Podcast 2022.15 Miss Him

This two-hour episode is divided into three parts. The opening sets are recent psychedelia, followed by a few archival releases including one from the Beatles latest super deluxe box set of Revolver. The last set is extended, mainly improvised tracks.

This episode also features a track from the compilation “Purple Haze From East Vol. 1” which collects 20 recordings from Chinese psychedelic and avant-garde artists. This compilation was recently released by WV Sorcerer Productions, which is based in France and China, but that’s about all I know about them. Through a brief exchange with them I discovered that they do plan to release a Vol. 2.

The theme of this episode is the “Paul is dead” rumor. As I mentioned in a previous episode I’ve been running a lot this year and I took the picture that I used for the cover image of this episode while I was out running not too long ago. I was coming down a hill and noticed that someone had spray painted “MISS HIM” with an arrow on the pavement. I have no idea what that might mean but it put me in mind of the rumor that circulated in 1969 that Paul McCartney had died three years earlier and that the Beatles had replaced him with a lookalike. So not only is that the theme of this episode, the “Paul is dead” rumor is also where I got the name of the podcast itself–Turn Me On, Dead Man.

We’ll also hear a couple of other recent archival releases. After the Beatles I’ll be playing a Peel Session track from the Heads reissue of Under Sided. And then we’ll hear a live recording Suzuki Junzo made a few years ago. Junzo is still recovering from injuries he suffered earlier this year, although I haven’t heard any updates about him in a while. This live recording just surfaced last week on the Bandcamp page called We Love You, Junzo.

We survived an election in the US this week. One of the results of the midterm elections was that Colorado became the second state to legalize magic mushrooms. That, along with Maryland and Missouri legalizing marijuana, indicates that the “war on drugs” may be finally winding down.

00:22 The Landscape – The Stair
05:20 The Flower Machine – Painting Black Rainbows
07:17 Split Moon – Feel Free
14:26 阿鳴 Aming – 是​我​的​腦​海 還​是​雲​的​末​端 Mind Cloud
18:27 Los Palms – Scared Of Saturday Nights
21:13 Solar Corona – Parker S.P.
26:34 Morningface – Are You Gonna Set Me Free
30:00 Space Shepherds – Life On Terra
38:42 Bhopal’s Flowers – Byrd Of The Tree
42:39 The Dandy Chainsaw Massacre – Loud Sonic Dharmadelica
46:35 Andrew Thomas Jacobs – Bend to the Fire
51:35 The Beatles – Tomorrow Never Knows (Take 1)
55:29 The Heads – False Heavy (Peel Session)
1:01:06 Suzuki Junzo – Chi No Mure
1:16:40 Robot God – Sleepwalking
1:27:24 Space Invaders – Freak Waves
1:40:55 Dos Brujos – Dahr I

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Podcast 2022.14 The Peace & Love Van

After a 2+ month hiatus, Turn Me On, Dead Man is back with two hours of recent psychedelia. This episode is divided into three parts. In the first hour I cover psychedelic tracks released during the last few months, followed by a short set of notable reissues, and finally I round out the episode with some extended tracks, improvised and otherwise.

One notable track is “Cosmic Prophet” by Snakes Don’t Belong In Alaska. This track caught my attention because it opens with a passage from Arthur C. Clarke’s book 2001: A Space Odyssey talking about the ratio the number of people alive today to the number of human beings who have ever lived. Interesting to me because I teach a course called Population Geography and we actually cover this in a unit on population in history.

Arthur C. Clarke’s book version of 2001 was published in 1968 and he put the ratio of the dead to the living at 30:1. The ratio is actually lower than that now because the population of the world is just about to cross the 8 billion threshold, which is more than double the population of the world in 1968, and the estimate of the number of people who have ever lived is now around 117 billion–so the ratio now is more like 14:1. A few years ago the Population Reference Bureau released a video showing a timeline of the human population. I’m not exactly sure why they used the amped up soundtrack but it does illustrate this point effectively.

Anyway, I asked Snakes Don’t Belong In Alaska why they opened their track with this quote and Aaron explained to me, “The song inspiration comes from my realisation of my significance in being insignificant,” which is an interesting take on it. I guess I think about it a little bit differently, though. In the course I teach we talk a lot about human development. Around 1990 the UN began using the “Human Development Index” which is a measure of human progress and well-being. They wanted to shift the focus away from economic measures of progress to a more human centered approach. So given that through most of human history, only a select few were able to rise above the level of subsistence, when I think about how many people have ever lived it’s only been in the recent past that large numbers of people could focus on pursuits beyond bare existence. I wonder how many talented people didn’t have the opportunity to develop their abilities. How many Einsteins have there been? How many Jimi Hendrixes? How many Joey Ramones? I would imagine that there have been a great many people who weren’t fortunate enough to live in a social-technological environment to actualize their potential and share their accomplishments with a wide audience. Can you imagine a world without “I Wanna Be Sedated”? I mean, there had to be at least a few punks among the hunter-gatherers.

Some interesting reissues have come out recently. This episode includes a track from the White Hills album The Revenge of Heads On Fire, which is an expanded reissue of their 2007 album Heads On Fire. We’ll also hear a live track by Psychic Ills, recorded in 2012, and released as part of the Reverb Appreciation Society’s Live at Levitation series.

Going a little further afield, we’ll also hear a track from Naujawanan Baidar, who rework tracks from cassettes containing Afghan traditional music “by collaging traditional melodies, entrancing loops, and psychedelic noise.” This episode also includes a track from the recent LP compilation from Orchestra Gold called African Psychedelic Music. Orchestra Gold is a collaboration that began between Erich Huffaker, an American guitarist, and Mariam Diakite, a singer/percussionist from Mali. What’s interesting about Naujawanan Baidar and Orchestra Gold is that they emphasize the psychedelic orientation of their approach.

Just a note about the cover image I used for this episode. Running has become part of my daily life and I’ve logged over 1000 miles so far this year. I took this episode’s cover photo on one of my regular running routes. I kept noticing this van parked near a facility for the homeless and I was struck by the artwork on it. Actually what particularly caught my attention was the fart icon drawn on the heart. Simple but effective. After passing by it so often I’ve come to see this beat up van with a flat tire and a kind of defiant expression of peace and love as an effective metaphor for our world. Whenever I run by, I always take a moment to pay tribute to the peace and love van.

00:30 Pale Blue Sound – Broken Heart
05:10 Erik’s Iridescent Tent – Wailing Fungus
08:42 Sun Voyager – Some Strange
16:55 Snakes Don’t Belong In Alaska – Cosmic Prophet
24:23 The Dead Novas – Bar Fite
29:15 The Hologram People – Drone of the Holy Numbers
31:53 Babe Ruthless – Mysteries of the Egyptian Gods
34:27 A.J. Kaufmann – So Hot
37:31 Ala Mil – Space Age Dub
41:04 Forklift Driver – On Board
43:50 Melt Plastic Group – Hooh
50:14 Lost Fuzz – Someday
53:18 Uncle Wizard – I Am, It Says
57:01 Brazil Banks – Swell
1:04:24 Orchestra Gold – Mali Senekelaw
1:08:21 Psychic Ills – Mind Daze
1:11:30 Naujawanan Baidar – Isyan Dorost Ast
1:15:24 White Hills – Radiate
1:19:34 Sol Viator – Phoenix Flies Over The Rockies
1:24:54 Uguns project – No quisiera
1:32:08 They Came From Mauritania – Space
1:38:22 Trip Pilots – Stargazing
1:45:22 Gozu – Pierced by Lunar Rays
1:51:21 Zong – Encounters On The Astral Plane

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Podcast 2022.13 When Worlds Collide

I guess I’ve always thought of psychedelic rock as being a genre on its own but psychedelia crosses genre boundaries and in this episode I’ll be playing some jazz, ambient and even a country track that are psychedelic. One of the most notable tracks in this episode is by the Medicine Singers, a collaboration between Yonatan Gat and the Algonquin drum group the Eastern Medicine Singers, among other noteworthy people. The result combines indigenous music with spiritual jazz and psychedelic rock with an improvisational approach. It’s well produced and really compelling.

Following the Medicine Singers are a couple of tracks that draw more on jazz, one by the London Odense Ensemble and another by the Chilean cellist Surreal, then on to the ambient/dub of bad lsd trips. Rounding out this set is a psychedelic country track by the Sensational Country Blues Wonders. Gary Van Miert is the psychedelic cowboy behind the Sensational Country Blues Wonders, and I asked him (as I’ve been asking a lot of artists lately) what makes music psychedelic. As you can see in the short interview below, he talked about psychedelic music having a surreal and perhaps a whimsical quality. He also talked about exotic instrumentation like the sitar. Psychedelic music is also a spiritual experience to a lot of the artists. In fact, more artists have mentioned spirituality as the inspiration for their psychedelic music than have mentioned drugs.

In past episodes of Turn Me On, Dead Man I’ve stuck mainly with recent releases but in this episode I’m going to close out with a set of tracks from reissues. One of the tracks, “Blast Off” by Psyclona, fits in well with this episode’s theme of When Worlds Collide (drops are from the 1951 sci-fi film). This final set opens and closes with 10th anniversary reissues, Flowering by Herbcraft came out in 2012, as did World Music by Goat, which has been remastered at Abbey Road studios. The Herbcraft album is being reissued on cassette but the rest of the tracks in this set are being reissued on limited edition vinyl releases. I never would have predicted how vinyl has become a sought after format. It seems like these days a vinyl release carries with it prestige and seems to make it more of an event. The LP format emphasizes the cover art but the records themselves frequently have really stunning designs.

00:35 Los Males Necesarios – Repeticion
03:07 Black Lizard – Killfire
07:20 Dead Waves – Wake Up In The Night
09:15 Kikagaku Moyo – Cardboard Pile
14:59 Medicine Singers – A Cry/Daybreak
19:32 London Odense Ensemble – Sojourner
25:11 Surreal – Sun Ra en la quebrada de Macul con Don Cherry (fumándose unos cuetes y bañándose en la cascada)
29:17 Bad LSD Trips – Consciousness Burnout
34:38 The Sensational Country Blues Wonders – There’s a Hole in the Fabric of My Reality
39:57 Psycada – Abstract/Halal
45:10 Primordial Undermind – Hermetic Armada
51:51 Science Killer – Blue
56:16 Smoke The Light – InHell
1:01:01 Fuzz Sagrado – In Her Garden
1:05:15 The Wesleys – Find a Way
1:10:12 The Cyanide Jug Band – Girl In The Can-Can Hat
1:13:00 Atom Mother – Searching/Finding
1:20:50 Quantum Pigeon – The Pigeon
1:24:43 Ciencias Ocultas – La ciencia oculta
1:35:36 Herbcraft – California Poppy
1:38:23 The Qualitons – Család
1:47:18 Psychlona – Blast Off
1:54:35 Goat – Goathead

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Podcast 2022.12 No Room For Squares

Two hours of psychedelic/stoner/garage rock tracks that have all been released in 2022. The tracks in this episode come from Europe, the US and Canada, and one track from Australia, “Dark Patterns” by Night Rites. One of the most notable tracks featured in this episode is a collaborative effort between an American band, the Striped Bananas, and the Ukrainian band Nameless called “Newest Age Man”. A few weeks ago I did an episode of Turn Me On Dead Man where I focused on garage, stoner and psych bands from Ukraine, and “Newest Age Man” was released just after I posted that episode. Nameless works with the charity foundation Musicians Defend Ukraine which directly helps Ukrainian musicians and artists who joined the Ukrainian Armed Forces in response to the Russian invasion.

Another notable track in this episode is “Invisible Hammerblow” by Mienakunaru–notable because it comes from the compilation We Love You Junzo. In February Suzuki Junzo fell from a train platform in Tokyo and that resulted in some serious injuries. He’s in a rehabilitation hospital now and is unable to tour or record music. We Love You Junzo is a benefit for Suzuki Junzo to support him financially but they also call it a “giant get well card”. Mienakunaru is a collaboration between Junzo and Mike Vest with Dave Sned on drums. I played a track by Mienakunaru on an episode of Turn Me On, Dead Man last year.

The last set in this episode opens with “Montjuic” from East and West Rendezvous, a group of musicians from Edinburgh, Scotland, who played an improvisational set drawing on spiritual jazz and psychedelic rock. Listening to this got me to thinking about an experience I had recently in the parking garage of Walmart in Washington DC. My feelings about Walmart are complicated, I guess you could say. A few years ago they built four stores in DC and they’ve genuinely been positive additions to the neighborhoods they chose. Still, it’s Walmart and I probably wouldn’t go there except that my teenage daughter loves shopping there. I bought her a mirror and I was having trouble getting it into my car. If you ever happen to be in the parking garage of the Walmart on Georgia Ave in Washington, DC, one of the first things you’ll notice is that it’s really hot–I mean the ventilation must be terrible–so I’m always anxious to get out of superheated noxious Walmart fumes. I was really getting frustrated trying to get this mirror into my car and this guy just appeared out of nowhere with a clipboard. I’m not sure what he said but all I said to him was “Whatever it is I’m not interested” before noticing he was wearing a T-shirt that said “Love Thy Neighbor.” I’m usually not rude to people but I was having a difficult time. He was nice about it and went away, and, of course, I felt shitty about it after that. There’s very little chance that he would hear this, but I’m playing the track “Montjuic” by East and West Rendezvous as a sort of message of atonement to the universe for being rude to someone who probably just wanted to tell me the good news.

00:40 The Mango Furs – Seeker
04:17 Night Rites – Dark Patterns
08:33 Melting Palms – Orchard’s Lie
14:18 The Striped Bananas & Nameless – Newest Age Man
18:18 Mienakunaru – Invisible Hammerthrow
22:03 The Dry Mouths – Den-Dro Sum
25:34 Birds Flying Backwards – Surrender to The Void I, II & III
30:11 Abronia – Night Hoarders
36:10 Golomb – Western Threshold
39:55 JIRM – Liquid Covenant
46:48 Dialing In – Blooming Wire
54:54 Acid Barretts – Heartlock
57:45 Vanishing Trace – Pierce My Brain
1:02:51 Bad Liquor Pond – Painted Daisies
1:05:51 Thee Mean Reds – Vessel
1:10:58 Underground Mountains – In Search of Highs pt. 1
1:16:52 Shane Hartman – Presence
1:23:10 East and West Rendezvous – Montjuïc
1:35:43 Sendero Luminoso – Sacred Bones
1:41:30 The Spanish English Dictionary – Hard To Find
1:45:31 Floating Witch’s Head – 911
1:47:59 Omaha Haze – Snow White Ferocity, Snow White Feral City (only setuar)

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Podcast 2022.11 Vivid Vibes

Well, COVID-19 finally got me. I managed to avoid it for more than two years but everyone in my household has gotten sick in the last couple of weeks. Our symptoms were relatively mild, I’m happy to say, but it’s still been difficult. I haven’t gotten a lot done in the past couple of weeks but I have been listening to a variety of new music. So after doing a few geographically themed episodes this one is much more spread out across the countries you would expect: the US, the UK, Australia and western Europe. This episode opens with the Cosmic Lotus, who are from Mexico City and combine members of various stoner/psychedelic bands, followed by Tombstones in their Eyes [LA], Drug Couple [NYC], and the Japanese band Dhidalah.

I have to say that all of the bands I’ve mentioned so far are candidates for my best of list at the end of this year. I don’t know if it’s all the ibuprofen I’ve been taking to deal with my COVID-19 symptoms but the music has just been sounding so great to me. Like the last couple of episodes, this one runs two full hours, and I guess that’s becoming the standard for Turn Me On, Dead Man. So much good music out there I don’t want to leave anything out. This episode is particularly varied, from the heavy psych of Ecstatic Vision, the drone of Hashishian, the garage psych of Limestone, the dub of Guitars on Drugs, the improvisational music of Black Toast and New Standards Men, to the experimentation of one of my favorites, Thee UFO. The apocalyptic drops come from the 1958 sci-fi film The Lost Missile.

00:28 The Cosmic Lotus – Lotus Devotion (Promo version)
08:17 Tombstones In Their Eyes – A Higher Place
11:22 Drug Couple – Missed Our Chance
17:27 Dhidalah – Soma
26:17 Ambassador Hazy – Modes of Transportation
30:32 Ecstatic Vision – Elusive Mojo
36:33 Foraging Badgers of the Black Forest – Vast Forest Lands
42:25 Hashishian – Let Us Reason
48:32 The Lower Depths – Trip Hazards
52:16 Boschivo – Oltre il Velo
55:43 Japanese Television – Space Fruit Vineyard
1:05:17 Limestoned – Sacred Key
1:08:35 Thee UFO – Impish Delight
1:14:42 Black Toast – And the Gods Just Stood There & Laughed
1:22:15 Guitars On Drugs – Trinity
1:26:29 UFO Över Lappland – Blå Vägen
1:34:05 The Telephones – Two Byrds
1:37:34 Weasel – Melt
1:40:07 New Standards Men – Spain’s First Astronaut A

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Podcast 2022.10 Black Swan Lane / Unknown Road

I took a road trip recently and my GPS was behaving strangely. It happened a few times where my GPS was slow to identify roads I was traveling on–and I don’t mean back roads, I mean Interstate 95. I thought that was a little odd and then I noticed the street sign a short distance away from my destination: Black Swan Lane. There’s been some chatter recently about “black swan events” and it just seemed to fit somehow. A black swan event is one the is unpredictable, has far-reaching consequences, and somehow after the fact we create an explanation for it that makes it seem like it was inevitable all along. It strikes me that our world is defined increasingly by black swan events.
Even though this episode isn’t geographically defined in the way that Beyond and On The Line (in fact, most of the episodes this year) were, I’ve broken up the playlist into sets defined by geography. The first set is music from Europe, followed by a set from Latin America/Caribbean, and concluding with some tracks from the US and Canada.
The drops in this episode come from Panic in Year Zero, very much a black swan movie.

00:39 Luminous Rift – Bugs In The Module
04:31 Boar God – Birthplace
07:40 The Dharmas – 1000Miles
Europe set
14:39 Misleading – Whirlwinded
16:49 La Casa al Mare – Otherwise
23:50 SWCC Community – Dreams of Space
28:28 Vomit Heat – Dematerialize
33:05 The Moondig – gasvoor
37:20 Bity Booker – Dreaming in the Morning
40:40 Bookhouse – Eferwad y Tonnau Gwyn
Latin America/Caribbean set
43:55 The Kadeem Ward Project – Kaleidoscope (Demo)
52:12 Dorotheo – Alba Rosa
53:33 Mint Field – Contingencia
57:07 Hoja Madre – Hoja Madre III EP
1:00:20 Reverb Chamber – Let Her Burn
1:04:13 Venado Records – Jones Poison
1:08:20 Fulgor – Song
1:10:10 Skintaker – Face of Stone
1:13:32 Giant Jellyfish – Marvelous City
Northern America set
1:16:15 Su Evets – the Deering
1:44:30 The Frozen Heads – Whatever, Sky
1:54:17 Ogua – Play
1:34:35 The Sadies – Stop and Start

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Podcast 2022.06 The Other Side

In the last few episodes I’ve been exploring psychedelia from various parts of the world. The playlist in this episode is made up of new psychedelic music from Australia and New Zealand. I’ve noticed over the last couple of years that Australia, in particular, has a thriving psychedelic scene and this episode really bears that out. Not to take anything away from New Zealand or anywhere else for that matter, it’s just that so much good music is coming out of Australia and it’s really been enjoyable corresponding with the artists.

The drops in this episode come from the 1959 movie On The Beach. In that movie a nuclear war breaks out and the only life left in the world is in Australia, but even they’re not safe from the cloud of radiation that will eventually arrive. It’s a bleak movie, and with the end of the Cold War a lot of people (myself included) thought that we had left this behind and that the risk of nuclear war was remote. The situation has certainly changed with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Things don’t seem to be going well for Putin and he’s made noises about putting Russia’s nuclear arsenal on high alert. Even before that the doomsday clock was already set at 100 seconds to midnight–the closest that its ever been–and the UN secretary general recently said “The prospect of nuclear war is now back within the realm of possibility.”

So anyway, having said that, enjoy the great music in this hour of Turn Me On, Dead Man and just think of the message in the closing frame of On The Beach that said “There is still time, brother.”

00:34 Human Rites – The Serpent and the Rainbow
05:15 Flower Children of the Apocalypse – Return To The Sun
08:00 Golden Sunbird – Voyage, Pt. 2
16:20 Frozen Planet….1969 – Glassblaster (Alternate Take)
20:14 Black Sand – Salutations To The Sun
22:57 Trigona – Petra
30:35 Sons Of Zöku – Yang Yin (Radio Edit)
34:45 Fuzz Meadows – Orange Sunshine
39:13 The Dharma Chain – Shoot Up Love
42:42 Legal Noise – Flashback
45:35 Fortress Europe & Moonflower – Organ Grinder
48:54 Robot God – Valleys of Primordia

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Podcast 2022.03 Carved in Stone

Since the start of the year I’ve been making music maps to go along with these podcasts. Since the maps show where the artists in the playlist are from, I decided to go with a geographical theme for the next couple of episodes. The playlist for this episode features bands from all over Europe. One of the most interesting tracks is from Turas Naofa, who made a holy journey from Berlin back to Ireland to record what I’d describe as a shamanistic track that really gets to the essence of psychedelia.

00:25 Juárez – Nébula
03:57 The Lost Noise Figure – Wake Me Up (When It’s Over)
08:46 Decasia – Hrosshveli’s Ode
14:33 Turas Naofa – I Mo Bholg
18:54 Bad Bed – No One Can Hear You
23:26 Syndrom Samasvanca – Alimpijada-20
30:41 Lunar Funeral – Burn The Shadow
36:10 Courge, MatttKonture, Alice ElRakun – Arthfuzz
38:31 The LSD Zapata – Organik
41:40 Küllä Küllä – Aural Surf
50:11 black (w)hole – unwind
55:24 Apex Ten – The Fourth Passenger

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Podcast 2022.02 Trainspotting

Trainspotting has taken on a narcotic connotation because of the 1996 film directed by Danny Boyle, based on the novel by Irvine Welsh. Although that story was not about psychedelics, the film has its share of hallucinatory moments, the sequel less so. About the music in this episode, the playlist features psychedelia that starts out more in the hallucinatory vein but then becomes more meditative. Check out the music map below. A good illustration of how psychedelia has become a worldwide phenomenon. This episode features artists from the US, Canada, the UK, Norway, Israel, Guatemala, and closes out with a soundscape from Peruvian artist Chino Burga.

The title of this episode is from something my two-year-old and I have been doing recently. We’ve been going to an overpass nearby and wait for trains to pass. I’d never thought of myself as a trainspotter but I guess I’ve had a fascination since my childhood days staying at my grandparents’ home. Their house was about 100 yards from train tracks and I vividly recall the booming sound of the freight trains on summer nights when all the windows were open. So anyway, where my son and I go there are two sets of tracks, one for the DC metro trains, which comes above ground where we are, and one for the intercity trains. It’s always a jolt when we get the metro drivers to honk the horn.

00:19 Self-Immolation Music – Anhedonia
03:30 Helicon – Freakquency
07:46 The Orange Dots – Lost A Dream
12:29 A Crone’s Orchard – Worms
19:23 Solipsisme – Chimiosynthèse
23:31 The Midnight Vein – The Link
29:05 Carlton Melton – Hazel Heat
34:29 Ouzo Bazooka – Monsters
40:25 The Soundcarriers – Falling Back
44:02 The Groovy Nobody – Elevated
47:39 Baghdad Battery – Days Gone By
53:11 Chino Burga – Quien Como Dios

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Podcast 2022.01 Eat Some Soylent Green and Calm Down

The movie Soylent Green was released in 1973 and offers a dystopian view of the future, set in our current year, 2022. (Spoilers ahead) In Soylent Green’s vision of 2022, the world is overpopulated with a permanent heat wave from greenhouse gases. The Soylent company controls the food supply and they start producing a “miracle food” that they claim is made from plankton but as Charlton Heston discovers, it’s really made from human beings. In other words things get so bad by 2022 that cannibalism becomes the order of the day. As Tony Sokol points out in Den of Geek, Soylent Green did anticipate some of the darker features of our current world: face coverings, meat substitutes, climate change. Cannibalism, though? I don’t know, we’re not quite there yet but who knows? Anyway, in our timeline 2022 is already starting off with great psychedelia. All of the tracks in this episode have been released in the last month.

00:00 Turn Me On Dead Man – Intro
00:19 Solilians – Old Schmeckled Hen
06:13 Lamp of the Universe – Return as Light
10:49 Clyde Von Klaus – Concede
13:40 Turn Me On Dead Man – Break
15:12 Ogua – Waves
24:03 Waylon Thornton – Blown Princes
26:11 Barbican Estate – The Divine Image
31:01 Elephant Stone – La fusée du chagrin
34:40 Los Árboles – Bebe Jesús
38:55 Thee Tabs – Carrier Pigeons
41:27 Parker Sprout – Milk in the Sun
44:02 Monte Meteoro – Contra
50:41 Aeon – Five
53:23 io audio recordings – Awaiting The Elliptical Drift

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