Podcast 2021.14 Never Mind The Originals Here’s The Tributes

All of the tracks in this episode are cover versions or tributes. The songs are from the sixties and seventies but all of these tracks have been released in the last year or so. I asked the artists featured in this episode what their desert island disk would be. The Dust Bunnies, who cover the Beatles song Long Long Long chose the White Album, which makes sense. Other picks weren’t so close to the cover you’ll hear in this episode. Tuluum Shimmering’s version of Eight Miles High closes this episode and they selected Cornell 1964 by the Charles Mingus Sextet. Dub Wreckage, who cover the Velvet Underground, said their desert island disk would be Y by the Pop Group. And Spacelab, who cover Hawkwind couldn’t decide on a single album. They split between John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme and DRI’s Dealing With It. The episode starts off with a Kiss cover from CIA Hippie Mind Control, who picked the Ramones It’s Alive as their desert island disk.

00:00 Turn Me On Dead Man – Intro
01:47 CIA Hippie Mind Control – Goin’ Blind (Kiss)
05:16 Buried Feather – Earthquake (13th Floor Elevators)
10:23 Dub Wreckage – Hard Drugs (Velvet Underground)
17:39 Vapour Theories – The Big Ship (Brian Eno)
26:31 Spacelab – We Took The Wrong Step Years Ago (Hawkwind)
29:56 Dust Bunnies – L0ng L0N2 Lo25 (The Beatles)
32:47 Moon Duo – Planet Caravan (Black Sabbath)
37:12 Tuluum Shimmering – Eight Miles High (The Byrds)

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