Podcast 2023.13 Everywhere and Everywhere and Everywhere

A family road trip to Canada and more psychedelia from the summer of 2023. Interludes from the Bruce Haack album The Electronic Record For Children.

time artist title
00:32 White Canyon & The 5th Dimension Gardeners of the Earth
05:35 Maragda Evil Seed
09:37 Skyjelly Killer B
16:26 Solilians There Is No Michigan (Merc Yes Remix)
19:37 The Dandy Chainsaw Massacre Bunny's Song
22:18 Dub Wreckage Nevis Gore
26:15 Hebi Katana Pensylvania Blood
31:24 Blue Rumble Blue Lightning
35:41 Neckbolt Fung Wah or Lucky Star
39:28 Dharmakaya Rise
45:16 New Standards Men Thundercloud in Aquamarine

Turn Me On, Dead Man 2023 Podcasts

#Alternative #Ambient #AvantGarde #ChillOut #Chillgressive #Deconstruction #Doom #Downtempo #Drone #Dub #Electronica #Ethno #Experimental #Fusion #Fuzz #GaragePsych #GarageRock #GibsonSG #HammondOrgan #HardRock #HeavyPsych #Improvisation #IndieRock #Instrumental #MiddleEastern #Minimal #Noise #Plunderphonics #Post-punk #Post-rock #ProgRock #Psychedelia #Psychedelic #PsychedelicRock #Psychill #Reggae #SciFi #Shoegaze #StonerRock #Tribal

The title of this episode is from a song my 3-year-old son spontaneously made up. At first it just sounded like nonsense but he definitely got my attention. As I listened I thought it was a pretty cool stream of hallucinatory images–through a 3-year-old’s eyes, of course–but genuinely psychedelic. Then he got to a sort of refrain, something about “Floating on the air/Floating on the air/Everywhere and everywhere and everywhere”. I pulled out my phone to record him but by the time I got my phone out the song was over. And as much as I tried to get him to sing it again, he wasn’t interested in revisiting his psychedelic masterpiece–at all. No recorded version of this song will ever exist, I’m sad to say.

Most of the artists featured in this episode have been on playlists from past episodes of Turn Me On, Dead Man. Skyjelly and Solilians are both on the I Heart Noise label. Those artists, along with Maragda, the Dandy Chainsaw Massacre, Dub Wreckage, Hebi Katana, and New Standards Men have all been on this show before. Newcomers include White Canyon & The 5th Dimension, Blue Rumble, Neckbolt and Dharmakaya.

The drops in this episode are from the LP The Electronic Record for Children. I thought it was appropriate for the episode given the inspiration my young son provided–even if he was unwilling to let me record his song. Bruce Haack recorded several albums in the 1960s, experimental electronic albums designed to appeal to children. They have a goofy charm, with corny humor and an unpretentious approach to studio experimentation. The album covers, which are deliberately amateurish black and white drawings and collages, highlight the DIY approach of the recordings. This LP was another great find at Joe’s Record Paradise.

September 22, 2023


#Alternative #Experimental #GarageRock #IndieRock #Noise #PsychedelicRock

Benjamin Krause, Bill Indelicato, Brent Hodge, James Roo, and Kilyn Massey
Introduced back in 2021 with Midwestern Drawl, their self-released debut album, the duo of James Roo and Benjamin Krause formed the project with a specific energy and an alien sound. At its core, that record laid the blueprint for the band, a forward thinking mix of caustic noise rock and vivid psychedelic pop, combining to create something wild yet ingenious, reshaping common genre ideals.
At some point between the recording and release of their debut, Neckbolt expanded, reverse engineering their sound to form a live band that could pull off the music of their recordings. The line-up grew from a duo to the quintet, with Roo (vocals) and Krause (guitar) joined by longtime friends and collaborators, Bill Indelicato (bass), Brent Hodge (drums), and Kilyn Massey (guitar), forming an instant chemistry apparent in their earliest of live shows. With members split between Austin and Oklahoma City, the band adapted their approach to songwriting, opting to record in bits and pieces as they wrote, bouncing ideas back and forth, watching songs take shape in ways that none of the members had intended, but all were quick to embrace. Neckbolt are a freaky band and their second album, Dream Dump, seizes the opportunity to dial up the strange in their own vibrant way.
TMODM : What had the strongest influence on Dream Dump?
Neckbolt : Lyrically, dream dump revolves around James’ real life feeling and residual dream imagery. James is the “character”.
Musically, this record was a sort of “compartmentalized” creative experiment. Each member is a synecdoche. Alone together.
Our last record, midwestern drawl was a collaboration with james and ben. James provided all the vocals, lyrics, and visuals and ben did all of the instrumentation and recording.
In order to perform the songs from midwestern drawl, we had to reverse engineer a live band to capture the record with some of our favorite artists and musicians.
That live band now makes up the current lineup for the recording and performing of dream dump. This record has been a complete collaborative process across a few states, in multiple studios, over several months. This is a collection of five points of view.
TMODM : What record changed your life?
Neckbolt : SO MANY and that answer is so different for all of us I am certain.
For me (Ben) – I really really like pop music. HAIM, WIMP III probably fucked me up more than anything over the last couple of years. There is so much “ear candy” on this record outside of the perfectly crafted, INTERESTING, pop music… It’s 10/10 for me. You can hear us try and create some pop moments on this record for sure…
TMODM : What’s next for you?
Neckbolt : We release this damn record! (09/22/2023). We have some live videos coming out very soon, and we do a mid-west tour through late september / early october.

#Experimental #IndieRock

The Dandy Chainsaw Massacre is from Milford, Connecticut.
TMODM : Your video is very cool. I like the hazy visuals and the music fits that very well. What kind of gear do you use?
DCM : To create my sound, I use GarageBand, of course, but only for some basic functionalities. Then, I have several guitars that I use to define nuances. Sometimes just a particular tone. The further I go, the less I use bass and drums. I focus on layering guitar sounds.
For the visuals, I’m a fan of old 8mm or 16mm films from the 60s, 70s, and a bit of the 80s. I look for old rushes from documentaries or horror movies. Then, I try to edit them to match
TMODM : What are you working on now?
DCM : Currently, I’m in the same creative process, but I like to change, not necessarily the style, but the musical universe. I’m torn between continuing to work on a pop, alternative folk side, or moving towards more deconstructed and sonorous things. Honestly, I’m not sure yet.
TMODM : What’s next for you?
DCM : I don’t know what will happen to me musically. Ideally, I’d like to be produced by a small label and share my music more. Otherwise, I’ll keep doing what I know and exchange with musicians.

#GarageRock #Minimal #Post-punk #PsychedelicRock #GaragePsych #Shoegaze

Psych Rock from Sao Tome das Letras, Minas Gerais, Brazil.
TMODM : What has had the strongest influence on your music?
WC&T5D : We have a lot of important influences and I think that the mixture of all of these forms our music. We always try to blend them into a single song. Of course, some of them stand out, such as sixties garage rock for its guitar tones, post-punk for its drum and bass rhythms and shoegaze for its whispery, distant vocals. If we were to choose one band as our main influence, it would be Velvet Underground.
TMODM : What record changed your life?
WC&T5D : So many albums have changed our lives, it’s hard to choose, but the first time we heard Black Sabbath’s debut was transformative, we would never be the same again. Haha
Electric Ladyland also blew my mind, along with velvet and nico
TMODM : What’s next for you?
WC&T5D : We want to continue making music that connects with people, record albums and go on tour in Europe and the US over the next few years.

July 28, 2023

Blue Rumble

#HardRock #ProgRock #HeavyPsych #Instrumental #Psychedelia #PsychedelicRock

Blue Rumble is a multinational instrumental progressive rock/psychedelic rock/space rock/stoner rock band.
Andrea Gelardini (Switzerland) – Guitars
Ronaldo Rodrigues (Brazil) – Keyboards
Harry Silvers (USA) – Drums, Percussion
Sébastien Métens (Luxembourg) – Bass
Blue Lightning / Brasas was originally released November 9, 2022, and is being reissued on Echodelick Records, We, Here and Now! and Sumble Records.
TMODM : What has had the strongest influence on your music?
BR : I don’t know if I’m able to tell exactly what has had the biggest influence on my idea of music. I guess life is the main inspiration of any artist, what happens to you and around you has an impact on what you express. Being able to absorb and convert what you go through into a song, is a powerful form of expression, and a talent… so I would say that the people I met are my main inspiration to create. If I have to point out a moment that really shaped my idea of what music could do, is when I first listened to a Elvis song.
I was 6 years old and I was at my friend’s house. His father put on the turntable an Elvis single and as soon as the sound came out of the speakers I was literally drawn in, almost shocked. It was a totally new sound to my ears and something I had never experienced before. It had grit, power, intensity, charm, danger and musicality all packed into one. So yeah, that really had an impact on me; maybe subconsciously I always aimed to make music that had an edge, electricity and intensity like that song had. It was the song “Hound Dog”.
TMODM : What record changed your life?
BR : I wouldn’t say one particular record changed my life. Growing up I always tried to mix things up and have as much variety as possible into my music choices; and still do. A phase of my life that changed my life is when I started to dig deeper into 60s and 70s underground rock. I saw so much talent, in such a relatively short time span. This sparked my curiosity to search for more obscure music that had such a strong connection with me. Listening to creative bands like the golden prog era classics, rock giants like Led Zeppelin, Beatles and Rolling Stones, psychedelic scene bands and more, and seeing what their contemporaries were doing, opened up new doors for me and showed me how interesting that music was.
TMODM : What’s next for you?
BR : We recently released an EP with Blue Rumble in July. At the moment we are in the process of recording new material. Personally I’m not in a rush to release our second full-length LP; the idea is to have a natural flow in the writing/recording process, trying to bring the best out of the songs, let them mutate and turn into something I’m satisfied with. I find myself humming new melodies often, inspired by whatever it is that drives me in the moment. At the same time I’m doing some DJ gigs in my city, Zürich. I love the fact that I have the possibility to play the music I love for other people, deciding my own setlist, and create a nice listening experience for an audience and for myself. What is next I don’t know, but what I’m sure of is that my love for the art of music will stick around and bring something exciting along the ride.

July 28, 2023


#Electronica #Ambient #IndieRock #Noise #Post-rock

Solilians on this track : Neptune Sweet, Gabriel Walsh, Benjamin Malkin, Merc Yes
TMODM : What does this track mean (“There is no Michigan”)?
Neptune Sweet : “There is No Michigan” has a little bit of a story and it goes like this…
We (the bandmates and myself) were driving down to Gabe’s place to record, I had just returned from my dad’s memorial the day before.
Ben was asking me a lot of questions about it and I was just sitting in the backseat looking out the window into infinity. Finally, because I was tired or perhaps I hadn’t really had time to process everything I just blurted out. “There Is No Michigan”.
Ben thought that was a great title/song. When we were in the grotto recording I used that as the inspiration for the lyrics for the song and built them around that, in a free association until we had something solid we could use.”
Benjamin : Merc Yes (from MRC Riddims, and previously All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors, and Ifwhen) beautifully produced this track for us. Although we originally asked him for baller sway, he instead bestowed upon us the natural fucked-up coolness of original Twin Peaks with a tinge of Euphoria, slow and twisted, and so much more gorgeous than we could have ever imagined. Merc is one of the few humans we trust entirely with our music on this planet and he never fails to give us something that both blows us away and subverts our expectations entirely. We are beyond grateful to work with him and the majestic magnificence of I Heart Noise, whose generosity and incredible support makes all this possible.
TMODM : What are you working on now?
Neptune Sweet : “surfing, waiting for Ben and my solo project Electric Djinn
Dreaming up places to surf”
Benjamin : Gabe, under his fabulous project The Earthly Frames, just released a new album, “Taped Over,” the 6th in nine full-length albums for each chromatic value, plus black and white. A summation of Solilians & Skyjelly’s past few years was just released on CD earlier this year, and is about to for the first time be released digitally this Bandcamp Friday (August 4, 2023) on I Heart Noise, with Solilians “There Is No Michigan (Merc Yes Remix)” as the bonus track on it. The CD, In the Running 2.5 – Seein’ Klezmische, is a collaboration between the labels I Heart Noise & Goodbye Better, the majority of whose songs originally appeared on the I Heart Noise digital releases In the Running 1 – Skyjelly / Solilians (2 songs of which appeared on an IHN Vinyl Split 7”) and In the Running 2: Solilians – American Klezmische. The CD is 17 tracks and includes six tracks by side projects of both bands.
TMODM : What’s next for you?
Neptune Sweet : “surfing, waiting for Ben, and performing and doing a few releases as Electric Djinn.
I think I should go surfing in Morocco, what do you think?”
Benjamin : Solilians played the last I Heart Noise Fest (in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, with Jim White & Marisa Anderson, Wet Tuna, More Klementines, Skyjelly, and I Feel Tractor) as a 6-piece for the first time recently (with Neptune on vocals, Gabe on Moog, Dave on drums, Habiba on Microkorg, Paul on guitar through thousands of effects, and me on banjo). We followed that up with a show at a Synagogue for the Havurah Sessions on 6th Street on the Lower East Side in Manhattan even more recently. The sound really coalesced and evolved at these gigs into the true Klezmische aesthetic, which is our next phase/chapter. We’ll be recording a new album reflecting the evolution of Klezmische at the end of the year at Gabe’s Code Owl Studio in Maryland, with a new release and gigs to follow in early 2024.
More info regarding all of the above can be found at :
Solilians – https ://linktr.ee/solilians36
I Heart Noise – https ://ihrtn.net/
Electric Djinn – https ://www.electricdjinn.com/
Earthly Frames – https ://earthlyframes.com/
Skyjelly – https ://www.skyjelly.com/
I Heart Noise Bandcamp – https ://iheartnoise.bandcamp.com/
Goodbye Better Bandcamp – https ://goodbyebetter.bandcamp.com/

July 28, 2023

New Standards Men

#Drone #Experimental #Improvisation #IndieRock #Psychedelic

From Bandcamp : “New Standards Men (NSM for true heads) work through cycles of improvisation and experimentation for long stretches at a time, often building on the bedrock laid by what dirtier minds call ‘jamming’ and is also referred to as ‘stretching’ out.
Drew Bissell and Jeremy Brashaw are the two constants. They are often joined by select collaborators.”
TMODM : What kind of gear do you use?
NSM : Customized Gibson Bass and Fender Jazzmaster guitars, tube and old solid state amps, too many pedals accumulated and swapped out and swapped back in for the past 20 or so years, house kits and outhouse kits for Ike, whatever Bob shows up with on any given day.
TMODM : What are you working on now?
We still have three hours of stuff from the session that produced Against Our Vanishings. So we will be working to get that material out over the next year.
TMODM : What’s next for you?
NSM : Always more recording, making stuff up. Probably a couple tours before heading back into the studio in a year or so.

July 19, 2023

Hebi Katana

#HardRock #Doom #StonerRock

Tokyo samurai doom metal
Nobu :Guitars/Vocals
Laven :Bass/Backing Vocals
TT Goblin :Percussion
TMODM : What kind of gear do you use?
HK : Stratocaster ‘62 and explore Greco and big muff
TMODM : What are you working on now?
HK : We are working new album!
TMODM : What’s next for you?
HK : tour in japan and overseas.
We are already talking about it so it’ll happen!

July 19, 2023

Dub Wreckage

#Experimental #Dub #Reggae

Dub Wreckage is from Malta.
TMODM : What kind of gear do you use?
DW : a KI to separate instruments, a DAW (Samplitude), and Audacity as well as a more than 20 years old version of “Cool Edit” – it still does it job bravely
TMODM : What are you working on now?
DW : more Rock/Funk/Dub albums in strange, outlandish dubby dub manner.
TMODM : What’s next for you?
DW : dont know, whatever comes to mind.

July 1, 2023


#Ambient #AvantGarde #Experimental #MiddleEastern #Psychedelic

From Bandcamp : “Skyjelly is a band from Fall River that plays in a scary old mill – one floor up from a mean Southern Rock band who wondered if they were having séances (they weren’t) (not really, anyway). Skyjelly plays psychedelic, middle-eastern blues and has had four releases to date.”
TMODM : What are you working on now?
Skyjelly : Right now we’re working on new songs and have been recording with Dave Auchenbach (Lightning Bolt, Small Factory).
TMODM : What’s next for you?
Skyjelly : Other than that, just playing shows and spreading the jelly wherever we can.

June 29, 2023


#Ambient #ChillOut #Chillgressive #Downtempo #Ethno #Fusion #Psychedelic #Psychill #Tribal

Dharmakaya is from Portugal.

June 2, 2023


#Fuzz #GarageRock #HeavyPsych #PsychedelicRock #SciFi

Maragda is a three-piece garage/heavy psych band from Barcelona, a sci-fi story of liberation.
TMODM : What kind of gear do you use?
Maragda : Our drumkit is a gretsch catalina. Or guitar is a Tokai telecaster style, plugged in a Fender Twin Reverb. Our bass is a ESP Vintage 4 plugged in an Ampeg SVT CL and a 8×10 cab!
TMODM : What are you working on now?
Maragda : Our current time is spent in touring our EU summer tour. We are actually replying this email on the road.
TMODM : What’s next for you?
Maragda : Apart from that, we are writing our new album, which is taking most of our time when we are home. Hopefully we will see it coming out during next year!

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