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This episode is a tribute of sorts to David Crosby, who died earlier this month at the age of 81. The tracks in this episode are psychedelic rock ranging from stoner to improvisational jams–not really David Crosby’s sort of music, but he left his indelible stamp on psychedelia from his time with the Byrds and other artists he was associated with. Drops in this episode are David Crosby at Monterey and “Ask Croz” words of wisdom from his later years.

time artist title
00:40 Worn Robot Commune At One
02:34 Thought Bubble Cloudbursting
06:58 Emboscada Sistemas de adivinar
15:20 Falling Floors Infinite Switch
23:18 Thee Khai Aehm Exit Ghost
25:42 Edena Gardens Hidebound
31:45 OM Machine Noise 606
37:44 Loud Light Loud Light II
42:18 Syndrom Samazvanca Kvietki Zla
47:30 Kanaan Voyaging

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I must admit that my thinking about David Crosby has gone through some changes since he died. I guess I had always thought of David Crosby as representing the excesses of the hippie era, what with the cape that he wore and some dubious songwriting credits, like “Mind Gardens” and “Triad”. All I really knew about him was that he was fired from the Byrds for addiction issues and what sounded like a well deserved reputation for being a difficult person to work with.

Even so, the Byrds albums Fifth Dimension and Younger Than Yesterday are among my all-time favorites and David Crosby was involved in the best music on those albums. “Eight Miles High” is a towering achievement and probably did as much to popularize psychedelia as any recording. But David Crosby also shares songwriting credits on great songs “I See You”, “Why”, “Draft Morning” and “Renaissance Fair”.

And then in recent years he’s become quite the internet personality. Through his “Ask Croz” videos for Rolling Stone, he lived out his later years offering insights about a whole range of things. And he did it in a candid and honest way, freely admitting his shortcomings. I miss him more than I thought I would.

The music in this episode covers a fair range of current psychedelia. Every so often an artist comes along like, say, Worn Robot that gets into my head and becomes like the soundtrack of my life. Along with the stoner rock of Thee Khai Aehm, this episode also features tracks that have really grown on me by Thought Bubble, Emboscada and Falling Floors. This episode is also heavy on improvisational and extended jams by Edena Gardens, OM Machine, Loud Light and Kanaan. Another track that I want to mention is by Syndrom Samazvanca, who are from Belarus, a place that could be at the center of the defining conflict of the 21st century. I wish you well, Syndrom Samazvanca.

Worn Robot – Commune At One (from Checkered Blessings, release date: February 25, 2023, original release: January 13, 2023)

I corresponded with Cory Cox of Worn Robot, from Ottawa, Ontario.
TMODM: What record changed your life?
WR: Probably Elliott Smith, either/or. It was unlike anything I’d ever heard, and it helped me through a difficult time in my youth.
TMODM: What’s next for you?
WR: Well I’ve recruited a drummer and trying to find a rehearsal space where we can jam out some heavier stuff.

Thought Bubble – Cloudbursting (from Nowhere, release date: October 12, 2022)

Thought Bubble are from Shropshire hills, UK. Chris Cordwell (synths) and Nick Raybould (percussion). They play “Adventurous electronic psych music with real analogue percussion, noises and words.
TMODM: What had the strongest influence on Nowhere?
Nick: Having worked out how to record ourselves during the original ‘lockdown’ period, we found we needed to extend our isolation, due to me being diagnosed with heart disease. Therefore we found we were going nowhere much, in a geographical sense. And, I was fearing that nowhere is possibly where I might actually be by the time Echodelick Records took delivery of that lovely violet vinyl album. As it was, I had a multiple bypass and have made an excellent recovery. Also, as with all albums, we’ve made so far, we always try to give it a title from lyrics that appear on it. “You’re the epicentre of nowhere…” is from ’Superficial’ track two – side one. The various tracks probably reflect our eclectic tastes in music – hence jumping from genres like motorik alt-rock to electro-funk to broken beat prog (if that’s actually a thing).
Chris: Yeah, there’s no doubt that Nick’s health problems and lockdown had a big influence on the way we’ve worked over the last few years. It was a new way of working for us, bouncing ideas remotely as opposed to face to face, and as it turned out for a very productive couple of years. We both have a wide and varied base line when it comes to our musical tastes, and hopefully this comes across in our final output.
TMODM: What record changed your lives?
Nick: I suppose ‘Jeepster’ by T.REX was a big wake-up call to me. In a heartbeat my West Bromwich Albion posters disappeared from my bedroom wall and Marc Bolan and Mickey Finn took their place. Then I wanted to make my own music. And, much later, whilst getting to grips with the drums in the late 70s, drummers like Jet Black and Rat Scabies grabbed my attention – and then imaginative rock players like Ian Paice and John Bonham showed me more things to try. I’m not stuck in the rocking 70s, though. Newer bands like Julia Holter, Underworld, Lamb and Cracked Ankles occupy my turntable.
Chris: Can’t really say that there has been any one record that has changed my life as such, but there are a number of recordings that feel like touchstones, that I revisit to re-charge. Kind of Blue, The Hissing of Summer Lawns, The Marble Index, Tago Mago. Like Nick I’m always looking for new musical adventures and as I write this I’m listening to something I’ve not heard before, Felicita by Anadol, and I can certainly say that its changing my life for today, excellent stuff.
TMODM: What’s next for you?
Nick: Well, having cleared it with the label, we can now exclusively reveal that there’s to be a new album released in June! You read it here first. Album number four ‘Weaving’ is to be released by the alt electronic music label Woodford Halse. And, like ‘Primal Connection’, the album before last, this one is to be released as a limited edition cassette, as its physical format. It’s got some lovely packaging too! There are also plans to finally play live. Space Chase Eclipse is a predominantly space-rock all-dayer every September in Cannock Chase, Staffordshire – and we’ll be there, this year, alongside bands like Litmus, Codex Seraphini and Electric Cake Salad.
Chris: Looking forward to the next release and getting our heads round performing live and what form that will take. But more immediately I must purchase this Anadol record!

Emboscada – Sistemas de adivinar (from Escalera de ruido, release date: November 15, 2022)

Emboscada are from Madrid. Músicas ruidosas de los bosques. Jose batería, Edu guitarra, Diana guitarra/vocecillas
TMODM: What had the strongest influence on Escalera de ruido?
Emboscada: This is the third album of our band and it is somewhat different from the previous one (Cornezuelo). Louder and less “pop”. Each one of us has a different influence and it is not always about the musical realm. Nature is very important as well as cinema. So we could also talk about abstract influences.
TMODM: What record changed your lives?
Emboscada: In my case (Diana) many records have changed my life. My life changes every day. Perhaps one of the most important albums is First Utterance, by Comus.
TMODM: What’s next for you?
Emboscada: I wish I could say that the next thing is to play and go on tour and keep making songs and record another album. But unfortunately our band ended a few months ago and there will be no more. However, we are still in contact and have other projects. Edu plays in Los legionarios del Alucine and Estrume. I play in Lechuza and continue my project called Calabaza Cósmica.

Falling Floors – Infinite Switch (from Falling Floors, release date: December 2, 2022)

Falling Floors is a three-piece psyche rock band with Rob Herian (ex-Early Mammal) guitar and vocals, Colin Greenwood (ex-The No Sorrows) drums and percussion, and Harry Wheeler (The Family Elan) bass and organ. The band formed after lockdown to make noise and find comfort in doing so. Their self-titled debut album was released jointly by Riot Season Records in the UK and Echodelick Records in the US.
TMODM: What has had the strongest influence on your music?
FF: I reckon probably the DIY, experimental spirit of punk and krautrock. Technology has democratised the recording process so that anyone can make a record. The question then is do you have the creative chops to make something new? Not saying we’ve succeeded, but we tried.
TMODM: What record changed your lives?
FF: I’m sure all three of us would have a different answer, but i reckon we could all agree (after a certain amount of blood on the carpet) on ‘Fun House’ by The Stooges. I’m sure this would be on a lot of people’s list, but it’s got the lot: great songs, visceral energy and total lack of compromise. It’s the kind of record that makes you want to make a record.
TMODM: What’s next for you?
FF: Gigs! We had some gigs lined up but then i broke my ankle and we had to cancel (can’t kick a kickdrum with a knackered ankle), so that’s rather slowed us down. We’re playing the Talleyrand in Manchester on 26 May, but yes, more gigs and then get some time in a rehearsal room together (Rob now lives 200 miles away from Harry and me) and let’s see if we can’t come up with something new.
TMODM: Any new year’s resolutions?
FF: Bigger, louder.

Thee Khai Aehm – Exit Ghost (from Samhainia!, release date: February 3, 2023)

Thee Khai Aehm from Karlsruhe, Germany, blurts out high-octane fuzz rock, that switched out the amenities of the oil-stained garage for the muggy comforts of a damp dungeon.
TMODM: What had the strongest influence on SAMHAINIA!?
TKA: Samhania! was mostly inspired by all the music we like, mainly early 2000s garage rock as well as 1st wave black metal and punk. Another big inspiration, especially for the lyrics and visuals of the album are games like Diablo, Dark Souls, Dungeons & Dragons, as well as 70s ghost/haunted house movies…that type of stuff.
TMODM: What record changed your life?
TKA: For me it was either Satanic Rites by Hellhammer or Help by Thee Oh Sees
TMODM: What’s next for you?
TKA: For now, the record release is next as well as some reissues from our back catalog (working with some cool people so keep your eyes open) we are also always writing/recording new music and try to play as many shows as possible to keep ourselves occupied all the time.

Edena Gardens – Hidebound (from Edena Gardens, release date: October 1, 2022)

From El Paraiso Records: “Members of Papir & Causa Sui travel through new musical realms. 3 musicians with their own compass: Martin Rude & Jakob Skøtt have shared a wide range of musical quests: from Causa Sui’s “Bitches Brew of Stoner Rock” crossing the folk meditations of Sun River and arriving most recently as members of the pre-fusion electric dealings of the London Odense Ensemble. Papir guitarist Nicklas Sørensen is not merely adding a new layer to an established duo, but his presence to the party have brought it into more meditative dwellings. These pieces move slowly, evolving like the slow growth underneath the ground. Whereas Causa Sui & Papir have always excelled at blistering panoramic and often sundrenched sounds, Edena Gardens take a dive inwards and downwards rather than outwards. But there’s also an electrically charged extatic rawness to the dealings. Like Æther, the 10 minute opener’s 2 guitars-and-a-drum kit improv, finding it’s way from tumbling drones into monolithic slow riffage. Elsewhere, we find trails of electronic vapors, misfiring bursts of noise and slow drones stretched out.”

OM Machine – Noise 606 (from In the Course of OM Machine, release date: November 22, 2022)

I corresponded with Semmy Joestar, guitarist/vocalist from OM Machine, who described this project as basically me playing my songs with my friends, sometimes purely jamming.
TMODM: What had the strongest influence on In The Course of OM Machine?
OM: I would say probably GY!BE, Mogwai when the playing involves tremolo picking and some chopstick (instead of screwdriver) noodling. and also some Japanese psychedelic/noise rock influence, for instance “”NOISE 606″” is purely an improvised Jam (hence the lazy title NOISE 606, haha).
TMODM: What record changed your life?
OM: King Crimson – Islands / Miles Davis – In a Silent Way / John Coltrane – A Love Supreme / GY!BE – Lift Your Skinny Fists… / Radiohead – OK Computer
TMODM: What’s next for you?
OM: Due to covid, recently I just write bedroom music and goof around on my GarageBand. I’ll probably get together with my friends soon, and hopefully create some more new interesting stuff.

Loud Light – Loud Light II (from Masters Of Loud Light, release date: December 9, 2022)

Loud Light is an international psychedelic rock project based in Italy-US-Scandinavia… The Masters Of Loud Light
TMODM: What had the strongest influence on Masters of Loud Light?
LL: That’s a good question actually. I think the strongest influences come from the heavy psych rock of late ‘60s, from Cream, Hendrix, Blue Cheer to more obscure bands like Bitter Creek and others. The more chilled out psychedelic parts could be a little bit influenced by Pink Floyd.
TMODM: What record changed your lives?
LL: The one that changed my life the most would definitely be Are you experienced by Jimi Hendrix together with Disraeli gears by Cream. Nothing can beat those classic albums in my opinion.
TMODM: What’s next for you?
LL: We can’t tell for sure, the members of this project are currently residing in different corners of the world so the only thing we probably will focus on will be on a full length release if possible.
TMODM: Any new year’s resolutions?
LL: New Year’s resolutions: find more obscure psychedelic gems of the golden age to listen to!

Syndrom Samazvanca – Kvietki Zla (from Vostraŭ skarhaŭ, release date: January 12, 2023)

Syndrom Samazvanca (translated as “imposter syndrome”) was founded by two Belarusian musicians with mutual love of psychedelic rock, krautrock, art-rock and punk. The band creates eclectic sonic canvases using baritone guitar riffs, unconventional rhythms and electronic noises, over which sporadic lyrics tell stories of existence and survival in a modern post-Soviet city.
TMODM: What are you currently working on?
SS: We have already recorded one more new (mini) album of obscure covers of Belarusian rock bands from the 90s that should hopefully be out later in the year. Right now we’re writing new tunes, some are short and concise and the others are like loose krautrock jams mixed with Belarusian folk songs, we’ll see what comes out of it, perhaps even two different albums. btw ‘kvietki zla’ translates as ‘flowers of evil’, a Baudelaire reference
TMODM: What’s next for you?
SS: It’s tough to make plans at the moment – music often feels secondary to all the madness that is going on around. But we definitely hope to continue doing our thing while we can.

Kanaan – Voyaging (from Diversions Vol. 1 Softly Through Sunshine, release date: November 25, 2022)

Kanaan is a fuzzed out Norwegian psych rock trio.
TMODM: What are you currently working on?
Kanaan: We’re currently working on finishing up an album we recorded together with the Norwegian folk and electronic-music trio Aevestaden. We recorded an album at a small studio called Flerbruket at Hemnes outside of Oslo right before Christmas. We’re really excited about that! More info coming on that soon.
TMODM: What’s next for you?
Kanaan: We’re currently rehearsing for our upcoming release-concerts in May. There will be a handful of Norwegian club shows, and we’ll also do a longer european tour where we’ll play Desertfest in Berlin, Esbjerg Fuzzfestival in Denmark and a lot of other cool places. We’re really looking forward to that. And also there’s a handful of festivalgigs in the summer. A super nice world music festival in Loshausen in Loshausen Germany, Sonic Blast festival in Portugal + more. P
TMODM: Any new year’s resolutions?
Kanaan: This year will be Kanaan’s most active concert-year ever. Our new year resolution is to play the best shows we’ve ever played and to produce even more music than last year. Let’s do our best!

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