Podcast 2024.12 My Mind Is Going

Current psychedelic music from Europe, all released in the spring of 2024. New releases from Dreamwave, The Lunar Effect, The Oscillation, Fresno Bob, Spacedrifter, The Inner Sight, Invisible Head Band, Los Tayos, Ghongha, Murkla, NIGH, and Black Ocean’s Edge.

time artist title
0:30 Dreamwave En Traverse
5:02 The Lunar Effect Pulling Daisies
8:28 The Oscillation War On The Mind
13:34 Fresno Bob I Can Feel It (HAL 9000)
20:11 Spacedrifter Through the Desert
25:46 The Inner Sight Comfort Zone
29:28 Invisible Head Band Poppin Spit
33:21 Los Tayos Sombre del Diablo
39:32 Ghongha Birds do not sing in caves
49:05 Murkla Earthdiver
52:24 NIGH Heliowanax
56:28 Black Ocean's Edge Wicked Voice

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Alongside a playlist of current psychedelic music from Europe, his episode contains some early examples of synthesized speech. The track “I Can feel It (HAL 9000)” by Fresno Bob, samples dialog from 2001: A Space Odyssey. Stanley Kubrick was way ahead of his time with his depiction of artificial intelligence in this movie, and the voice of the HAL 9000 computer has a haunting quality to it and that got me to thinking about speech synthesis. This is a subject currently in the news. OpenAI is facing a scandal over using a voice that sounds like Scarlett Johansson, without Scarlett Johansson’s consent. Scarlett Johansson provided the voice of the AI character in the 2013 movie Her. In 2001: A Space Odyssey, The HAL 9000 computer uses various manipulative ploys to influence the human characters in the movie. This depiction of artificial intelligence run amok has contributed to fears of the ultimate impact of AI on the fate of humanity. Earlier this year an article in Nature cited a survey of 2,700 experts in the field of artificial intelligence. A majority of those surveyed felt that there is at least a five percent chance that AI will destroy humanity.

May 3, 2024


#Alternative #Alternative #DreamPop #Dreamy #GarageRock #Krautrock #Psych #PsychedelicRock

Post Punk Psych Junk // Bristol UK
TMODM: What had the strongest influence on Dreamwave And The Mindcave?
Dreamwave: I guess there were lots of influences, Ben wrote a lot of the songs over several years and took them to the band a couple of years back. We all have a mutual love for Psych and Garage music, so in the playing and the performance you can definitely hear those influences come out. Having said that, we all love different kinds of music from pop all the way to sludge doom and metal and most stuff in between, so it wouldn’t be fair crediting just Psych and Garage as influences on the record.
TMODM: What record changed your life?
Ben: Lynrd Skynrd “pronounced Leh-nerd skin nerd” made me realize dual guitar harmony riffs are very tasty jams.
Hester: Depression Cherry by Beach House – this album is so unbelievably beautiful, sometimes I have to turn it off half way through cause it’s so emotive I don’t know whether to smile or cry.
Alex: Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath. I don’t think I really knew what music was before this album. Having said that, I could say the same for In Rainbows by Radiohead.
Cam: The Stone Roses first album, self titled (The Stone Roses), was a very influential record for me. It’s Loaded with everything, great guitar/ bass riffs, melodies and lyrics. It’s got all their best songs and is a great album from start to finish.
TMODM: What’s next for you?
Dreamwave: We have some shows coming up to support the new EP, dates can be found on our Instagram. We have also just finished recording something new, no spoilers!

April 12, 2024

The Lunar Effect

#DesertRock #PsychedelicRock #StonerRock

The Lunar Effect are a psychedelic rock band from London signed to Svart Records.
TMODM: What had the strongest influence on Sounds of Green & Blue?
Lunar Effect: We wouldn’t describe it as an influence exactly, but COVID certainly played a big part in shaping the album that you hear today. If it wasn’t for the pandemic and the long lockdowns in England, we would’ve released something a lot sooner and, chances are, Sounds of Green & Blue would have a very different sound with very different songs.
TMODM: What record changed your life?
Lunar Effect: I’m sure it’s not the answer you’re looking for but I think the record that literally changed our lives would be our first record, Calm Before the Calm. The success and positivity it received led to us getting a lot more exposure, which in turn led to a lot more gigs and a lot more fans. It’s been such fun and we’re so grateful to anyone that’s ever given us the time of day.
TMODM: What’s next for you?
Lunar Effect: We’ve just kicked off our year long tour promoting Sounds of Green & Blue, so we’re looking forward to performing in lots of new places and meeting lots of new people. We’ve also got our first non-UK gig in Paris which we’re excited for. Check out our tour dates and come say hey!

May 24, 2024

The Oscillation

#Experimental #Drone #Psychedelic

Psychedelic / space-rock band formed in London in 2006 by Demian Castellanos, now located in Czechia.
TMODM: What had the strongest influence on The Start Of The End?
DC: Leaving London was a big influence. I had been living there on and off for 25 years and got to a point where I wasn’t really sure why I was still there as I never considered myself much of a city person, having grown up in Cornwall in a pretty remote area.
A whole load of things convened that made me realise I really needed a change of scene and some space to re-assess where I was at and try to make some changes.
TMODM: Tell me about how your surroundings have changed and how that has affected your music.
DC: It’s maybe more about removing myself from my old surroundings. But for sure I prefer living with more nature around and quieter environment. I don’t know how to answer to be honest, but i’m sure it helped me make a conscious decision to make a more uplifting album this time around. For some reason in London I felt was getting more into a darker mindset.
But I don’t want people to think this is some kind of chill out album. There’s still alot of noise and energy, light and shade. It’s not all like the The Start Of The End, I’m looking forward to sharing more tracks from it!
TMODM: What are you working on now?
DC: I’m working on a few things, a few different tracks that probably will end up on different albums, I never know where or how things will work out. I’m not particularly good at focusing on just one thing. But I could say that it’s more along the lines of earlier work like Out Of Phase or Veils.. whether it’s any good or not I can’t say at this point ha ha..
Also a few collaborations that will hopefully start to see the light of day soon.
TMODM: What’s next for you?
DC: Persevering I guess! Life in itself is such a challenge, getting by and doing music to the best of my ability, staying sane ha ha. I feel like I’m still trying to find my feet again, so I hope that I can be more prolific in terms of getting records out there..

April 22, 2024

Fresno Bob

#Experimental #SpokenWord #Doom #SpokenWord #Doom

Fresno Bob is a lo-fi experimental stoner doom solo project characterized by a heavily distorted bass and dirty drums. Motivational Doom and Estimated Prophets, released on tape and CD feature voice samples from interviews with legendary outsiders, the EP Hollydoom-Volume One contains dialogues from old badass movies and the EP Modern Wisdoom features vocal samples extracted from recent podcasts.
TMODM: What has had the strongest influence on your music?
Fresno Bob: I think probably the strongest influence in my music comes not only from years of listening to bands like Sleep, Electric Wizard or Church of Misery to name a few, but also from some people I really admire in other fields like cinema, philosophy or writing. What I’m trying to do with Fresno Bob is pay homage to those men, combining music with their words. It all started with the lock down due to the pandemic, to maintain some clarity and not go completely crazy I started recording homemade drums and bass and overlay vocal samples taken from television interview. I did this for myself because I was looking for some sort of peace and their words really helped me. Hollydoom vol 1 and vol 2 instead are a tribute to movies I love with vocal samples taken from them.
TMODM: What record changed your life?
Fresno Bob: There are many records that changed my life, from the grunge era when I was a teenager, to the dark 60s/70s psychedelic stuff I discovered later, to the library music I listen to today. There are tons of great records but if I had to choose one I would say Pink Floyd Meddle.
TMODM: What’s next for you?
Fresno Bob: Hollydoom vol 2 will be released in July via The Swamp Records, after which I will return to playing only drums in my other band, Cripta Blue with whom we will release our second full length in September via Argonauta Records.

April 5, 2024


#HardRock #Alternative #GarageRock #Grunge #PsychedelicRock #Stoner #StonerRock

Heavy fuzz-punk-psych-doom-grunge-rock from Sweden.
TMODM: What had the strongest influence on When the Colors Fade?
Spacedrifter: What the strongest influence on the album is hard to say, because the recording process was spread out over such a long period of time and weve been listening to a bunch of different stuff throughout the process. Everything from The Beatles to Cannibal Corpse, haha. But overall Alice in Chains and early QOTSA were probably the biggest influences.
TMODM: What record changed your life?
Spacedrifter: Nirvana’s Nevermind. Perhaps a boring answer, but it’s a great record and it’s what got us into playing music.
TMODM: What’s next for you?
Spacedrifter: We have a few gigs this summer and in August we’re going to get back in the studio to record an EP!

May 24, 2024

The Inner Sight

#Neopsychedelia #Neopsychedelia #PsychRock

The Inner Sight is initially a solo psych-rock, neo-psychedelia, garage 60s project by G. Lamorille, member of The Black Waves, French psych-rock band from Lille, France. The songs are inspired by The Black Angels, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Holy Wave, The Warlocks… and many others from the 60’s/70’s (Beatles, Rolling Stones, Beach Boys, Pink Floyd, 13th Floor Elevator, The Zombies…).
TMODM: What has had the strongest influence on your music?
Inner Sight: I wrote these songs between August 2023 and March 2024, a period during which I moved from the North of France to Brittany in France. I wanted to have more sun and optimism in this EP than in the first one. So I’ve been inspired by current Texas and West Coast neopsychedelia bands like Holy Wave, Levitation Room, the Smoking Trees or Nights Beats. I also listened to the first Byrds album.
TMODM: What record changed your life?
Inner Sight: Last time I said one of the Beatles, I can’t remember which one. Today I want to say : Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys.
TMODM: What’s next for you?
Inner Sight: I’m working on a new EP, more rock’n’roll but still psychedelic, with (lots of) fuzz! One of my best friends David aka Easymankind will be singing one of the songs.
I also want to remix and remaster my first album, because at that time I didn’t have the same knowledge about the art of mixing, so I want to improve it, because it deserves it.
Finally, this summer I will finish recording and mixing the third album of The Black Waves.
And I also hope to find musicians in my new place to make good psychedelic music.

June 4, 2024

Invisible Head Band

#Punk #Surf #Beat #Freakbeat #GaragePunk #GarageRock #Fusion #PsychedelicRock

Guitar / Vocals – Al Hotchkiss Drums / Percussion – Nick Boyle Bass – Dodge Leggate Organs – Kaiser George
TMODM: What has had the strongest influence on your music?
IHB: The strongest influence on or what is of the utmost importance in the recipe is that there should always be an element of fun always. Even if the song is melancholy it should be fun to concoct. And perhaps above all TONE.
TMODM: What record changed your life?
IHB: My friends dad gave me a The Ventures best of cassette tape when I was about 14-15 and then followed the trail from there. My Dad was also a huge 50s early 60s rock n fan so I was spoon fed it from year 1. I completely threw away all my classic rock but kept my punk records 🙂
TMODM: What’s next for you?
IHB: We plan to release many 45rpm records as I love the sound of them and then we are going to compile them on 12″ with added unheard tracks.

May 9, 2024

Los Tayos

#DesertRock #DesertRock #Jam #PsychedelicFolk #PsychedelicRock #SpaceRock

Los Tayos are part of Psychedelic Source Records, the Hungarian psychedelic rock collective.
The first idea of this collective came up about a year ago in the head of András and Bence. Finally when we get together, we recorded more than a hundred minutes-long session during one day. After we did a few vocal a percussion overdubs to complete, then selected the best picks for the 3lp-long set.
One part of this supergroup came from the middle-early Lemurian Folk Songs, as Attila, Krisztina and Bence did that before. András, came from an other side, multiple jazz, folk and ethno formations. Brought a different, fresh feel in the music.
András Halmos – drums, percussion
Attila Nemesházi – bass
Krisztina Benus – vocal, keys
Bence Ambrus – guitar, lyrics
Miklós Kerner (Misu Magos) – cover art
recorded, mixed, mastered by Attila & Bence

April 25, 2024


#Melancholy #Post-rock #PsychedelicRock #SpaceRap #StonerRock

Psychedelic music from Göteborg, Sweden. Ghongha has a blend of a wide range of genres. The music oscillates between drone, doom, post-rock, kraut and progressive music. Bharat Konka [ Guitars, Synth ] Andreas Ivarsson [ Bass ] Pär Tagesson [ Drums ]
TMODM: What had the strongest influence on Etana?
Ghongha: For this release the main influences that I can think of will be, Five the Hierophant, Oranssi Pazuzu, Yawning man, Aluk Todolo and Yuri Gagarin.
TMODM: What record changed your life?
Ghongha: Godspeed! you black emperor- F♯ A♯ ∞
TMODM: What’s next for you?
Ghongha: We started off as an improvised psychedelic rock band, and we have now adhered to some sort of structure in our songs, we do drift off a bit and have parts of the songs left open for improvisation. We’d like to go back to the more improvisation style of playing.

February 28, 2024


#BuchlaMusicEasel #Drone #Experimental #Minimal #Psychedelic

Murkla is from Sweden–Essentially Ekolali with an Easel.
TMODM: What had the strongest influence on Leviata?
Murkla: I really don’t know, most of it just kinda happened.
But hearing how aggressive it turned out it seems as though my youth involved in the Hardcore and Metal scene made it self reminded.
TMODM: What record changed your life?
Murkla: There’s only been like four of those, but the one that really got the ball rolling was Undertow by Tool.
TMODM: What’s next for you?
Murkla: There’s a couple of Ekolali releases on the way, and hopefully another Murkla album out towards the end of the year, depending on when the Ekolali releases are coming out I guess.

March 29, 2024


#CulticDanceRock #Heavy #PsychRock #PsychedelicRock #World

Psych Rock, World Fusion, Cultic Dance Vibes from Cologne, Germany.
TMODM: What has had the strongest influence on Sacrifice Yourself?
NIGH: We all have very different musical backgrounds, but the main goal was to
make music you can dance to. I am a huge fan of stoner rock, but after
attending around 200+ shows, I felt something was missing to the live
aspect of it, on stage as well as in the audience. I liked to do more
than just nodding my head, so we try to add something more of a
performance to it and dance a little ourselves. Usually the audience
will get infected and starts dancing, too. Essential for this are in my
opinion simple but catchy bass line and, especially, percussions. So
yea, Santana, Flamingods, Bombino and Takeshi’s Cashew are big
inspirations. In general, as a band we listen a lot to King Gizzard, OM,
Altin Gün and GOAT.
Lyrically, the climate catastrophe sparked the idea of a Sun worshipping
dance cult which is the theme for our first album.
TMODM: What record changed your life?
NIGH: That’s an easy one though it has not that much to do with our music. Queens of the Stone Age’s Songs for the Deaf. Its just an insane journey of odd and creative rock through the desert. Turn those mids to eleven! For our guitarist it was Deep Purple – Made in Japan. Quote: I was like 7 years old, never listened to rock and my father handed the CD to me telling me that this is cool stuff. I remember listening to the noisy organ solo on ‘Lazy’ and thinking that aliens will soon land, then it goes over to this smooth organ jam – Of course our album had to include an organ as well, at least for one track!
TMODM: What’s next for you?
NIGH: Our concept album finishes with the end of the world (of course), so how do you follow up on that? New music, for sure. But for real. At the moment our main focus is on practicing for our release show on May 18th in Cologne. Also, we are currently moving to a new rehearsal room to get a better workflow. We have so many ideas for new songs and hope to get them out as soon as possible, next year at the latest.

April 26, 2024

Black Ocean’s Edge

#BluesRock #DesertRock #HeavyPsych #Heavy #PsychedelicRock

Heavy psych rock from Ulm, Germany. Beautiful noises inspired by the dark sea.
TMODM: What had the strongest influence on Call Of The Sirens?
BOE: The influence of our album was the four of us, our characters with our musical tastes, which couldn’t be more different. So all the songs came about through wild, spontaneous jamming in the rehearsal room. The structure of the first song on our album was even finished in 4 minutes. And we are very proud of that, because we finally wrote a short song, which is atypical for us. We like to lose ourselves while making music – sometimes pensive, sometimes annoyed but deeply relaxed. In the studio, we recorded everything live together, including the effects. As a small highlight, our singer Alex plays the flute for the first time on the album.
TMODM: What record changed your life?
BOE: Oasis – Definitely Maybe (Nico | Drummer)
Dire Straits – Dire Straits (Marco | Guitarist/Vocals)
Kyuss – Welcome to sky Valley (Chris | Bassist)
The Pretty Reckless – Light Me Up (Alex | Vocals/Flute)
TMODM: What’s next for you?
BOE: On May 17th we celebrate album release party in our hometown (Ulm in Germany). Afterwards we will play some “Call Of The Sirens” tour shows all over Germany. Besides that we will continue to work on completely new songs. We will keep you up to date on social media! Dare to jump into the sphere of Black Ocean’s Edge!

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