magazine appeared on his farm, Paul became angry and doused the photographer with a bucket of water as he took pictures. The reporters quickly left and Paul, realizing that the photos would cast him in a negative light, followed after them. In exchange for the film of his outburst, Paul agreed to let the Life crew do an interview. The resulting article, which went into some detail about the supposed clues to Paul’s “death”, appeared as the cover story for the November 7, 1969, issue.


About the same time, a fan magazine appeared that reinforced many of the stranger elements of the “Paul is dead” rumor. A sloppy account rushed to newsstands to take advantage of the public fascination with the story, Paul McCartney Dead: The Great Hoax went into some detail in presenting the story of Paul’s “death.”


The story was that Paul McCartney had died in a car accident at 5:00 a.m. on Wednesday, November 9, 1966. Paul McCartney Dead: The Great Hoax suggested that Paul had picked up a female hitchhiker on his way to visit friends. The woman became so excited when she realized who had picked her up that she threw her arms around Paul and caused him to lose control of the car. Both Paul and his passenger were killed when the car swerved off the road and hit a stone fence. And here’s where the story takes a turn toward the ludicrous&#151Paul was decapitated in the accident and the trauma to his head was so severe that even his dental records were useless in identifying the victim! Not wanting to lose potential record sales, record company executives suppressed the story of Paul’s death and brought in a lookalike to replace him. For some reason (this is the part where you have to suspend disbelief) the surviving Beatles agreed to go along with this scheme, but they left clues on all of their subsequent albums about Paul’s death and the imposter who took his place. Paul’s stand-in was a man named William Campbell, who had won a Paul McCartney lookalike contest. With a little plastic surgery, William Campbell had taken Paul’s place in photos of the group. The surgery had been successful except for a small scar above his lip. And, as luck would have it, William Campbell could also sing and just happened to be a songwriter with an exceptional ear for pop melodies. Of course, Paul wasn’t really dead, as he explained in a statement accompanying the Life article (and several years later to Chris Farley on “Saturday Night Live”),

Paul McCartney with Chris Far.ey on Saturday night Live

but that didn’t stop fans from poring over the Beatles’ albums for “clues” to Paul’s untimely demise. Many of the supposed clues to Paul’s death are simply vague references to death. Other clues are pictures of the Beatles that show Paul in a manner that is different from the other Beatles in some way, especially involving the colors red (blood) or black (death). Most of the “Paul is dead” clues are simply the product of an obsessive search for significance, but a few are genuinely chilling. The Beatles all denied that they had perpetrated a hoax and insisted that none of the “clues” about Paul’s supposed death had any significance whatsoever. According to Ringo, “It’s all a load of crap.” When asked if he had intentionally placed any of the clues, John denied it in similar terms, “No. That was bullshit, the whole thing was made up.” Lennon Remembers (New York: Popular Library, 1971), p. 97.

When Detroit DJ Russ Gibb spoke on the air about Paul McCartney’s rumored death, the story had already been circulating on college campuses for some time. Rolling Stone reported that someone had approached the magazine with a list of clues that Paul McCartney was dead in the fall of 1968. Rolling Stone dismissed the story at the time because “the trouble with his death cry was that too many people had seen Paul alive and it was the same old Paul…” But the rumor persisted and led at least a few inquisitive people to examine their Beatles albums and begin playing their records backwards.

Illinois University’s student newspaper, the Northern Star, ran an article in the September 23, 1969, edition entitled “Clues Hint at Possible Beatle Death”. The earliest piece, however, was by Tim Harper, whose article appeared in the college newspaper of Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, on September 17, 1969. Once the rumor became widespread Harper achieved some notoriety for being the first to put all of the clues together. The Des Moines Register reported that Harper had been paid for interviews in several states and that WLS-TV in Chicago had even chartered a private plane for him so that he could appear on their morning talk show. And he didn’t even own any of the Beatles’ albums! Des Moines Register (Oct. 23, 1969), p. 1. “It was just a joke,” he said. “I was the first one to put it all together. I knew when I wrote the story that it wasn’t true.” Chicago Sun-Times (Oct. 23, 1969), p. 3. Perhaps the article that did the most to propel the “Paul is dead” rumor was one written by a University of Michigan student named Frad LaBour. LaBour’s article appeared in the October 14, 1969, edition of the Michigan Daily, the University of Michigan’s newspaper, just two days after Tom’s call to Russ Gibb. Set with the task of writing a review of Abbey Road, LaBour wrote a tongue-in-cheek obituary of the Beatles. Even though it was not the first article about Paul’s rumored death, LaBour’s article in the was important because it fleshed out several aspects of the story. Many of the elements of the rumor that have been repeated countless times were products of LaBour’s imagination. He created the identity of Paul’s replacement, William Campbell, and he asserted the walrus was an image of death, stating “‘Walrus’ is greek for corpse.” Michigan Daily (Oct. 14, 1969), p.2, and reprinted in Andru Reeve’s book.

Actually rumors of Paul’s death were nothing new. A version of the “Paul is dead” rumor had existed in the UK at least as early as 1967. Paul had been involved in an accident in 1966 but he had sustained only minor injuries. Much like the rumors about Bob Dylan’s death followed his motorcycle accident, Paul was the subject of the same sort of speculation. J. Marks, writing in the New York Times, recounted that he and Linda Eastman, who had yet to meet Paul, had just finished working on a book together. Linda wondered aloud how she might meet Paul and then heard that Paul was dead and had been replaced by a double. Linda apparently was undeterred from meeting Paul and they were married within two years. When Linda and Paul married in March of 1969, J. Marks congratulated Paul with the message “Congratulations whoever you are!” New York Times, November 2, 1969, p. 13 (section II).

Andru Reeve points to a record by Terry Knight as being important in starting the rumor that Paul McCartney had died. Knight was a radio personality in Detroit who formed a band called The Pack and later began performing solo. In early 1969 Knight went to London hoping to join Apple records but the trip proved unsuccessful. Detroit Free Press (May 2, 1969), p. 5C. Knight found that the Beatles were fighting among themselves. Just after he returned to Detroit the Beatles hired Allen Klein to represent them against Paul’s wishes. As a result of his experiences with the Beatles, Knight recorded a song about Paul McCartney entitled “Saint Paul,” which was released in May of 1969. This song laments the Beatles’ troubles but clearly identifies with Paul McCartney. Knight evidently was aware that the Beatles were disintegrating, as in “You knew it all along/Something had gone wrong/They couldn’t hear your song” and “Sir Isaac Newton said it had to fall.” Those looking for evidence that Paul McCartney had died interpreted these lines as referring to Paul himself.

Yes, the whole “Paul is dead” rumor was absurd, so why did it create such a stir? It may have had something to do with the public’s growing awareness that all was not well with the Beatles. It explained why the Beatles had stopped touring (their final concert had been in San Francisco on August 29, 1966), why their music and appearance had changed so dramatically in the late-1960s, and why the Beatles seemed to be drifting apart. In his statement in Life magazine Paul declared that he wanted “to go on making good music. But the Beatle thing is over. It has been exploded by what we have done and partly by other people.”

Perhaps the antiestablishment sentiment of the time kept the rumor going. The rumor was initially told through alternative media at a time when mistrust for the “establishment” was high among young people. Deciphering the clues made fans feel as though they were in on the joke with the Beatles and, as a Chicago disk jockey put it,”The kids are enjoying the mysterious flavor of the rumor.” Chicago Sun-Times, October 21, 1969, p. 1.” According to Ralph L. Rosnow and Gary Alan Fine, who wrote Rumor and Gossip: The Social Psychology of Hearsay, the Life article only served to reinforce the belief in an elaborate ruse among those who accepted the conspiracy theory. The article created a “boomerang effect” that actually extended the life of the rumor. Rumor and Gossip: The Social Psychology of Hearsay (New York: Elsevier, 1976), p. 18.”  The Life article even contributed to the rumor by publishing sonagrams of Paul singing “Hey Jude,” which would have been recorded after Paul’s death, with Paul’s voice from “Yesterday.” The magazine quoted Dr. Henry Truby of the University of Miami, who found them to be “suspiciously different.” “Could there have been more than one ‘McCartney’?”, the Life article asked. Life, November 7, 1969, p. 104. After Paul appeared on the cover of Life magazine, coverage of the “Paul is dead” rumor declined rapidly. References to it popped up occasionally since then, but the rumor had run its course after a few weeks. And then came the internet…

58 thoughts on “The “Paul Is Dead” Rumor

  1. “The woman became so excited when she realized who had picked her up that she threw her arms around Paul and caused him to lose control of the car. ”

    So she only realised who he was after the car drove off? Yeah, right.

    • Kind of fascinating how she threw her arms around him and caused the accident. If both of them were killed…how would anyone know she threw her arms around him? lol

    • I do believe it is a conspiricy, perpetrated by The Beatles and/or thier handlers. All to promote sales and publicity. They and / or handlers were masters of self promotion. where do you think “lady ga ga” got the idea?
      (makes me wanna puke because I just typed that b—ch’s name). or that “Hilton” who is famous just for being famous.

      I say it’s a master stroke. Perhaps not planned, but somebody saw a good idea and ran with it.

    • The rumor goes that they were in the studio and John and Paul had a disagreement and Paul left…the other three stayed at the studio until the accident happened that a Lady named Rita saw the accident and said that he was one of the Beatles…someone went to the studio to notify someone and they went to identify him…the rumor goes as someone who called himself “George Harrison” recorded in a memoir and gave to his friend which was an editor two years prior to his death in 2005 that it was him…that John cried and the person that went to get them to identify him said that he looked like a walrus because when they lifted the sheet his head was next to his body he didn’t have none of his teeth but two that was coming out of his skin looking like a walrus…so John started punching the guy and he calmed himself when the person punched John on his stomach that left him with no air saying no I am the walrus…that’s the supposed rumor of George recorded memoir…in that memoir he says many things from what happened in the studio to the lookalike Paul…which they used to call him Faul…because he was the fake Paul…because the memoir was recorded after the Beatles broke up…George kept recording the tapes over when he saw new technology coming and the old ones could become damage…my question is is that George’s voice? Why the British MI5 want to keep the Beatles intact and make a fake Paul? You can find the recording in wikileak

  2. ofcourse paul is dead. after 1966 everything the beatles did was showing overwhelming amounts of clues leading to that fact and being replaced by a plastic surgery william campbell who won that look-a-like contest. you can practise voice impressions, many people do it and sound very much alike so these are not problems at all.
    if you where 1 of the real members under death threat and didn’t want the beatles to die and sworn an oath of secrecy, if broken = death.
    I mean… they used aleister crowley’s book “magic” to use those ways of communicating with the subconcious mind. writing backwards, talking backwards, listening to records backwards. a magick pratcise to get used to doing everything in reverse (mirrored) and using a mirror if what they meant with the jabberwocky. cause you need a mirror to read it. meaning “USE A MIRROR TO FIND THE CLUES”. even though many of the clues already where everywhere for those who didn’t buy the official version. you can’t ask false paul for truth, I mean he was the one responsible for having john killed after all. who told on him, what he was about to do.
    you don’t get wacked for no reason at all. and if you’re under death threat you are most likely very careful with what you say and do.
    that was john’s mistake to information faul about it. since faul loved being paul. cause of fame and fortune.
    on the cover of st.peppar there’s both aleister crowley and paul spelled in the roses on ground. the cover is a funeral for paul.
    paul on the center of the cover with the priest sign for blessing over his head.
    and not to mention he was placed as a cardboard picture sort of. meaing he’s not REAL. while the others where not.
    I mean literally everything was clues after pauls death. they didn’t want beatles to end, so instead put out clues absolutely everywhere.
    “let it be” was the last album cause they where talking with john about it like “c’mon just LET IT BE” because john really wanted to get the truth out. just imagine yourself being in that situation. knowing that if you’d say it straight out. it’s 100% sure that you’d be wacked. so using clues was clever. it’s defenitly not by accident. all information, evidence, proof points to it being so. comparing last picture of paul and first pictures of faul. is the best thing to do, to really see the difference on their faces. not to menton FAUL started playing right handed after the beatles was done….and slipped up times when he ACCIDENTLY put it on right-handed and quickly realized and flipped it to left-handed.
    you don’t make these mistakes, until you are right-handed and didn’t think carefully and reacted to late.

    if there’s a scanner that can see through the ground. go to blackpool and look around. apperantly there’s no cap stone so. gotta be able to see through the ground for a coffin that are not under a cap stone.
    … rubber paul (plastic surgery paul) when they’re looking down at paul in his grave. that’s what that cover represented, but it was too obvious of a clue that would of obviously gotten them wacked for breaking the oath. so they changed it to “rubber soul”
    if you play “i am the walrus” backwards it sez “Paul McCartney is a total bastard” just listen through it. I mean … the car crash on a record in reverse to cover it up from clear exposure meaing breaking the oath agian. just put yourself in that situation, how would you tell the truth, if you could say it straight out? you’d leave messages, subliminal, mirror messages anyway you can. there’s so much clues. it’s insane. how someone can not understand real paul is dead is just beyond ignorant.
    ringo and heather the only ones to be able to tell the truth…. someone really needs to get ringo into a conversation and tap that coversation with a hidden camera with sound.
    confront him when there’s no one around. he’s not gonna just put it out there. he’s under death threat obviously. must be a living hell to be him. with all that guilt inside.
    to ignore the clues is like a slap on the real mccartney’s face.
    while thinking the fake one is real. just see how messed up it all is.
    never accept the official version. it’s always a lie. the liar will never tell a truth unless that truth means nothing. but a big lie such a this, greatest cover-up in rock history. no… to expect FAUL would tell the truth is just insane. he wasn’t even bothered by john’s death, the same day when he got interviewed. it’s that look and sound on his voice like “I know I don’t care. I was responsible for it and knew it was coming” he wanted it to happen. he didn’t wanna be exposed for the fraud he was and still is to this day. he’d be hated by everyone, so he chose the lie and protected his lying ass by exposing john’s plan to tell the truth in public.

    • some typing mistakes fixed here:

      1. meaing he’s not REAL. while the others where*

      2. you don’t make these mistakes, UNLESS you are right-handed*

    • how would you tell the truth, if you couldNT say it*

      another correction. I type too fast and should really start double checking what I written before hitting send ;).
      how a “NT” can change so much. from COULD to COULDNT opposites. oh well.

    • Very plausible. Of course a few others would have to be in on the conspiracy. The 3 other beatles, their friends and families (who would have known Paul very very well for many years), George Martin and the entire studio personnel, record company people, Paul’s friends and family, every person who Paul EVER met, every reporter, every member of every other band who crossed their paths etc etc. This ‘Faul’ have had to somehow know every instance where Paul had ever met anyone just in case they met again and compared memories, anecdotes etc. On top of that he’s identical in every way, a left handed multi instrumentalist and a musical genius! Yeah very plausible you dipshit.

      • The “plausible” part was that they were referring to Paul, whether as a hoax or to cover up something else. Please try to keep up…the answer, the actual real true answer, is Time. God is Dead was the real message.

        • Have you seen the Iamaphoney videos, saying Its Time, Its Time, Its Time all over the place. That is literally true, It is Time. April 8th 1966, Julian’s 3rd birthday…that’s why the 3’s are everywhere.

          I Was

          • Here are a few more anagrams of ” Turn me on, dead man.” Please feel free to use these anagrams in your Paul-is-dead research.

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            Mandate Mourned
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            Adman Remounted
            Remanded Amount
            Moderated Unman
            Numerated Nomad
            Moaned Undreamt
            Daemon Undreamt
            Amounted Remand
            A Remanded Mount
            A Dammed Neutron
            A Madden Remount
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            A Demand Mounter
            A Redundant Memo
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            A Tandem Mourned
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            Mama Redound Ten
            Mama Udder Tonne
            Mama Udder Tenon
            Mama Need Untrod
            Mama Need Rotund
            Mama Tender Undo
            Mama Rented Undo
            Mama Tenured Don
            Mama Tenured Nod
            Mama Denture Don
            Mama Denture Nod
            Mama Treed Dunno
            Mama Deter Dunno
            Mama Tendon Rued
            Mama Tendon Rude
            Mama Dunner Toed
            Mama Dunner Dote
            Mama Done Turned
            Mama Node Turned
            Mama Drone Tuned
            Mama Rodent Dune
            Mama Rodent Nude
            Mama Toned Nuder
            Mama Toned Under
            Mama Noted Nuder
            Mama Noted Under
            Manna Deed Tumor
            Manna Demode Rut
            Manna Domed True
            Manna Odder Mute
            Manna Udder Mote
            Manna Udder Tome
            Manna Dude Metro
            Manna Dud Remote
            Manna Dud Meteor
            Manna Deem Tudor
            Manna Meed Tudor
            Manna Termed Duo
            Manna Metred Duo
            Manna Demure Dot
            Manna Meted Dour
            Manna Etude Dorm
            Manna Demo Trued
            Manna Dome Trued
            Manna Mode Trued
            Manna Demur Toed
            Manna Demur Dote
            Manna Muted Rode
            Manna Muted Doer
            Manna Muted Redo
            Mantra Demode Nu
            Mantra Denude Om
            Mantra Endued Om
            Mantra Dude Omen
            Mantra Deem Undo
            Mantra Meed Undo
            Mantra Emend Duo
            Mantra Endue Mod
            Mantra Demon Due
            Mantra Demo Dune
            Mantra Demo Nude
            Mantra Dome Dune
            Mantra Dome Nude
            Mantra Mode Dune
            Mantra Mode Nude
            Manta Deed Mourn
            Manta Mended Our
            Manta Demode Urn
            Manta Demode Run
            Manta Endured Om
            Manta Mounded Re
            Manta Domed Rune
            Manta Droned Emu
            Manta Rounded Me
            Manta Rounded Em
            Manta Redound Me
            Manta Redound Em
            Manta Odder Menu
            Manta Udder Omen
            Manta Ed Mourned
            Manta Deem Round
            Manta Meed Round
            Manta Emend Dour
            Manta Mender Duo
            Manta Demure Don
            Manta Demure Nod
            Manta Redone Mud
            Manta Endure Mod
            Manta Enured Mod
            Manta Endue Dorm
            Manta Reed Mound
            Manta Deer Mound
            Manta Demon Rued
            Manta Demon Rude
            Manta Modern Due
            Manta Demo Nuder
            Manta Demo Under
            Manta Dome Nuder
            Manta Dome Under
            Manta Mode Nuder
            Manta Mode Under
            Manta Demur Done
            Manta Demur Node
            Aroma Mended Tun
            Aroma Mended Nut
            Aroma Dunned Met
            Aroma Mend Tuned
            Trauma Mended No
            Trauma Mended On
            Trauma Donned Me
            Trauma Donned Em
            Trauma Emend Don
            Trauma Emend Nod
            Trauma Mend Done
            Trauma Mend Node
            Trauma Demon Den
            Trauma Demon End
            Aura Oddment Men
            Ad Amendment Our
            Ad Ornamented Um
            Ad Ornamented Mu
            Ad Meander Mount
            Ad Renamed Mount
            Ad Named Remount
            Ad Named Mounter
            Ad Maned Remount
            Ad Maned Mounter
            Ad Amend Remount
            Ad Amend Mounter
            Ad Admen Remount
            Ad Admen Mounter
            Ad Adornment Emu
            Ad Unnamed Metro
            Ad Mundane Metro
            Ad Undreamt Omen
            Ad Unmade Mentor
            Ad Unread Moment
            Ad Dear Monument
            Ad Read Monument
            Ad Dare Monument
            Ad Manometer Dun
            Ad Ammeter Dunno
            Ad Momenta Nuder
            Ad Momenta Under
            Ad Meant Mourned
            Ad Man Remounted
            Ad Amount Mender
            Add Manometer Nu
            Add Ammeter Noun
            Add Meaner Mount
            Add Rename Mount
            Add Momenta Rune
            Add Mean Remount
            Add Mean Mounter
            Add Mane Remount
            Add Mane Mounter
            Add Name Remount
            Add Name Mounter
            Add Amen Remount
            Add Amen Mounter
            Add Ornament Emu
            Add Remnant Moue
            Add Unmeant More
            Add Tonearm Menu
            Add Are Monument
            Add Ear Monument
            Add Era Monument
            Add Unman Remote
            Add Unman Meteor
            Dad Manometer Nu
            Dad Ammeter Noun
            Dad Meaner Mount
            Dad Rename Mount
            Dad Momenta Rune
            Dad Mean Remount
            Dad Mean Mounter
            Dad Mane Remount
            Dad Mane Mounter
            Dad Name Remount
            Dad Name Mounter
            Dad Amen Remount
            Dad Amen Mounter
            Dad Ornament Emu
            Dad Remnant Moue
            Dad Unmeant More
            Dad Tonearm Menu
            Dad Are Monument
            Dad Ear Monument
            Dad Era Monument
            Dad Unman Remote
            Dad Unman Meteor
            Dead Momenta Urn
            Dead Momenta Run
            Dead Merman Unto
            Dead Ornament Um
            Dead Ornament Mu
            Dead Meant Mourn
            Dead Man Remount
            Dead Man Mounter
            Dead Unman Metro
            Dead Matron Menu
            Amended Man Tour
            Amended Man Rout
            Amended Oman Rut
            Amended Moan Rut
            Amended Roam Tun
            Amended Roam Nut
            Amended Moat Urn
            Amended Moat Run
            Amended Atom Urn
            Amended Atom Run
            Amended Mar Unto
            Amended Ram Unto
            Amended Arm Unto
            Amended Arum Ton
            Amended Arum Not
            Amended An Tumor
            Amended At Mourn
            Amended Tau Norm
            Amended Tau Morn
            Remanded Am Unto
            Remanded Ma Unto
            Remanded Man Out
            Remanded Moat Nu
            Remanded Atom Nu
            Remanded Tuna Om
            Remanded Aunt Om
            Maundered Am Ton
            Maundered Am Not
            Maundered Ma Ton
            Maundered Ma Not
            Maundered Man To
            Maundered Mat No
            Maundered Mat On
            Maundered Tam No
            Maundered Tam On
            Maundered An Tom
            Maundered An Mot
            Maundered Tan Om
            Maundered Ant Om
            Undreamed Am Ton
            Undreamed Am Not
            Undreamed Ma Ton
            Undreamed Ma Not
            Undreamed Man To
            Undreamed Mat No
            Undreamed Mat On
            Undreamed Tam No
            Undreamed Tam On
            Undreamed An Tom
            Undreamed An Mot
            Undreamed Tan Om
            Undreamed Ant Om
            Moderated Am Nun
            Moderated Ma Nun
            Moderated Man Nu
            Dreamed Man Unto
            Dreamed Unman To
            Dreamed Oman Tun
            Dreamed Oman Nut
            Dreamed Moan Tun
            Dreamed Moan Nut
            Dreamed Moat Nun
            Dreamed Atom Nun
            Dreamed Mat Noun
            Dreamed Tam Noun
            Dreamed An Mount
            Deaden Ammo Runt
            Deaden Ammo Turn
            Deaden Marmot Nu
            Deaden Man Tumor
            Deaden Matron Um
            Deaden Matron Mu
            Deaden Amount Mr
            Deaden Mar Mount
            Deaden Ram Mount
            Deaden Arm Mount
            Deaden Mat Mourn
            Deaden Tam Mourn
            Denatured Man Om
            Denatured An Mom
            Deader Man Mount
            Deader Unman Tom
            Deader Unman Mot
            Dammed Anent Our
            Dammed Aeon Runt
            Dammed Aeon Turn
            Dammed Ornate Nu
            Dammed Atone Urn
            Dammed Atone Run
            Dammed Oaten Urn
            Dammed Oaten Run
            Dammed Earn Unto
            Dammed Near Unto
            Dammed Nature No
            Dammed Nature On
            Dammed Orate Nun
            Dammed Rate Noun
            Dammed Tare Noun
            Dammed Tear Noun
            Dammed Anon True
            Dammed Roan Tune
            Dammed Outran En
            Dammed At Neuron
            Madden Mean Tour
            Madden Mean Rout
            Madden Mane Tour
            Madden Mane Rout
            Madden Name Tour
            Madden Name Rout
            Madden Amen Tour
            Madden Amen Rout
            Madden Manure To
            Madden Meant Our
            Madden Ream Unto
            Madden Mare Unto
            Madden Mature No
            Madden Mature On
            Madden Nae Tumor
            Madden Ornate Um
            Madden Ornate Mu
            Madden Atone Rum
            Madden Oaten Rum
            Madden Nature Om
            Madden Are Mount
            Madden Ear Mount
            Madden Era Mount
            Madden Eat Mourn
            Madden Ate Mourn
            Madden Tea Mourn
            Madden Eta Mourn
            Madden Man Route
            Madden Man Outer
            Madden Man Outre
            Madden Oman True
            Madden Moan True
            Madden Amount Re
            Madden Roam Tune
            Madden Amour Net
            Madden Amour Ten
            Madden Moat Rune
            Madden Atom Rune
            Madden Arum Note
            Madden Arum Tone
            Madden Roan Mute
            Madden Outran Me
            Madden Outran Em
            Madden Tarn Moue
            Madden Rant Moue
            Madden Tuna More
            Madden Aunt More
            Madden Taro Menu
            Damned Mean Tour
            Damned Mean Rout
            Damned Mane Tour
            Damned Mane Rout
            Damned Name Tour
            Damned Name Rout
            Damned Amen Tour
            Damned Amen Rout
            Damned Manure To
            Damned Meant Our
            Damned Ream Unto
            Damned Mare Unto
            Damned Mature No
            Damned Mature On
            Damned Nae Tumor
            Damned Ornate Um
            Damned Ornate Mu
            Damned Atone Rum
            Damned Oaten Rum
            Damned Nature Om
            Damned Are Mount
            Damned Ear Mount
            Damned Era Mount
            Damned Eat Mourn
            Damned Ate Mourn
            Damned Tea Mourn
            Damned Eta Mourn
            Damned Man Route
            Damned Man Outer
            Damned Man Outre
            Damned Oman True
            Damned Moan True
            Damned Amount Re
            Damned Roam Tune
            Damned Amour Net
            Damned Amour Ten
            Damned Moat Rune
            Damned Atom Rune
            Damned Arum Note
            Damned Arum Tone
            Damned Roan Mute
            Damned Outran Me
            Damned Outran Em
            Damned Tarn Moue
            Damned Rant Moue
            Damned Tuna More
            Damned Aunt More
            Damned Taro Menu
            Demand Mean Tour
            Demand Mean Rout
            Demand Mane Tour
            Demand Mane Rout
            Demand Name Tour
            Demand Name Rout
            Demand Amen Tour
            Demand Amen Rout
            Demand Manure To
            Demand Meant Our
            Demand Ream Unto
            Demand Mare Unto
            Demand Mature No
            Demand Mature On
            Demand Nae Tumor
            Demand Ornate Um
            Demand Ornate Mu
            Demand Atone Rum
            Demand Oaten Rum
            Demand Nature Om
            Demand Are Mount
            Demand Ear Mount
            Demand Era Mount
            Demand Eat Mourn
            Demand Ate Mourn
            Demand Tea Mourn
            Demand Eta Mourn
            Demand Man Route
            Demand Man Outer
            Demand Man Outre
            Demand Oman True
            Demand Moan True
            Demand Amount Re
            Demand Roam Tune
            Demand Amour Net
            Demand Amour Ten
            Demand Moat Rune
            Demand Atom Rune
            Demand Arum Note
            Demand Arum Tone
            Demand Roan Mute
            Demand Outran Me
            Demand Outran Em
            Demand Tarn Moue
            Demand Rant Moue
            Demand Tuna More
            Demand Aunt More
            Demand Taro Menu
            Madder Mean Unto
            Madder Mane Unto
            Madder Name Unto
            Madder Amen Unto
            Madder Meat Noun
            Madder Tame Noun
            Madder Mate Noun
            Madder Team Noun
            Madder Nae Mount
            Madder Unman Toe
            Madder Oman Tune
            Madder Moan Tune
            Madder Amount En
            Madder Anon Mute
            Madder Tuna Omen
            Madder Aunt Omen
            Unadorned Am Met
            Unadorned Ma Met
            Unadorned Mat Me
            Unadorned Mat Em
            Unadorned Tam Me
            Unadorned Tam Em
            Adorned Meant Um
            Adorned Meant Mu
            Adorned Ante Mum
            Adorned Neat Mum
            Adorned Man Mute
            Adorned Mat Menu
            Adorned Tam Menu
            Donated Mean Rum
            Donated Mane Rum
            Donated Name Rum
            Donated Amen Rum
            Donated Earn Mum
            Donated Near Mum
            Donated Mar Menu
            Donated Ram Menu
            Donated Arm Menu
            Donated Arum Men
            Duodena Meant Mr
            Duodena Man Term
            Duodena Mart Men
            Duodena Tram Men
            Dander Atone Mum
            Dander Oaten Mum
            Dander Ammo Tune
            Dander Oman Mute
            Dander Moan Mute
            Dander Amount Me
            Dander Amount Em
            Dander Moat Menu
            Dander Atom Menu
            Dander Tuna Memo
            Dander Aunt Memo
            Darned Atone Mum
            Darned Oaten Mum
            Darned Ammo Tune
            Darned Oman Mute
            Darned Moan Mute
            Darned Amount Me
            Darned Amount Em
            Darned Moat Menu
            Darned Atom Menu
            Darned Tuna Memo
            Darned Aunt Memo
            Daunted Earn Mom
            Daunted Near Mom
            Daunted Man More
            Daunted Oman Rem
            Daunted Moan Rem
            Daunted Roman Me
            Daunted Roman Em
            Daunted Manor Me
            Daunted Manor Em
            Daunted Roam Men
            Daunted Mar Omen
            Daunted Ram Omen
            Daunted Arm Omen
            Daunted Ran Memo
            Undated Earn Mom
            Undated Near Mom
            Undated Man More
            Undated Oman Rem
            Undated Moan Rem
            Undated Roman Me
            Undated Roman Em
            Undated Manor Me
            Undated Manor Em
            Undated Roam Men
            Undated Mar Omen
            Undated Ram Omen
            Undated Arm Omen
            Undated Ran Memo
            Adored Anent Mum
            Adored Unman Met
            Dread Momenta Nu
            Dread Mean Mount
            Dread Mane Mount
            Dread Name Mount
            Dread Amen Mount
            Dread Unmeant Om
            Dread Unman Mote
            Dread Unman Tome
            Dread Amount Men
            Dared Momenta Nu
            Dared Mean Mount
            Dared Mane Mount
            Dared Name Mount
            Dared Amen Mount
            Dared Unmeant Om
            Dared Unman Mote
            Dared Unman Tome
            Dared Amount Men
            Adder Momenta Nu
            Adder Mean Mount
            Adder Mane Mount
            Adder Name Mount
            Adder Amen Mount
            Adder Unmeant Om
            Adder Unman Mote
            Adder Unman Tome
            Adder Amount Men
            Traded Oman Menu
            Traded Moan Menu
            Darted Oman Menu
            Darted Moan Menu
            Dated Mean Mourn
            Dated Mane Mourn
            Dated Name Mourn
            Dated Amen Mourn
            Dated Unman More
            Dated Roman Menu
            Dated Manor Menu
            Dado Ammeter Nun
            Dado Merman Tune
            Dado Manner Mute
            Dado Remnant Emu
            Dado Unmeant Rem
            Dado Marten Menu
            Dado Unman Metre
            Dado Unman Meter
            Dado Tuna Mermen
            Dado Aunt Mermen
            Dotard Mean Menu
            Dotard Mane Menu
            Dotard Name Menu
            Dotard Amen Menu
            Edema Nomad Runt
            Edema Nomad Turn
            Edema Random Tun
            Edema Random Nut
            Edema Dormant Nu
            Edema Mordant Nu
            Edema Rand Mount

            I hope thishelps.

      • Could you please help me to find a copy of this confession? My research had suggested how it was originally placed upon his personal website, but was soon taken down by person or persons unknown.

        Would Wayback Internet Archives be able to keep a copy of what was uploaded or is there a private link somewhere? I’m still not even certain if the (alleged) original format was done in print, video, mp3, or whatever…

  3. There is an answer, and the real answer is that Paul is Dead, is God is Dead. The Is God Dead issue of Time and the Atlanta (ATL) based obituary for God in that issue dated November 9th.

    The November 9th is encoded into the mirrored drum, the doll is pointing at the ATL in Beatles on Pepper. Find the ATLs and LTA’s in the Beatles work and Paul’s work, because they are everywhere. I Was, replacing I AM.

    “Paul” was plausible deniability…just don’t tell Manson. 😉

    • I’ve done that, using tape, NOT just spinning the LP backward by hand.
      There is plenty of backward content there, but the only thing of interest sounds like, “Turn me on dead man.” This corresponds to every instance of, “Number nine,” forward.
      I experimented by recording my own voice. It doesn’t work unless I say, “number nine,” with the same accent and inflection used by the announcer. Then it just happens to sound like, “Turn me on dead man,” when played backwards.
      As much backward content as there is in this composition, I’m sure they were aware of it. I’m just not convinced that it was planned as a message.

      • Did you know that “Turn me on, dead man” is an anagram of “unornamented dam”? Positive proof that Paul McCartney fell off his plain old
        moped and was drowned in a dam or reservoir. Have you done any research
        on Liverpool waterworks near where
        Paul McCartney lived?

        • ” Paul McCartney ” is an anagram of ” Mac Pantry Clue “.

          Conclusive evidence that Paul McCartney, the closet refrigerator raider, choked to death on a late night cheese and onion sandwich
          during one of his many late night binge eating marathons.

          Check out ” Mac Pantry Clue “.

          ( “Mac Pantry Clue” = Macca Pantry Clue? Get it?)

          It’s a slam dunk!!

    • Lets pretend I am the imposter.I won’t do DNA because of $$$. Even after the most expensive(?) divorse in history, I still have a lot of ???. And it seems to keep rolling in. As an imposter I still really get my jollies up on stage, just like the dead man. I can still, and do, compose terriffic music. With all this in my favor, why would I risk a possible risk a goof in the testing? And I am not an imposter… I would say “bugger off”, or something else that is not publishable.

  4. A few months after Lennon was randomly assassinated by a fan, the Lennon/McCartney Copyrights were sold to Michael Jackson. Nobody in their right mind would sell their intellectual property, especially not to Michael Jackson.

    • So sorry, I did not address the mj thing. I totaly agree, why him ? Perhaps a weak moment, or bad advice. Still dumb w/ or w/o being an imposter.

    • John Lennon was killed in 1980. Michael Jackson acquired the Beatles’ catalog in 1985. That’s not a “few months”.

  5. Billy Shepard was guitarist for Billy Pepper and the Pepperpots and lead singer for the Bonzo Band. He was also a working studio musician and knew the Beatles, played their music in performances and sometimes filling in for those musicians who couldn’t produce. When Paul died, Sept 11, 1966… Billy was immediately asked if he would take over and would not only have to go through numerous surgeries, but also learn to play left handed bass. He had green eyes( Paul’s were brown) and was two inches taller..hence.. no more touring. Most who knew the truth were sworn to secrecy or would end up dead. Do your research… or read Billy’s book, The Memoir of Billy Shears..Published by Pepper Press ( billy pepper) owned by Macca Corp. SIr Paul’s company… He promises to tell the whole truth in 2021…

  6. Many other back mastered messages are present on the recording of Revolution 9 that are never ever discussed and I have definitely heard them. Besides the obvious phrase “turn me on dead man” I have heard “his mantra is get me out ” , “his mantra is turn me on dead man” , “Where did we get the impervert musician? Hold it! Houston. ” , ” A noise across the left hood. You know what? He flew out the window and hit the light pole. Can I help you me boy? More water.” , “sooner or later it’ll happen, they’ll find out.” , “Misser McCartney is dead. Give me some reds. Give me some reds.”

  7. Yes. It really did happen. The cover-up? Not very difficult, really, considering the money and the times. All of those little clues? Yes, there are out there to be figured out and followed. They were left for you. Enjoy the mystery.

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