The Best Tracks of 2013

Following up on my previous post where listed the best LPs, EPs & 7″ releases of 2013, here is a Mixcloud compilation of my favorite tracks released in 2013. As I said last year, there is an ever-growing wave of excellent garage and psychedelic releases. I would go so far as to say we are living in a golden age. Bandcamp in particular has made it easy for bands to release their own material in a way that is relatively easy for fans to find. I just hope this run of great material continues. The tracks are roughly in order of preference with the obvious #1 being “Cannonball” by the People’s Temple. Just a great, great track.

1. Cannonball by The People’s Temple
2. ’94 Nissan by Huge Pupils
3. I Want More by The Deathrays
4. Habibi by Habibi
5. Pink Gorilla by White Fence
6. Nothing Left by MMOSS
7. Lost dogg by Las Rosas
8. Blood Is the Way by Copycats
9. Three legged dog by Mystics
10. Stop Me by Iris and the Dealy Flowers
11. She Does Those Things to Me by The Ar-Kaics
12. My Mask by The Omecs
13. Alligator by Super Wild Horses
14. Sunday On My Mind by Travel Check
15. Up the coast by Moontower
16. Fortune Teller by Campfires
17. Cadaques by Bilderberg Motel
18. Biz Bag by Sic Alps
19. Nobody by Thee Atom Brain
20. Wasted Summer by Lsd ratkings
21. Smokescreen by Frowning Trees
22. Unfortunate Direction by The Everywheres
23. The State by Kaseciarz
24. Golden truth by Holy Wave
25. Rise To The Out Of Reach by Golden Void

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