Podcast 2023.21 Seven Steps To Better Listening

A two-hour episode of Turn Me On, Dead Man as the year winds down. It was an eventful year with a lot of great music, although my worries about Bandcamp continue to grow. Moon Goose nicely sums up a chaos with the opening track “2023 A.D.”

time artist title
00:25 Moon Goose 2023 AD
04:30 Dire Wolves (Just Exactly Perfect Sisters Band) Every Star Is A Grain In Heat
10:35 Delirium Seeds Love Revolt
15:42 Cosmic Shadows I Can't See
22:44 Blazing Worlds Into the City of the Pyramids
27:18 Bity Booker The Crow
30:10 Los Tabanos Experience Cugini del Caos
39:57 Bufo Alvarius Calap Cabat
44:30 Endlesss Dark Sky
49:04 The Albinos Believin'
51:55 The Eye / Laem Cardinal
57:09 Worn Robot Thinner
1:01:51 Myaelin Atomic Jobs
1:16:18 Stuffed Foxes Rough Up
1:23:09 Japan Review Go Around
1:27:01 The Lunar Fog Occult Dizzy
1:30:39 Les Attitudes Spectrales Slightly Off
1:35:01 Fairyport Convent Alpha Alpha Here We Go
1:39:33 Orbitron Titan
1:44:30 Acid Tour Magazine Since Mom Died
1:46:60 Tales Of A Liquid Dawn Loops

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This fall I taught a Geography class at George Washington University for the first time, and that has been occupying my attention. Now that I’ve submitted my grades I can finally deal with the backlog of cool music that has been piling up. The result is this two-hour episode. I had briefly thouht about calling this episode “After Geography,” after reading that Ringo suggested that as a title for Revolver in response to the Rolling Stones having just released Aftermath. It wasn’t a good idea then and I quickly realied it wouldn’t be a good idea now. And besides, I ran across a cool test record from 1964 called Seven Steps To Better Listening. CBS Laboratories devised several tests using “Pink Noise” and other test tones to make sure listeners got the most out of their home hi-fi systems.

I continue to be worried about the future of Bandcamp. Bandcamp was recently sold to Songtradr and mass layoffs followed. I don’t know the full extent of the changes that have occurred, but the first change I’ve noticed is to the “discover music” pages. They’ve made it all but impossible to use mutliple tags to discover music, not to mention that they now show only album covers without any other identifying information for all but a few of the albums displayed. In other words they’ve taken away much of the functionality that made discovering music possible. My guess as to why they would intentionally remove useful features is that they’re getting rid of any function that required human curation. A good example of “enshittification“.

The music in this episode ranges from the psych folk of Bity Booker to the sci-fi doom of Tales Of A Liquid Dawn. Australian band Delirium Seeds include members from Purple Avengers and Mystery of Sixes. Another sci-fi concept album is by Blazing Worlds, a side project of Expo 70. This episode also features the second single from The Albinos from Houston. The only other American bands in the playlist are from the west coast: Dire Wolves (Just Exactly Perfect Sisters Band) from the Bay Area and Acid Tour Magaine from Seattle. To the north is Worn Robot from Ottawa, and to the south are Endlesss from Mexico City and Los Tabanos Experience from Santiago, Chile. The rest of the music in this episode comes from Europe. Bity Booker and Tales Of A Liquid Dawn are from the UK, as are Moon Goose, Japan Review, and the Lunar Fog Occult. France is represented by The Eye / Laëm and Stuffed Foxes, while Cosmic Shadoes (Greece), Bufo Alvarius (Hungary), Myaelin (Belgium), Las Attitudes Spectrales (Latvia), Fairyport Convent (Poland) and Orbitron (Germany) round out the playlist.

December 16, 2023

Bity Booker

#DIY #FreakFolk #Outsider #PsychedelicFolk #Tape

Bity Booker is a 🌜Folk Singer Songwriter🌛, Illustrator, maker of psych-folk songs, based in London.
TMODM: What are you working on now?
BB: At the moment I am working on new recordings of my original songs, they will become a new EP or an album. I am recording at home on my Tascam 4 track tape machine. So far I have recorded 4 tracks which I am happy with. I have many songs to record and I like to take my time, take by take, step by step.
I have sold out of my older full length CD ’Songs from a window’ so I am looking forward to having a new one to sell at my gigs.
TMODM: What’s next for you?
BB: I will release another song in the spring which is currently ready to be mastered, this one is a traditional folk song about another bird…
I also want to do a video for ’The Crow’ song but the last few weeks I have been playing gigs so I did not have the time to do it, I am playing this Saturday at Dash The Henge Record Store in London UK, to present ’The Crow’ and the little illustrated song book which I made to accompany the song.

December 13, 2023

The Lunar Fog Occult

#Alternative #PsychedelicFolk #PsychedelicRock #SpaceRock

The Lunar Fog Occult are from Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK. A psychedelic space folk entourage from the North East of England. Come on down for droney chillouts, folky jams, spacey tunes and all around good vibes. Eeeeee : P
TMODM: What are you working on now?
LFO: Well, I’ve got a fourth album coming out on December 13th called ‘Origami Aeroplane’ which the song Dizzy appears on. I’m currently also working on album 5 and rallying musicians together to make these songs work live! Watch this space.
TMODM: What’s next for you?
LFO: I think my next move is to have a little time to see how the next album will pan out and keep writing songs. There’s a B-sides and offcuts compilation that I’m throwing together as well which will rear it’s head at some point!

December 10, 2023

Worn Robot

#Alternative #Grunge

Worn Robot is from Ottawa, Ontario. All instruments, vocals, recording, by Cory Cox.
TMODM: What are you working on now?
WR: Im mostly busy with building furniture for folks, fixing things.
TMODM: What’s next for you?
WR: I’ll just see what comes out and take a backseat as to what’s next.

December 1, 2023

Delirium Seeds

#Alternative #GarageRock #Grunge #IndieRock #PowerPop #Prog #Psychedelic #SpaceRock

Delirium Seeds is an Australian indie rock band featuring members of psych maestros Purple Avengers & punk legends Mystery of Sixes. Climb down deep into hidden caverns of psychedelia, acid rock, punk, sci-fi surf, dreamscapes and post apocalyptic improvisation. Well worth a journey to the centre of the earth!
Jack Mulroney – Bass
Karl Nielsen – Vocals, Guitar, Keys
Russell Smith – Drums
TMODM: What had the strongest influence on Love Revolt?
DS: 60’s pop culture. This song is driven by the lyrical concept of renewal and purification via organised (and slightly fanatical) acts of love. The music needed to convey a sense of this radical movement rising and then triumphing.
TMODM: What record changed your life?
DS: Piper At The Gates Of Dawn… the brilliantly trippy music and the eccentric genius of Syd! Teetering between this and Syd’s “Madcap Laughs” where the lyricism becomes so obscure it take you a hundred ways at once.
TMODM: What’s next for you?
DS: Next up is doing some touring for the Love Revolt album and getting it heard as widely as possible. My other band Purple Avengers also has an upcoming album release called “Amino Acid Trip”, a kind of psychedelic natural history!

December 1, 2023

Bufo Alvarius

#HardRock #PunkBlues #DesertRock #GarageRock #Noise #Post-punk #PsychedelicPunk #PsychedelicRock #StonerRock

Bufo Alvarius is based in Budapest, Hungary.
Written by Simon Gaskó, Balázs Kiss, Bálint Küttel
Lyrics – Simon Gaskó
Vocals – Simon Gaskó, Balázs Kiss
Guitar – Balázs Kiss
Bass – Simon Gaskó
Drums, percussion – Bálint Küttel
TMODM: What has had the strongest influence on your music?
BA: Growing up in Budapest, Hungary.
TMODM: What record changed your life?
BA: It’s different for all three of us 🙂
TMODM: What’s next for you?
BA: Rec1ording the neyt album and touring in our country a lot.

December 1, 2023

Moon Goose

#Christmas #SpokenWord #Instrumental #Psychedelic #SpaceRock

Moon Goose – Avian Psych Space Rock from Wales.
2023 AD is the first single of Moon Goose’s 4th LP, Murmurations, to be released on 27th January 2024, via Fruits de Mer Records and Inflatable Tarmac Records.
2023 AD is Moon Goose’s first Christmas Song, sort of. It is a twisted portrait of the grim year we’ve just had as seen through a slightly distorted cheese lens, opening the door to fantasised images of strange fairies alongside the usual a parade of monsters that populate our media channels.
TMODM: What had the strongest influence on Murmurations?
MG: Murmurations was written under a-pressure of time ticking toward an inevitable departure. it’s about leaving and migration and the energy that awaits this.
TMODM: What record changed your life?
MG: we argue whether the first stooges album or funhouse is the more important! listening to the opening riff of I wanna be your dog for the first time changed my life forever
TMODM: What’s next for you?
MG: now we’ve migrated we re settling into new landscapes for winter and are planning flights for the spring
TMODM: Given how you summed up 2023: Are you optimistic or pessimistic about the coming year, 2024 AD?
MG: 2024 AD is the beginning of a new era. There is hope.
That is if 2024 AD actually happens.

November 24, 2023

Japan Review

#Alternative #Electronica #DreamPop #Shoegaze

Shoegazey Electronicy Dreamy Pop. Glasgow-based electronic shoegaze two-piece Japan Review combine drum machines, synths and fuzzy, reverb-drenched guitar to create experimental poppy soundscapes taking nods from Broadcast, My Bloody Valentine and The Notwist.
TMODM: What has had the strongest influence on your music?
JR: Our earlier releases (On Auto Now single and our first album Kvetch Sounds) were definitely inspired by shoegaze and dreampop, particularly bands like MBV, The Twilight Sad and Beach House. Wanting to develop our sound and influences we started experimenting more with electronica and drew inspiration from artists such as Apparat, James Holden and Autechre.
TMODM: What record changed your life?
Adam: In Rainbows (Radiohead)
Genna: Duplex (Apparat)
TMODM: What’s next for you?
JR: Playing lots of gigs and starting on Album 3! 🙂 We’ve got about 8 songs so far for the next record and in the new year we’ll be back in the studio to start recording, exciting times 🙂

November 21, 2023

Los Tabanos Experience

#Experimental #AvantGarde #Improvisation #Krautrock #Psychedelic #SpaceRock

Los Tábanos Experience is a band/collective from Santiago de Chile, with itinerant musicians from different projects, focused on the art of improvisation, to evoke supersonic landscapes and psychedelic visions in those who listen to us. I recently corresponded with K Lihn.
TMODM: What kind of gear do you use?
KL: I specialize mainly in strings, I have played the guitar since I was little and at the beginning of Vago Sagrado I started playing the bass. Nowadays that I produce my own music, I have gotten more into virtual instruments and analog synthesizers. I also use my Tascam portable recorder a lot, with it I capture sounds of nature that and then process with analog effects and transform into sequences. On my pedalboard I use the DD8 and the Carbon Copy for the delays, the Strymon bigsky for the reverb and the Fulltone Plimsoul for the distortion. That is the base that is then mixed with different modulations.
TMODM: What are you working on now?
KL: Right now I’m working on new music with my Peruvian friend Chino Burga, soon we’re going to release a joint album that’s going to be very good. At the same time with Vago Sagrado we are working on our 6th studio album and another bootleg that we recorded live at the beginning of this year. With Los Tabanos Experience we are close to releasing a new improvisation album, which will also be released in vinyl format by some specialized labels.
TMODM: What’s next for you?
KL: I hope to continue making music and exploring its different universes. I have turned more towards the experimental and slowly deconstructing my music. For me, music is the language of the senses, so I hope to continue communicating what happens to me and around me through this beautiful art.

November 20, 2023

Blazing Worlds

#Experimental #Ambient #Concrete #Drone #Psychedelic

Recorded during a week long Midwest summer scorcher, Blazing Worlds expands & contracts with six heavily hallucinatory movements that only hellaciously humid nights could induce and seasoned sonic psychonauts Justin Wright & Grant Corum could venture to manifest. Wright, whom is known for experimental takes on drone & rock in the long running Expo 70 project, and Corum, as a supernatural sonic forager in Million Brazilians, Timelash, and Psychic Sounds orbits, manifest a deep phantasmagoric excursion through brilliant atmospheres in a seamless performance.
TMODM: What had the strongest influence on Blazing Worlds?
BW: I’d say love for experimenting with sounds. Grant and I have been friends for a long time and I thing=k admired one-another’s music for a long time. Grant asked if I had heard of Nik Raicevic once and obviously I had, it was then I knew that he wanted to explore the cosmos more. Grant threw out the idea od freating a soundtrack to a sci-fi book that was never maid and the began the journey to Blazing Worlds.
TMODM: What record changed your life?
BW: I’ve been listening to music since before I was a teenager, it wasn’t until my early 20’s that I heard Can’s “Tago Mago”, that album really opened my mind up, it was a culmination of everything I liked and yet to like from rock, jazz, experimentation and blended so well with everything I had listened to up to that point and drew me into more interest in music from the past, especially Krautrock.
TMODM: What’s next for you?
BW: Expo 70 has been playing as a full band over the last year (Expo Seventy) and we are recording an EP soon in preparation for a couple festivals that will soon be announced. Expo 70 as a duo will be performing shows as well & hopefully have a new recording in the works this Spring. Grant & I have discussed a follow-up to the Blazing Worlds S/T LP and he has already sent some tracks to me as a rough outline.

November 17, 2023

Cosmic Shadows

#GaragePsych #GarageRevival #GarageRock #PsychedelicRock

Cosmic Shadows – garage/psych from Athens, Greece.
TMODM: What has had the strongest influence on your music?
CS: My influence is mostly 60s Psychedelic music. I like the sound and vibes from 13th Floor Elevators, The Seeds, The Electric Prunes, Night Betas, Black Angels, UFO Club, Dead Ghosts, Peloma Mpokiou, Aprhoditre’s Child, Acid Baby Jesus.
TMODM: What record changed your life?
CS: The debut album of Night Beats.
TMODM: What’s next for you?
CS: Many gigs around Greece and hopefully Europe and US and of course writing new songs!

November 15, 2023

Fairyport Convent

#Experimental #ArtPunk #FreakFolk #FreakRock #Improvisation #Krautpunk #Krautrock #Neopsychedelia #Noise #PsychedelicRock #Punk #SpaceRock

A.J. Kaufmann is from Poznań, Poland. Kaufmann’s music is a wild and wooly ride through the cosmos, full of unexpected twists and turns. It’s a must-listen for fans of krautrock and psychedelic music. Kaufmann’s music is a kind of kosmische musik for the 21st century, with its focus on improvisation and exploration. Vinyl & CD at Ramble Records and The Swamp Records!
TMODM: What are you working on now?
AJK: I am currently working in my home studio on some new sounds, songs, improvisations – just seeing what will go where, and what will happen. With my many projects going I figured out it’s time to start another mammoth session and just record all the ideas and later see where the recordings will surface. I’d like to record a new Saure Adler album for 2024 – the vinyl release for Ramble Records happened in 2021, so it’s high time for new music from the Fathership. I have gathered lots of ideas, but haven’t started recording for Saure Adler yet – so, I am working on the new album vision now, not on the sonic matter.
TMODM: What’s next for you?
AJK: I have a vinyl single out on Herby Records and a whole LP to follow shortly – I also have a release secured with Snow in Water Records (France), and some plans for the future. The Snow in Water album is called Chemins and it’s soundtrack work. In 2024 the second Fairyport Convent CD titled Harmonic Tapestries is coming to The Swamp Records. I am really excited.

November 10, 2023

The Albinos

#AcidRock #GaragePsych #GarageRock #PsychedelicRock #StonerRock

The Albinos are from Houston, Texas and they describe their music as “psychedelic spaghetti rock.” They’ve released two singles so far, and I included their first single on an episode of Turn Me On, Dead Man earlier this year.
TMODM: What are you working on now?
Albinos: Writing songs, practicing and recording as much as possible. Experimenting and seeing where the music wants to go. Also working on promotion. Being a new band, there’s a lot to do to attempt to make a little noise online, so a lot of time goes into promoting our tunes in the pretend world.
TMODM: Are you planning to release an album in the near future?
Albinos: Hell yeah! We’ll still release one more two song single before putting a full length together. We have some songs banked away that need work, so we’re hoping for a full length by March if we can stay sane that long.
TMODM: What’s next for you?
Albinos: Songs and videos. Get the full length finished so we have something to sell at shows. Looking to lease a bomb shelter to hide from the election in 2024.

November 5, 2023


#Doom #Noise #Psychedelic #PsychedelicMetal #PsychedelicRock #StonerRock

Myaelin are from Belgium, describe their music as “sonic nightmares”. “Our new three track album ‘Summoning the Visitors from Naesetunnae’ is a spontaneous combustion of psychedelic noise and improvisation between Kevin and Timo, for the first time accompanied by guitar wizard Erik Heyns. As always, downloads are free (NYP).”
Timo Jacobs – drums, voice, synths, loops, samples
Kevin Liekens – bass
Erik Heyns – guitar
TMODM: What had the strongest influence on Summoning the Visitors from Naesetunnae?
Myaelin: These tracks aren’t really influenced by any particular artist since we improvise everything and we play whatever comes to mind. So on one hand we influence eachother during our sessions. On the other hand we’re influenced by everything around us and our entire musical history.
TMODM: What record changed your life?
Myaelin: The record that got me into music was The Offspring’s ‘Smash’. It turned me to punk rock as an 8 year old kid and made me want to learn to play the bass. The album that got Timo into music was Black Sabbath’s self titled album, 70’s Doom at it’s finest.
TMODM: What’s next for you?
Myaelin: What’s next for us is the physical release of our upcoming album ‘Naesekhnaetri’. It will be released by I, Voidhanger Records. CD on the 15th of december and vinyl near the end of February 2024.

November 2, 2023

Tales Of A Liquid Dawn

#Doom #Electronica #ProgRock #Psychedelic #ArtRock #ConceptAlbum #Metal #SpaceRock

UK-based progressive doom metal. Continuum Wars concludes the “Xafyre” trilogy and takes place immediately after the events of “The Fall Of The Xafyre Empire.”
TMDOM: What had the strongest influence on Continuum Wars?
TOALD: Strongest influence – many, many years of listening to 70s prog, psychedelic rock, metal, doom and being a sci-fi fanatic.
TMODM: What record changed your life?
TOALD: There are so many. If I had to pick one, I’d say Tool – Lateralus.
TMODM: What’s next for you?
TOALD: We’re going to keep going with and aim to release a new concept album sometime next year. We also have a side-project in the works that is more electronic and ambient.

October 31, 2023

The Eye / Laem

#Ambient #Cosmic #Drone #Experimental #Psychedelic #FreakFolk #Improvisation #Instrumental #Modal #PsychedelicRock

The Celestial Eye is an alchemic sounds & visual collective. Red Palms was recorded in winter 2020 in Ariège, France, using 1 mic and a laptop, and each layer was recorded on first or second take with very few post-arranging work.
Raw and simple songs appeared themselves while playing guitar and trying some ideas.
TMODM: What had the strongest influence on Red Palms?
TE/L: The strongest influence on Red Palms is, i guess, all what i have listened since childhood, from psych folk to stoner rock and progressive… a very mixed influence… but i have made Red Palms without direct influence as i dont listen much music since 5 years now.
TMODM: What record changed your life?
TE/L: at least 2 or 3, but i would say the “Classics for pleasure” of Imrat Khan, which have directed me toward indian classical music practice…. and earlier in life, my life changed when i listened to Gong’s “You” album. I was 12 years old and can say that my journey with psychedelic music started there.
TMODM: What’s next for you?
TE/L: Maybe more works like Red Palms… but as i am learning Hindustani classical music intensively, i will not urge in recording music… probably around next June, something will come out!

#Experimental #Improvisation #Psychedelic

Dire Wolves (Just Exactly Perfect Sisters Band) play blown-out hazy lazy improvised spacehead music.
TMODM: What had the biggest influence on Easy Portals?
TMODM: What are you working on now?
DWLVS: I have a lot of orbs in the air at the moment, but usually that’s the case. My main three projects are DWLVS / Dire Wolves Just Exactly Perfect Sisters Band … and Jeffrey Alexander + The Heavy Lidders … and also solo recordings . Currently I’m working on new stuff for each of these zones
TMODM: What’s next for you?
DWLVS: more music, more adventures with my kids, more live shows i hope

October 27, 2023


#PsychedelicRock #SpaceRock #StonerRock

Instrumental Space-Rock/ Psychedelic Blues-Rock / Stoner-Rock from Paderborn, Germany.
TMODM: What had the strongest influence on Cassini?
Orbitron: The fact that we formed the group over a period of time. We grew bigger after we realized l, that we got planty more space for for example two guitars or synthesisers. We took our time to put these pieces together . That’s why we think it sounds like it sounds
TMODM: What record changed your life?
Orbitron: We’re five persons, so everyone of us would name different records. Everyone of us was influenced be Hendrix, Beatles Pink Floyd, and The Doors in the first place. But we’re also a lot into post rock, Stonerrock, triphop and classic stuff. I would summon this up: Beatles sgt pepper
TMODM: What’s next for you?
Orbitron: We’re currently writing new songs and book shows to play stages and tour a bit . Therefore we need more persons listening to our trip through space , CASSINI!

October 22, 2023

Acid Tour Magazine

#Alternative #Experimental #ArtRock #IndieRock #Lo-Fi #Neopsychedelia #Psychedelic

Acid Tour Magazine is Duan Richard. Based in Seattle, Washington.
TMODM: What had the biggest influence on Children Playing?
DR: My childhood was my biggest inspiration, I always wanted to transform my troubled childhood into music.
TMODM: What record changed your life?
DR: The glow pt 2 marked my life, in some magical way, this album changed my life.
TMODM: What’s next for you?
DR: I think a lot about what I’m going to do now, I’ll probably go a little more folky, but also with a strong touch of psychedelic music.

October 20, 2023


#Alternative #Shoegaze #DreamPop #Neopsychedelia #Noise #Psych #Psychedelic #PsychedelicRock

Endlesss, based in Mexico City, play neopsychedelia/shoegaze.
Recorded at Madre de Dios Estudio in Mexico City, Mexico
Produced and mixed by Rod Esquivel
Bass – Domi Sánchez
Drums – Rod Esquivel
Guitar, voice, synth – Javier Mendoza
Mastered by KB at Testa Estudio in León, Guanajuato
TMODM: What had the strongest influence on Motion (EP)?
Endlesss: Our EP is totally influenced by neopsychedelia and shoegaze. If we had to mention some bands that directly influenced our sound, we would say My Bloody Valentine and Ringo Deathstarr for the heavy/distorted guitar sound, and DIIV and Tame Impala for the dreamy/melancholic side of Motion.
TMODM: What record changed your life?
Domi (Bass and vocals): The Open Door by Evanescence. The Open Door by Evanescence.
Rod (Drums and producer): Mer De Noms by A Perfect Circle. Mer De Noms by A Perfect Circle.
Javier (Guitar, synth and vocals): definitely Lonerism by Tame Impala. Musically and lirically I feel so identified with it, because of its introspective concept. definitely Lonerism by Tame Impala. Musically and lirically I feel so identified with it, because of its introspective concept.
TMODM: What’s next for you?
Endlesss: We released our first EP last Friday, October 20th, so now we want to focus on its promotion and concrete more Live Shows with bands from the local shoegaze and psychedelic scene in Mexico City. On our debut show, that took place on September 1st, we recorded 3 Live songs that are going to be released in the following weeks as a Live Session. Even though of our recent release, we are starting to compose new demos for a future material…never is too soon, haha!

September 29, 2023

Stuffed Foxes

#GarageRock #Noise #PsychedelicRock #Shoegaze

Stuffed Foxes from Tours, France, are
Brice Cadouot – Leo Dumoulin – Antoine Ferragu
Germain Guilbault – Leo Howard – Simon Lépinay
Saxophone on ‘Rough Up’ by Paul Cadier
TMODM: What had the strongest influence on Belgrade?
SF: I guess as we’re a 6 piece band, anyone has his own influences and references but I think at the time of the record, everyone had in mind the big sonic moments of the Spacemen 3 records, the choral instrumentations of Spiritualized late album and the synth wave of Suicide first albums.
On top of that we were asked to play a softer/more on the acoustic side show in may 2022. It definitely inspired us to try different things in the studio this time around.
TMODM: What record changed your life?
SF: The response could be quite the same as the previous one, we can all listen to very different music sometimes and having a consensus on a single record is kind of a difficult thing to do, but as a matter of fact we can say that everyone was stunned at the time we discovered records like the ones from Swans, Radiohead, or the records I mentioned before. And so many more!
TMODM: What’s next for you?
SF: We are currently working on a third record, following our two first album releases in 2022. The next step is to record again at the beginning of the year and we’re all very excited and we can’t wait to work on it as we’re really happy with those new tracks. And in the meantime we continue our touring schedule.

September 18, 2023

Les Attitudes Spectrales

#GarageRock #IndieRock #Psych #PsychedelicRock #Punk

Les Attitudes Spectrales are from Rīga, Latvia.
Julien Stark – Vocals, Guitars
Ruta Stark – Vocals, Bass
Adrians Grins – Guitars
Martins Kuzmins – Drums
Responses by the band’s guitar player/singer/songwriter Julien Stark:
TMODM: What had the strongest influence on Songs for No One?
LAS: Musically it was, and still is, bands/artists who created their own special thing, DIY for the most of them, without thinking of a name for it, but just doing it. If I may drop names it might be somewhere between Mission of Burma and the Grateful Dead, their approach that is, we don’t really sound like them.
It was mostly written during the covid outbreak/lockdowns so fear, difficulties and boredom probably played a role too!
TMDOM: -What record changed you life?
Love – Forever Changes
TMODM: What’s next for you?
LAS: Finishing writing songs for the next album already (we’re half-way there), organizing concerts/tours outside of Latvia for 2024 (England, Scandinavia, Germany, hopefully!), so let us know if we could play in your hometown!

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