Podcast 2020.02 Listen for the Color of the Sky

This edition of the Turn Me On, Dead Man podcast covers garage/psychedelic releases from January, 2020, and includes words of wisdom from Master Po. I was able to track down some of the artists, and I asked them who they would cite as their main influences, and what plans they had for the future. Their responses are below.

00:00 TMODM – Listen for the Color of the Sky
00:23 The Evil Fuzzheads – On My Mind
02:25 Helicon – In The End
05:59 Cobalt Grove – Solana
09:39 Yuri Gagarin – The Outskirts of Reality
18:02 TMODM – Young man, how is it that you do not?
19:21 The Trip Takers – You Are Not Me
22:00 Sula Bassana – Silver Smurfer
25:41 Black Satori – Lucy Lane
33:34 Technicolor Dream Smoke – Rumble
40:30 TMODM – Journeys
42:57 Paul Normal & The Puppets – Far Out Away
46:54 The Electric Myrrs – Inland Summer
53:20 King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Work This Time
59:51 Lichtpyramide – Festtagszug
62:08 TMODM – Ten Times Ten

The Evil Fuzzheads – On My Mind [from The Evil Fuzzheads, released January 26, 2020]

Helicon – In The End [from This Can Only Lead To Chaos, released January 24, 2020]

Cobalt Grove – Solana [from Cobalt Gove EP, released January 31, 2020]

TMODM: What are your main influences?
Cobalt Grove: I grew up listening to a lot of Black Keys, although it doesn’t really show too much in the music, but that’s what made me love guitar, among other things. Anything psychedelic that I can listen too, I will – so I’ve been listening to anything from Swedish prog to Anatolian rock. One of my friends said these songs sound like if the Black Keys and Tame Impala got thrown into a blender. Oh, and Thee Oh Sees (or anything John Dwyer does) is a big influence too.
TMODM: What are your plans for the future?
Cobalt Grove: I’ll be releasing more songs, maybe another EP (hopefully) by the end of the year.

Yuri Gagarin – The Outskirts of Reality [from The Outskirts of Reality, released January 31, 2020]

TMODM: What are your main influences?
Christian: I can only answer for myself, but my influences comes from all kinds of music that I listen to. The bands whose music are quite close to ours, like Hawkwind F/i has probably had more of an impact than some of the other bands that I listen to, though. My top five favorite bands are Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Tangerine Dream and Hawkwind.
TMODM: What are your plans for the future?
Christian: as far as plans for the future goes. we are going to do some gigs this year. quite a lot more than we have done during the last two years when we focused on rehearsing the new material for the album.

The Trip Takers – You Are Not Me [from The Trip Takers Collection, released January 25, 2020]

Sula Bassana – Silver Smurfer [from Unreleased Tracks (from The Box), released January 10, 2020]

TMODM: Who would cite as your main influences?
Sula Bassana: Oh, main influence on this track? or in general? About this track: No idea, I played around on the guitar and found this theme. Then I recorded it. finish…
TMODM: A six-CD set is really impressive. Just curious to know how many more tracks you have waiting for a future release.
Sula Bassana: More unreleased songs, yes, but I don’t count them. 

Black Satori – Lucy Lane [from Lucy Lane, released January 24, 2020]

TMODM: Who would you cite as your main influences?
Black Satori: The band started because Joe and I loved the Black Angels and Pink Floyd. Closer to home we were seeing so many great psych and shoegaze bands in the Minneapolis music scene and wanted to share the stage with them. This includes Minneapolis bands Muno Bato, Driftwood Pyre, Gay Witch Abortion, The Cult of Lip, The Flavor Crystals, Magic Castles and more.  Currently our #1 bands are jamming to Oh Sees, Frankie and The Witch Fingers, La Luz, Acid Mothers Temple, Moon Duo, Minami Deutsch and Kikagaku Moyo. We are obsessed with music so the list could go on check my blog for more awesome selections at Thepsychrock.com
TMODM: What are your plans for the future?
Black Satori: We have a Full Length album 50 minutes of music in the works which we are calling Harvest your Mind and are about to fish for an opportunity to do a vinyl pressing and get on a psych label to raise awareness of our artistic exploits.  Joe Holbrook Guitarist is in Heart of the Sun doing liquid light shows in Minneapolis MN. he and Alex Lode the bass player from the band are collaborating with several groups in MN for some awesome live improvised stoner psychedelic rock. I now live in San Francisco and am working on solo projects including a acid folk album released under my name Temple Rose called Spiral Serpent can out last week it is very different from Black Satori.

Black Satori are planning to set up a tour for the west coast but there are no solid plans yet. We now know how to write and record and mix all our music, we make the music videos and art for everything but we have reached a point where we need some help getting the word out to the world and need a bit of financial support to make it happen hoping an awesome label might give us the boost we need.

Technicolor Dream Smoke – Rumble [from Temple, released January 23, 2020]

TMODM: Who are your main influences?
Technicolor Dream Smoke: We started playing together less than a year ago and I’d say we draw influence from The Grateful Dead, Talking Heads, and Pink Floyd for the most part. Otherwise we’re always just trying to work off each other to see what new sonic landscapes we can reach/create.
TMODM: What are your plans for the future?
Technicolor Dream Smoke: We are planning a very exciting trip to record another album, as well as finishing up an ep that will be released soon. As for playing shows we are hoping to have our first show mid-late March! With another local band Earth Radio. We are really excited and anxious to bring our sound to the stage!

Paul Normal & The Puppets – Far Out Away [from Days In Your Mind, released January 25, 2020]

The Electric Myrrs – Inland Summer [from Myrr Jyrr, released January 12, 2020]

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Work This Time [from Live In Brussels ’19, released January 15, 2020]

Lichtpyramide – Festtagszug [from Lichtpyramide, released January 15, 2020]

TMODM: Who Are your main influences?
Jack Ellister: My main influence most of the time is whichever instruments are hooked up and ready to use in my studio. I’ve started practising with my loop station, and the results sounded interesting sometimes, so I figured I could just as well keep a recording of them. When I released some of it on cdr in November, people seemed to like it, so now it’s growing there on Bandcamp and SoundCloud.
TMODM: What are your plans for the future?
Jack Ellister: The plan is to make another cdr soon, using some digitally released ones and some new ones, and I’m offering material to labels for a vinyl release, too.

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