Podcast 2023.14 Attaining Cosmic Consciousness

The heat of the summer is over but the garage/psych continues on Turn Me On, Dead Man. Some impressive releases from indie labels Riot Season Records, Cruel Nature Records, Fuzz Club, Ramble Records, Stone Free, Sundog Sound and We, Here and Now!

time artist title
00:03 Kaliyuga Express Behind The Veil
08:37 J. Lansdowne White Hat Law
14:59 Moon Lagoon Hypnotized
18:21 Dragged Up Hex Domestic
21:50 The Mystic Tension Girl Come On
25:33 Daiistar Star Starter
28:02 The Heavy Minds Predator
35:37 Chela Flyspray
42:31 Jeramesa Dream For Me
49:16 Telford! y El Zombie Espacial Blown
52:54 Iglesia Atomica Los demonios andan sueltos

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This episode opens with another impressive Mike Vest collaboration. He teamed up with Finnish band Nolla and released Kaliyuga Express on Riot Season Records. A vinyl release on Echodelick for J. Lansdowne’s self-titled LP. San Diego-based label Sundog Sound releases Vol. 4 in their series Sundog Sounds.

October 6, 2023

The Heavy Minds

#AcidRock #GarageRock #HeavyPsych #PsychedelicRock

The Heavy Minds are a Garage-Psych–Band based in Upper Austria. Even though the idea of genre-boundaries is quite meaningless for the band, it would probably be most appropriate to claim that the boys are influenced by a huge musical melting pot of sounds of the late 60’s ‘n 70’s, Garage/Prog/Krautrock, Lo-Fi, Neo-Psychedelia and all sorts of underground rawness.
TMODM : What had the strongest influence on Beyond Gloom?
THM : Well, I guess with this very project all of us are focusing on a certain musical style that started in the very late 60’s, early 70’s really with bands like The Stooges or Sabbath and has further been shaped by bands like Ty Segall and Fuzz, Frankie and the Witch Fingers, Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats, ORB, etc. But seriously, there are just too darn many bands and musicians out there who had an impact in some ways or other on what we do.
Theme-wise we took a step forward, I think, in a sense that almost every song refers to a specific, mostly very serious topic such as organized child abuse/ritual abuse (“Names”). This has actually been a strong influence since Lukas, as a social worker, has worked with victims of extreme violence which, again, shaped the overall vibe and theme of the album quite a bit. Also, topics such as climate change (“The Sounds”) and capitalist post-democracies (“Nothing”) are being adressed. The only song on the album that steps out of line lyric-wise is actually “Predator” which is our (not too serious) take on the classics of the golden age of Slashers and B-movies.
TMODM : What record changed your life?
THM : Oh, man that’s a though one, there’s too many haha. I’m gonna name a few: The White Stripes – s/t, The Doors – L.A. Woman, Yes – Relayer, Rush – Permanent Waves, Joni Mitchell – Blue, Fuzz – s/t, Thee Oh Sees – Live in San Francisco, Genesis – Selling England by the Pound, Sabbath – Master of Reality, Captain Beyond – s/t, Pink Floyd – Ummagumma, AC/DC – Powerage, Kiss – Alive I, Fela Kuti – Zombi,…
TMODM : What’s next for you?
THM : Well, releasing another video and eventually, the album itself. After that, we’ll be playing a little release weekender-tour with our good friends in High Brian whose singer and guitarist is not only also our bassist and synth wizard but also the mastermind of this other lil band called My Friend Peter. Killer stuff… you should check it out, both of ’em.

September 29, 2023

Kaliyuga Express

#Kosmische #Krautrock #SpaceRock #Noise #Psych #PsychedelicRock #Sludge

Finnish space travellers Nolla join forces with psychedelic guitar maestro Mike Vest!
Inspired by classic space rock, driving hypnotic krautrock and bleak synth soundscapes, the Kaliyuga Express debut album is a story of ends and beginnings, light and darkness, dystopian worlds beyond and their warriors and masters.
Prepare to be blasted into endless black space!
‘Ultra Delays & Octave Hawkwind Guitar Compositions. At the Edge Of Time & The Universe.’
For fans of Hawkwind, Can, Sun Dial, Bevis Frond, Space Rock, Kosmiche Muzik etc
Kaliyuga Express is
Mike Vest – Guitar, Synth, Mix
Otto Juutilainen – Vocals, Mix, Mastering
Ilkka Vekka – Bass, Electronics, Lyrics, Art
Ohto Pallas – Drums

September 8, 2023


#Alternative #Noise #Shoegaze

‘Good Time’ is the debut album from Austin, TX noise-pop band DAIISTAR, due out September 8th via Fuzz Club. Creating a narcotic blend of noise and melody, the band takes their inspiration from the neo-psychedelic era of the 80s and 90s and pulls it into the future with modulating synthesisers, heavy guitars, bouncing bass lines, and spiralling hooks. ‘Good Time’ was produced by The Black Angels’ Alex Maas and engineered by James Petralli of White Denim.
Made up of Alex Capistran (guitar/vocals), Nick Cornetti (drums), Misti Hamrick (bass) and Derek Strahan (keys), DAIISTAR formed in the spring of 2020, just weeks before the pandemic started. “To us, these songs were a glimmer of light”, Capistran says: “Starting a band at the peak of the pandemic to some might seem ill-timed, but to us it was a way to escape for a moment. There was something to look forward to and we kept our heads in the future. These songs guided us through some dark times and hopefully they can do the same for you. GOOD TIME is here.” : “Starting a band at the peak of the pandemic to some might seem ill-timed, but to us it was a way to escape for a moment. There was something to look forward to and we kept our heads in the future. These songs guided us through some dark times and hopefully they can do the same for you. GOOD TIME is here.”
TMODM : What has had the strongest influence on your music?
Daiistar : The Jesus and Mary Chain have had a massive influence on DAIISTAR, Specifically Williams Reids guitar playing. I owe a lot of our sound and tones to JAMC.
TMODM : What record changed your life?
Daiistar : Honey’s Dead, it’s such a great record. I love the live drums layered over the electronic drums and the Fuzzed out feed back and tremolo are what hooked me.
TMODM : What’s next for you?
Daiistar : Touring with The Black Angels and the Dandy Warhols in October, then hitting Europe for the first time in the spring.

September 8, 2023

Dragged Up

#Alternative #Electronica #Experimental #Ambient #GarageRock #Grunge #Noise #Post-rock #Psych #PsychedelicRock #Punk #SpokenWord

TMODM : What had the strongest influence on Hex Domestic EP?
DU : I don’t think we can really answer that. We don’t sit down and go ‘hey, let’s make a record that sounds like x or y’. If anything, we’re probably most influenced by each other. We all listen to different stuff which will consciously or subconsciously influence each person’s approach to writing, performing etc, bits of which will emerge when we’re playing together. We don’t know what bits. It’s not something that we particularly discuss, not least so we have plausible deniability for any plagiarism related court cases.
TMODM : What record changed your life?
SS : Velvet Underground – ‘White Light White Heat’
SM : The Fall – ‘Dragnet’
LJ : Lily Tomlin – ‘Modern Scream’
CL : Black Sabbath ‘Paranoid’ and Nirvana ‘Nevermind’
EG : Mudhoney – Superfuzz Bigmuff and a homemade Velvet Underground compilation tape snook to me by a friend whilst skiving off P.E. in school.
TMODM : What’s next for you?
DU : We’re about to embark on our first UK tour to shamelessly promote the release of our Hex Domestic EP. Working on our second album which should be out before we draw our pensions. Generally hustling for cash to buy lighter amps.

September 1, 2023

J. Lansdowne


From Bandcamp : “J. Lansdowne is a guitarist from Atlanta, GA. This is his first record. These songs were recorded at Bunker Audio in Memphis, TN over two days in late summer 2019. Andrew McCalla recorded and mixed the sessions on a Tascam 388 with a Soundcraft Series Two. Benm Bauermeister heard some rough demos of the tracks the night before and laid down drums on the entire record in one afternoon. Arjun Kulharya (Naan Violence) jumped in the mix to lay down half of the fried guitar duel on ‘Superform’.”
TMODM : What has had the strongest influence on your music?
JL : Learning how to record myself has had a huge effect on the music that I make. I started about 15 years ago with a Tascam 488, which is a cassette based 8-track recorder. Over the years there has been lots of trial and error but by messing around with that machine I’ve learned so much – piling up mountains of guitar overdubs, learning how to (kind of) sing, double tracking my voice, recording jam sessions with friends. Without that time spent getting weird on the 488 my music would probably sound totally different.
TMODM : What record changed your life?
JL : I gotta go with Nevermind by Nirvana. I grew up in the 90s and this record is the reason I started playing guitar. My cousins played it for me when I was 9 or 10, probably right around the time Kurt Cobain died. I immediately thought it ruled. Also, there was a Queen greatest hits tape that made a big impression on me as a kid. I still love Brian May’s playing.
TMODM : What’s next for you?
JL : I recently got a Tascam TSR-8, so the home recording shenanigans will continue. I’m hoping to cut another record soon – ideally with Andrew McCalla, who recorded and mixed the first record on his Tascam 388. I play bass in a band called Death Panels and we are working on a few things. There’s also a project called Blunted Mage that is starting to take flight. Lots of wah-wah and guitar violence all around.

August 14, 2023


#Alternative #Krautrock #Prog #Psychedelic #PsychedelicRock

Jeramesa is based in London. The Mighty Conveyor Belt To The Eye of The Sun was recorded and never completed in 2017-18 in Oxford. Written and recorded by Jack Hally and Arthur Start at our houses.
Arthur – baritone guitar, mixing, general experimentation
Jack – sitar, vocals, bass, percussion, synth, melodica, mandolin, keys, guitar
Matt – percussion
TMODM : What had the strongest influence on The Mighty Conveyor Belt To The Eye of The Sun?
Jeramesa : the song was written in 2016, as was most of the rest of it, but it was worked on sporadically until 2018 at which point I had moved on and sort of lost interest, hence only releasing it now, haha. The strongest influence at the time was definitely king gizzard and the lizard wizard, who brought me an interest in weird time signatures and being generally a bit more experimental with sound. Without being cliche, respectful use of LSD did play a large part in things too – I was 18 and had just discovered this wonderful world and would essentially hallucinate music which I would then try and replicate as best I could (dream for me was one of these, occurring on my second trip).
TMODM : What record changed your life?
Jeramesa : King Gizzard’s Nonagon Infinity was the obvious life-changer for me as it was paired with my first experience and pushed me to start making my own music. It’s detailed, heavy, jazzy, unusual, polyrhythmic, all that fun stuff.
TMODM : What’s next for you?
Jeramesa : Many things have been next for me since 2018 but currently my main focus is a new mostly-electronic project, @ultralylat. Jeramesa became a new project too in 2019, but we got demotivated during the pandemic. We did however write a new album of which a half-baked demo exists, which I intend to go back and finish over the next year or so. But mostly I am interested in jazz and electronic music at the moment 🙂 hope this is what you are looking for!

August 11, 2023

Iglesia Atomica

#PsychedelicRock #HeavyPsych #Jam #StonerRock

Legendary Puerto Rico stoner rock and heavy psych outfit, established in August, 1990.
TMODM : What had the strongest influence on Los demonios andan sueltos?
IA : In “Los Demonios”, our sixth official release, we where after a heavier sound. I was the bass player for the band for the past 30 years but circumstances made me switch to guitar. That change of personnel, with Joel on bass and Danny on drums, produced a much more defined style and a heavier sound. We are very happy with the outcome.
TMODM : What record changed your life?
IA : wow, personally, there are a few records that changed my life, but certainly my playing style is very, very influenced by late sixties early seventies Heavy Rock from the likes of Cactus, Hendrix, Sabbath, Zeppelin, Mountain, Grand Funk, Steppenwolf, etc.
TMODM : What’s next for you?
IA : releasing “Los demonios” on vinyl (and hopefully on CD) and continue playing locally. The band has made a woderful connection with the younger Gen Z crowd and we are nurturing that relationship. But we also are arranging to visit Mexico next year.
We are at the moment getting together new material for our next record that will be entitled LOW COST & HIGH GRASA. But it is still on the can. We are letting those new songs mature on our gigs before recording them.

August 5, 2023

Moon Lagoon

#AcidRock #GarageRock #Jam #Psych #PsychPop #PsychRock #Psychedelia #Psychedelic #PsychedelicRock

“Hypnotized” by Moon Lagoon is the leadoff track on the compilation Sundog Sounds Vol. 4, showcasing artists on the Sundog Sound label.
From Bandcamp : “To celebrate our two year anniversary as a label, we decided to put out our first double record, a compilation of many of the bands we’ve connected with and new friends we’re meeting along the way. This release is almost entirely based off of submissions that were sent into us from the community that surrounds us. This compilation is such a cosmic whirlwind of a journey, there’s a little something for everybody, and it’s by far my favorite thing we’ve ever done.” I corresponded with Adam Upton, founder of Sundog Sound.
TMODM : What has had the strongest influence on your music?
AU : Honestly, as cheesy as it sounds, the thing that is influencing my music the most is my constant fluctuating emotions and my daily life experiences paired with whatever I am currently musically obsessed with. I go through these deep phases exploring different genres. I could spend four months listening to nothing but obscure deep house and then the next day, for the next several months, be obsessed with T-Rex or something like that.
TMODM : What record changed your life?
AU : That one is super tough. I don’t think I could possibly come up with a singular album because music is my life. I live, breathe, and now teach it. I’ve got a handful (in no order) that I’ll give ya and a lil blurb as to how they changed my life:
– Tame Impala – Innerspeaker – The sounds, songs, and textures blew my teenage acid fried mind. It also showed me that I could write and record my own music.
– Frank Zappa – Apostrophe – This record taught me that you can get down as fuck and be silly all at once.
– Steve Hillage – Green – There is nothing that can be said about this record aside from it being one of the most beautiful, ethereal, and truly cosmic records I’ve ever heard in my entire life.
– The Beatles – Let It Be – This is the first album I ever remember hearing. That’s gotta count for something, I guess.
– Wu Tang Clan – Enter the Wu Tang (36 Chambers) – This record reminds me of a close friend who has since passed on but is the reason I continued to pursue music. It also reminds me of the time that my partner and I spent in Portland, Oregon which was insanely life changing.
– The Grateful Dead – Europe 72 – I mean, c’mon. I don’t even need to say much about this record. Every note of this album is perfect.
– Gwen Stefani – Love, Angel, Music, Baby – Again, every song is perfect. I heard this one as a child and just was blown away. To this day, the quality of songwriting and production is insane. It was a guilty pleasure for a while but now I honestly might cover this whole record.
– Demon Fuzz – Afreaka! – This album was introduced to me during the time I was actively playing and touring in my past band, Soul Juice. We were eating acid **allegedly**, playing shows, and making friends with people with obscure 60/70s records. Late one night someone slapped this on the record player and reality just shattered and slowly was put back together and moved to tears by the end.
TMODM : What’s next for you?
AU : Hopefully finish one of these eight records i’ve got cooking.. but mostly just trying to get some good music out there through my label Sundog Sound. I enjoy putting on other bands who truly deserve to be heard rather than putting my music out there, but I’ll get there. Especially if there are people who are digging it.
Ps.. Shout out The Groovy Nobody, Dying Suns, Laguna Largo, Space Equator, Family of Light, Loser Lemon, and Tasty Wax Records. the homies, give em a follow and listen, you won’t regret it!

August 4, 2023

The Mystic Tension

#GarageRock #PsychedelicRock #Punk

The Mystic Tension are from Chalcis, Greece
Tasos (Guitar/Vocals)
George (Bass/ Backing vocals)
teo (Drums)
Alex (Guitar)
TMODM : What has had the strongest influence on your music?
TMT : Obscure 60’s psychedelic garage rock and oldschool rock n roll. As for bands, the stooges, motorhead , Queens of the stone age, the beatles , 13th floor elevators ,Jimi Hendrix experience ,the doors , hawkwind , the prodigy, pink floyd and the kinks played a huge role in shaping our own sound.
TMODM : What record changed your life?
TMT : the beatles -abbey road .
TMODM : What’s next for you?
TMT : Touring and recording our second album in November.

#AvantGarde #Experimental #FieldRecordings #GaragePunk #Improvisation #PsychedelicRock

Telford! is a US avant-garde artist drawing on psych garage, and experimental punk weirdness to create one hell of a fried listening experience.
El Zombie Espacial is a musician born in CABA, Argentina making music, regardless of styles and trends (sound art, avant garde, soundscapes, metal, audio collages, pop, sound poetry, krautrock, vocal poetry, folk, field recordings etc.
TMODM : What has had the strongest influence on your music?
Telford! : Any DIY endeavors with courage & conviction. Especially the inde avant- guard experimentalist & heavy groove rippers found on Bandcamp! Examples: EL ZOMBIE ESPACIAL, Boogied, & Fly Nightmares (Fly Nightmares is presently found on SoundCloud)
El Zombie Espacial : Mike Patton
TMODM : What record changed your life?
Telford! : Iron Maiden – Live After Death
Reason why I picked up the bass & learned how to play in a band!
El Zombie Espacial : Angel Dust
TMODM : What’s next for you?
Telford! : Upcoming collaborations with Void Ant, Fly Nightmares, Sleff Huxley, & BODE of The Church Of Noisy Goat… TBA… New racket in new year!
El Zombie Espacial : Hacer un disco de Hip Hop Experimental

April 8, 2023


#Drone #Electronica #Kosmische #Psychedelia #RagaRock #Psychedelic

Chela is the project of long-time friends and collaborators Ajay Saggar (Bhajan Bhoy) and Kohhei Matsuda (Bo Ningen). Chela means disciple in Hindi and claw in Japanese.
They release their stunning debut album “Diagonal Drift” in August 2023 on Echodelick Records (USA), We Here & Now (Canada), Ramble Records (Australia), Worst Bassist Records (EU).
This album was patiently sketched out over a year in 2022, and comprises six minimal songs that weave darkly hypnotic melodies with drone-folk structures and crisp electronica on a cinematic bent. Dark piano tunes carry some songs, whilst others have banjo or analogue synths. The album reveals a side to Ajay and Kohhei’s compositions not heard before in their other groups, and is a sweet surprise for the listener. The result is a quiet, meditative and highly original work of outstanding beauty. Think Julius Eastman meets Fennesz.
The album was recorded at Soundation Studio and was mixed and produced by Ajay in 2022. The album was mastered by Anthony Chapman in December 2022.
TMODM : What had the strongest influence on Diagonal Drift?
Kohhei Matsuda : Musically, Ajay Saggar (the other half of Chela) and I are quite diverse so it’s kind of hard to pin down any specific influences.
The project started through playing a number of duo shows over the past few years, and by far my favorite show was Half Die Festival in Rome we played in the summer of 2022, where we played on a rooftop, in front of Roman Aqueduct (as seen on our profile pic on bandcamp). The scenery, the air and the music we played there, these kind of things are the strongest influence on our first record&the forming of Chela I would say.
Ajay Saggar : I can’t say there was a particular influence on this album. The initial foundations of the album were laid down very spontaneously and thereafter the album grew in a very natural and organic way. That’s one of the great things with making music with Kohhei….we never come in with a fixed idea or plan…..something beautiful always comes out of the moment…and that’s what makes it special. (
TMODM : What record changed your life?
Kohhei Matsuda :
Can – Future Days
The Velvet Underground – White Light / White Heat
NO NEW YORK compilation
Ajay Saggar : Oef that’s a really difficult question to answer. Sooooo many records have had a massive impact / influence on me. The first record i thought of when you I read your question was Velvet Underground : White Light White Heat. But I thought of a million other records thereafter. So I’ll stick with that one for today.
TMODM : What’s next for you?
Kohhei Matsuda : We have our first show as Chela on 10th of September at this Amsterdam venue called OCCII
Ajay Saggar : I have a BHAJAN BHOY Lp out in October called “shanti shanti shanti” released on Cardinal Fuzz (U.K.) and Feeding Tube Records (USA). In November I have another Lp out under the name Volksempfänger and the album is called “attack of sound”….also on Cardinal fuzz and feeding tube records. I am currently working on new BHAJAN BHOY albums and a University Challenged album

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