Podcast 2023.04 Bag Drop

I recently took a trip to Minneapolis–nothing quite like the refreshing weather of Minneapolis in February! Luckily we beat the blizzard by a day. Still, while we were there we made the most of it. We stopped by Birchbark Books and we visited what has become known as the Free State of George Floyd. The music in this episode ranges from druggy stoner psych to improvised jams and spacey drones.

time artist title
00:31 The Black Delta Movement Fourth Pass Over The Graveyard
06:24 Cherry Cosmos As Worlds Collide
10:01 Black Sky Giant Primigenian
15:02 Las Visiones Visiones de la Virgen
21:57 Tony From Bowling Stoned to Death
26:54 Ogua \\\\\
31:54 El Universo Stellar brightness caused by planets
38:39 The Mushroom Club Take Drugs
42:53 The Lower Depths The Mind Machine
46:35 Mienakunaru MegaBlocksColonyDomes [edit]
48:18 Cementin Mejaz

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This episode features a couple of reissues. Las Visiones released Cruses de Neon in 2021 and its now being reissued on Up In Her Room in The UK and Europe, Little Cloud Records in the US and Aurora Central Records in Mexico So well deserved wider distribution. Another reissue–or remix rather–is Strato Arcology Revisited by Mienakunaru. Junzo Suzuki is still recovering from injuries he sustained last year, so Mike Vest has posted an extended, rougher mix of Strato Arcology to the We Love You Junzo Bandcamp page in support of Junzo’s recovery.

This episode features two bands from Morgantown, WV: Tony From Bowling and Ogua. The Tony From Bowling track is excellent psychedelic garage rock that comes from a split with Natural Rat. I’ve played Ogua tracks several times on Turn me On, Dead Man. Their track is live, improvised and without any overdubs.

Another notable track is from Cementin, a band from Shanghai, released on the WV Sorceror label. Cementin plays improvised music combining psychedelic/krautock with traditional Chinese music. They made several recordings from 2016 to 2019 but because of a frequenly changing lineup, they never actually released any of those recordings. Their status remains up in the air.

The drops in this episode are from Bob Odenkirk’s impression of Charles Manson. The title of this episode comes from one of the more frustrating travel experiences I’ve ever had. Turns out when American Airlines says “bag drop” it’s really not a bag drop and you’re a dipshit if you think otherwise, Jack!

The Black Delta Movement – Fourth Pass Over The Graveyard (from Recovery Effects, release date: April 14, 2023)

From Bandcamp: “Kingston-upon-Hull’s The Black Delta Movement return with their stunning new album ‘Recovery Effects’ – 8 tracks of immersive, groove-heavy psychedelic rock released April 14th 2023 on Fuzz Club Records. Determination and a commitment to musical development are writ large across Matt Burr’s personal and artistic journey as the main creative force behind The Black Delta Movement. His most collaborative work yet, ‘Recovery Effects’ sees Matt recruiting highly lauded UK guitar-slinger and Little Barrie frontman Barrie Cadogan and bandmates Lewis Wharton (Bass) and Tony Coote (Drums) to provide musical backing on the album. With legendary producer, The Heliocentrics’ co-founder and drummer extraordinaire Malcolm Catto also helming production duties.”
TMODM: What had the strongest influence on Recovery Effects?
BDM: Recovery Effects was influenced by a whole host of different factors so it’s hard to say which the strongest was. I suppose it’s best to say that the biggest influence came from Malcolm Catto who produced the record. I’ve admired his work with The Heliocentrics for a long time so being able to work with him and learn from the way he makes music was really inspiring. Plus Barrie Cadogan, Lewis Wharton and Tony Coote’s influences whilst they played on and added to the record too – the way they play really pushed me with my own style and technique. The album wouldn’t be the same without the five of them.
TMODM: What record changed your life?
BDM: Again, it’s quite hard to say a single record that changed my life but from The BDM’s perspective I’d probably have to say Passover by The Black Angels. I first saw them supporting The Black Keys at Manchester Academy in 2006 and from the first song when they opened with Empire my whole musical outlook changed. My dad bought me the album as soon as we got home and my path in music seemed to make sense purely down to that album. The BDM probably wouldn’t exist without it.
TMODM: What’s next for you?
BDM: There’s a long road for us now with Recovery Effects, we’re currently planning a number of tours and I’m even starting to work on the third album now that I have a bit of time to do so. Fuzz Club’s support with the release has made things so easy and I’m excited to tell everyone about the things we have in store. Some of them I still can’t really believe are happening!

Cherry Cosmos – As Worlds Collide (from “Mother Tongue/As Worlds Collide“, release date: February 3, 2023)

Cherry Cosmos are from Dublin (maybe?) and their single is on Fuzzed Up & Astromoon Records.

Black Sky Giant – Primigenian (from Primigenian, release date: January 1, 2023)

Black Sky Giant are from Rosario, Argentina, and play instrumental psychedelic stoner space rock.

Las Visiones – Visiones de la Virgen (from Cruces de Neón, release date: November 4, 2022, original release: October 17, 2021)

From Bandcamp: “Cruces de Neón is a post-punk statement wrapped in shoegaze and neogarage sounds. Full of power, it deals with issues such as the questioning of the attempt at spiritual purification at the expense of fanciful deities and intellectual subjugation, the encounter of our animal nature with rationality.”
Bass: Richard Venegas Guitar/Synth/Voz: Pedro Romo Drums: Abel Alvarez Nine Corners, Abril/Mayo 2020 Captura: Paco Pérez-Rul (El Próximo Futuro). Mix: Beto Master: Mike y los canguros australianos
Originally released in 2021, rereleased by Up In Her Room in the UK and Europe, Little Cloud Records in the US and Aurora Central Records in Mexico.

Tony From Bowling – Stoned to Death (from Mate, release date: September 22, 2023)

Tony From Bowling are from Morgantown, West Virginia. Their latest release, Mate, is a split with Natural Rat. It was recorded at Steel City Death Club Rob Potesta (Vocals, Guitar, Tambourine, Drums) Morgan Kashon (Bass) Giovanni Orsini (Studio Engineer)
TMODM: What has had the strongest influence on your music?
TFB: I’d say just traveling and playing shows probably has had the strongest influence on my music. Meeting so many different kinds of people and artists really opened my mind.
TMODM: What record changed your life?
TFB: Slaughterhouse by Ty Segall Band
TMODM: What’s next for you?
TFB: We are currently writing our first album, hopefully we’ll record it sometime in the summer.

Ogua – \\\\\ (from Solstice, release date: December 22, 2022)

Ogua is based in Morgantown, West Virginia. In 2021 I corresponded with Evan Devine (drums, vocals, effects).
TMODM: How does the place you live — your city, landscape, music scene — feed into the music you make?
ED: West Virginia is a fairly isolated place. Its quiet here, lots of natural beauty. That can be really helpful and inspiring of you stop and take it in. But its hard living, all of the elements of nature are challenging you daily, you have to work pretty hard to maintain what you have. I think west Virginians are resilient people because of that. And it does feed into the creativity, in a lot of ways. The music scene is very unique, popular trends don’t really matter here, just making music that you feel strongly about so that others will feel the same, that’s the point. There’s something about playing here, I feel like West Virginians have a low tolerance for bullshit. You gotta be real here, that’s the most important part.
TMODM: Tell me about 123 Pleasant Street. It looks to be a creative focal point for Morgantown. What’s the venue like?
ED: a beautiful historic brick row building with years of history, originally built in 1891, the 130 year old building has been hosting music since the late 70’s, most recently under the name 123 Pleasant Street. The vibe is just great. The people that work there really are like a family, from the top to the bottom. A dark dive bar in one room, a bright modern bar in another, and in the middle, and long brick-walled tin-ceilinged wood-floored room, known for its legendary sound. That stage is my favorite stage to play on earth. The room sounds amazing.
TMODM: What record changed your life?
ED: Nirvana – In utero
TMODM: What’s next for you?
ED: Live shows, live recordings, sonic exploration, winter hibernation.

El Universo – Stellar brightness caused by planets (released as a single, release date: February 3, 2023)

From the liner notes from Live Bootleg: “El Universo is the personal project of Eder Ademar from Mexico City whose eponymous debut album was released in September 2021. Ademar played every instrument on those six tracks which were recorded in his home studio and then mixed by Alberto (The Obsolete) from Lorelle Meets The Obsolete. A band was gathered together to play live concerts with Emilio Ponce on drums, Samuel Osorio on bass and Ademar on guitar, with the trio performing a showcase for the Hipnosis festival as well as a session for Vans Channel.”
TMODM: What are you working on now?
EU: Currently i’m recording the last tracks of the second album “A New Drug Called Galaxie” and hopefully is gonna be out in July of this year.
TMODM: What’s next for you?
EU: Also getting ready for our first shows in UK and Europe in April and May, we will be performing at ASTRAL FESTIVAL in Bristol next to amazing bands, we are really stoked about that.

The Mushroom Club – Take Drugs (released as a single, release date: February 23, 2023)

The Mushroom Club are an Ayrshire/Glasgow based Psychedelic Shoegaze Garage Rock & Roll Band.
TMODM: What has had the strongest influence on your music?
TMC: We are heavily influenced and inspired by many things such as that surround us, art, film, literature, drugs, friends and family and people that we meet on our journey through life. We have so many musical influences it would be hard to name all but here are some of the bands, The Who, The Kinks, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones, Velvet Underground, Pink Flyod, Syd Barrett, 13th Floor Elevators, Clash, Jesus and Mary Chain, Spacemen 3, Joy Division, The Verve, Stone Roses, BJM, Black Angels, The La’s, Primal Scream.
TMODM: What record changed your life?
TMC: I think a record that changed my life was Pink Floyd- The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn it absolutely blew my mind when i heard it and instantly i fell in love with syd his beautiful sound and way of writing.
TMODM: What’s next for you?
TMC: We finished our album and it should be out later in the year. We have just released a song called Take Drugs on split white 7 inch vinyl. So we will see where these songs take us.

The Lower Depths – The Mind Machine (from The Mind Machine, release date: March 17, 2023)

Angus Gibson – Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Percussion, Lyrics.
TMODM: What are you working on now? What’s next for you?
AG: I’m enjoying not working on anything right now. I’ve put out something like six albums in six years, so I’m taking time to just have fun with music! I’d like to take a left turn next, maybe have a bash at a country album, or folk rock.

Mienakunaru – MegaBlocksColonyDomes [edit] (from Strato Arcology Revisited, release date: December 2, 2022, original release: July 15, 2022)

Mienakunaru are Junzo Suzuki – Guitars, Mike Vest – Bass & Mix, Dave Sneddon – Drums
Strato Arcology was originally released on vinyl on Riot Season Records and Echodelick Records.
Junzo Suzuki continues to recuperate from injuries he suffered last year, so Mienakunaru posted Strato Arcology Revisited, a remixed and extended version of Strato Arcology on the Bandcamp page “We Love You Junzo,” in support of Junzo’s recovery.

Cementin – Mejaz (from Worst of Cementin, release date: March 3, 2023)

From Bandcamp: “Cementin was formed in July 2015 in Shanghai, combining Krautrock, psychedelic rock, ethnic music, and experimental music. Indulging in aimless improvisation is a katharsis and also the starting point of their creativity, and they keep exploring the fusion of traditional Chinese music and psychedelic sound. In the passing seven years, the line-up of the band changed frequently, hence there is no studio recording completed. This double CD is a collection of their early recordings between 2016-2019, the compilation title “Worst of Cementin” comes directly from these raw and unpolished tracks. Even this compilation is not for a perfectionist, it presents how the band developed, preserving those moments as they were.” I corresponded with dogCO3.
TMODM: What had the strongest influence on Cementin’s music?
Cementin: For our band, our biggest influences are Krautrock with a psychedelic flavor like Ash ra tempel and Amon Düül II, Japanese bands like Far East family band that combine Eastern Zen with Western psychedelic and prog, and Middle Eastern flavored Anatolian Rock like Moğollar and Erkin Koray. In the 1960s and 1970s, psychedelic rock didn’t have a chance to reach the closed China, but in the 21st century, those of us who love psychedelic rock are trying to combine it with Chinese aesthetics.
TMODM: What record changed your life?
Cementin: Because having listened to over 7,000 records, it’s hard to say exactly which one changed my life, but the music itself did change my life, the music is like my breath.
TMODM: From the liner notes I take it that Cementin is no longer together. What have they moved on to?
Cementin: The band’s development has been a constant ordeal, so much so that it has been in a crippled state. After the original early lineup broke down, the band has continued to exist for as long as it has existed by borrowing musicians from other bands. Our band is only in a crippled state, but it’s not over, and will continue if we can find the right opportunity and the right musicians.

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