Podcast 2023.12 Shine On

I had a credit on American Airlines so I decided to fly to Minneapolis to see a Twins game. The music in this episode has several psychedelic tunes along with a few epic jams for this psychedelic diamond summer.

time artist title
00:29 Mossmen Wave
05:22 Tombstones In Their Eyes We Are Gold
09:23 Lemon Lemon Hammock
13:37 Herbarian Aspid
17:46 Heathmonger Pay No Mind
20:30 Sonic Delays And I
23:25 Slyne & The Family Stoned Is Heaven Sweet
35:03 ST 37 Popol 37
44:51 Guranfoe 1
1:12:50 psychedelic source records Studio Session pt.2

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It’s the middle of summer and to me baseball and summer are synonymous. I don’t make it to all that many games anymore but I had a credit on American Airlines so I flew to Minneapolis and went to Twins game with an old friend of mine. The Twins had a 4-run lead going into the 8th inning but they found a way to lose it. Still, it was a great way to spend a summer evening.

The cover image I used for this episode is from an album I recently picked up at Joe’s Record Paradise called Professional Baseball: The First 100 Years. This 1969 LP is an homage to baseball narrated by Jimmy Stewart and Curt Gowdy. I retitled it “Shine On” as a reference to the Syd Barrett tribute “Shine On You Crazy Diamond”, which was the song running through my head when we took our seats behind home plate (although the airfare was minimal I did splurge a little on the tickets). The drops in this episode are not from that LP but from George Carlin’s brilliant routine comparing football and baseball, and from former pitcher Dock Ellis.

One story I’ve aways been fascinated with is Dock Ellis and the LSD No-No. In 1970 Dock Ellis was pitching for the Pittsburgh Pirates, and he dropped acid thinking that he wasn’t scheduled to pitch until the following day. He was wrong, of course, and he had to pitch while he was still tripping. Although he had some control problems (he beaned one player and walked eight (!) batters) he didn’t give up any hits, and the Pirates won 2-0. Amazing enough that he pitched a complete game while tripping, but to pitch a no-hitter in that state? Incredible.

August 30, 2023


#Alternative #IndieRock #PsychedelicRock #SpaceRock

Psychedelic space punk garage jam yell rock and tree music. Your friendly neighborhood psychedelic rockers from Madison and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
TMODM: What had the strongest influence on Sunstream?
Mossmen: Love, Grief, the tension between humans and nature, and the bonds forged through living.
One of the strongest influences on Sunstream is how much we enjoy getting together and just playing.
We give each other a lot of grace during writing and practice to try new things and make mistakes. 
These songs were written to play live.  This album really reflects that.
We all love the outdoors and spend a lot of time exploring the rivers, lakes, dark woods and sunny meadows.
Sunstream really reflects the search for that place of comfort and peace everybody needs.
TMODM: What record changed your life?
Mossmen: Meat Puppets – II
Can – Soundtracks 
Neil Young and Crazy Horse – Rust Never Sleeps
TMODM: What’s next for you?
Mossmen: Next we are going to play some shows and write more music.
This was always meant to be a live project….so we will spend some time subjecting small audiences to loud noises until we work out everything we need to do this all again.
It brings us great joy, so we will keep it up while we can.

August 25, 2023

Sonic Delays

#Alternative #DreamPop #Noise #PsychedelicRock #Shoegaze #SpaceRock

Sonic Delays formed in Birmingham, UK in 2008, based in Perth, Australia since 2014. Tim Howells: Vocals & Guitar, Aimm Howells: Vocals & Bass, Jay Eccleston: Drums (2009-2010)
TMODM: What are you working on now?
SD: We are currently putting together a track listing for our debut album. The album will include most of the songs we have released as singles and EP’s to date stretching back to 2008, so I suppose it’s taken 15 years to make. Some of the older songs will have different mixes and will also be remastered. For example Coast has a new mix with added live drums. It may also feature at least one more new song.
TMODM: What’s next for you?
SD: Apart from creating a running order for the album, we are still thinking of a title, creation of artwork and schedule a release date so still lots to do and think about. We plan for it to be released by the end of 2023.

July 7, 2023


#PsychedelicFolk #Jam #ProgRock #Psychedelia #PsychedelicRock

Guranfoe are from Norwich, UK, psych prog jams
TMODM: What had the strongest influence on Guranjam #13 (May 14, 2023)?
Guranfoe: probably the rural location in Forncett, Norfolk, England and the fact we were playing with Henry for the first time – a wonderful time!
TMODM: What record changed your life?
Guranfoe: Frank Zappa – The Grand Wazoo
TMODM: What’s next for you?
Guranfoe: we have a some shows in August (including London and Brighton) and we’re back at Harlequin Fayre festival at the end of this month. Apart from those, we’re writing new material.

July 1, 2023

ST 37

#Experimental #SpaceRock #PsychedelicRock

ST 37 is an experimental/space rock/psychedelic band from Austin, Texas, formed in January 1987.
TMODM: What are you working on now?
ST 37: We are working on our JG Ballard concept record “Ballardesque”. We started recording several years ago and we finally have all the basic tracks done. We are in the overdub phase now. All the tracks are based on JG Ballard novels or short stories. I’m pretty excited about it. I think it’s going to be pretty great. It’s our first true concept album.
TMODM: What’s next for you?
ST 37: Well, we took a little break after our tour with Acid Mothers Temple in May and we’re going to play again on July 22nd at the Far Out Lounge here in Austin at a great space cowboy show with Garrett T Capps and NASA Country… We have been dipping our toes in the cosmic country pool a little bit lately … We just recorded a studio version of “Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way” by Waylon Jennings!

June 30, 2023

Lemon Lemon

#Alternative #IndieRock #Lo-Fi #PsychedelicPop #PsychedelicRock

Lemon Lemon is from Manchester, UK
TMODM: What had the strongest influence on The Harvest?
LL: I’d say the limited time that was available for us to write and record everything given that we’re split between UK and Italy. In terms of sound we wanted to write a varied album, there’s post punk, psychedelic rock, bossa nova and lo-fi which is pretty much what we listen to on a daily basis.
TMODM: What record changed your life?
LL: Probably Think Tank by Blur, first record I’ve ever bought. I must have been 13yo and I had never listened to anything so weird.
TMODM: What’s next for you?
LL: I guess recording a live jam session very soon. We will finish the promotion of the new album at some point so back into writing mode. More synths this time!

June 26, 2023


#Doom #HeavyPsych #Improvisation #Jam #PsychedelicRock #SpaceRock #StonerRock

Herbarian are from Russia. Stoner Doom Heavy Psychedelic Space Jam.
TMODM: What has had the strongest influence on your music?
Herbarian: It’s tricky to define what has had the most strongest influence on me. I would say it’s a heavy rock music of the early 70s. I always come back to Sir Lord Baltimore, High Tide, May Blitz, Jerusalem, Budgie, Flower Travellin’ Band and many more. And I also worship to first four albums of Black Sabbath
TMODM: What record changed your life?
Herbarian: My lifechanger is Rhythms from a Cosmic Sky by Earthless. This record has everything I love in music
TMODM: What’s next for you?
Herbarian: I have no gameplan but i will definitely keep trying to make music

June 23, 2023


#GarageRock #HeavyPsych #Psychedelic

Heathmonger is a 3 piece garage-psych band from New Brunswick, New Jersey.
TMODM: What had the strongest influence on Pay No Mind?
MH: The lyrics to both the self titled track and EP “Pay No Mind” are influenced by homelessness I witnessed around New Brunswick, NJ, which is where I was living at the time the bulk of the EP was written. Musically, the influences include bands such as King Gizzard, Slint, Minutemen, black midi, Kikagaku Moyo, and Tame Impala.
TMODM: What record changed your life?
MH: Float Along Fill Your Lungs by King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard.
TMODM: What’s next for you?
MH: Next for the band, we’re going to be doing our first mini tour outside the tri state area and hit Albany, Providence, Baltimore, and DC while also beginning to record our next release.

#Jam #PsychedelicRock #SpaceRock #Stoner

Psychedelic Source Records are a Hungarian psychedelic rock collective based in Páty, Hungary. Their latest release, Primordial States, contains a live set from Dunaújváros, then they turn mad with a :neppal-ish studio session. Played by Kriszti Benus, Krisz Megyeri, Bence Ambrus, Dávid Strausz.

#Alternative #Neopsychedelia #PsychRock #Shoegaze

Tombstones In Their Eyes is a rock and roll band from Los Angeles.
TMODM: What kind of gear do you use?
JT: main guitar is an early 70’s Gibson ES335 with a Bigsby added and the humbuckers replaced with P90’s. I have a bunch of amps, including a 1961 Vox AC30, an Orange AD30, a late 60’s Ampeg Gemini II. I also use a Kemper amp modeler for some recordings. Pedals are almost too numerous to mention, but on my current live board I have: Death By Audio Echo Dream 2, DBA Super Fuzz War, DBA Reverberation Machine, Analogman Peppermint Fuzz and my new favorite, RambleFX Twin Bender.
TMODM: What are you working on now?
JT: Right now we are working on a new record and honing our live show. We currently have 39 songs in various stages of completion – about 70% of them are almost done. So, I’m sorting through those and deciding on the next record tracks. I’m not happy with my live singing at all, as we are so loud I can’t hear myself sing, so am working on getting some in-ear monitors in the hopes that this will help. Also taking some more voice lessons so that I can better warm up before shows.
TMODM: What’s next for you?
JT: So, next up is completing the new record and getting out and playing some more shows. Everything else is going great. We have a nice 6 person lineup now with Courtney Davies (vocals), myself, John Treanor, (vocals/guitar), Stephen Striegel (drums), Nic Nifoussi (bass), Paul Boutin and Phil Cobb (guitars). Trying to get everyone some space on the new record, as well. Will be doing an acoustic set at the International Pop Overthrow Festival here in Los Angeles on Aug 7th.


Slyne & The Family Stoned are from New London, Connecticut. Slyne leads a group of punks and freaks and lovers and misfits. They try and make a glorious racket.
TMODM: What was the strongest influence on Is Heaven Sweet (To The Ones We Lose)?
S&TFS: I think playing with this version of the band .. we all bring different shit to the table. I love playing with these guys so much. Musically we were very inspired but the insanity of free jazz , people like john coltrane and pharoah sanders .. alice coltrane and albert ayler.. i heard a direct connection to the noise rock and weird left field music i grew up on. The song skyline has a direct nod to john coltrane and i challenge people to figure out what it is … no one has gotten it yet..
TMODM: What are you working on now?
S&TFS: The fam is really in stride and have are just a song or so away from another album , that we hope to have recorded by years end .. were hitting the road in august fir a week and change .. ive got another solo thing ready to go .. were always doing something
TMODM: What’s next for you?
S&TFS: just continue to keep on chugging along.. new record hoepfully soon , tour in a fee weeks , more shows .. more freaking , more rockin

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