JFK Assassination Songs

Below is a list of songs that in one way or another address the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, which occurred on November 22, 1963. I’ve provided analysis of the imagery of some songs on the list, so click on the “blog” link to read more about the JFK references in these songs. If you know of a JFK assassination song that should be on this list, or if you think a song should be removed, you can either email me at theedeadman@gmail.com or use the page JFK Song or NOT? to make your case either way.

Ten years ago as the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination was approaching, I asked garage/psychedelic bands if they would contribute a track to a Creative Commons compilation I put together called Conspiracy A-Go-Go. Several bands recorded new tracks specifically for that compilation, while other bands contributed tracks that they had already released. Conspiracy A-Go-Go was released November 1, 2013, and is available as a free download on Bandcamp, the Free Music Archive and the Internet Archive, Don’t miss the detailed liner notes, which you can read here or download as a PDF.

The Turn Me On, Dead Man podcast episode 2023.19 Conspiracy A-Go-Go: JFK Assassination Songs, 2013-2023, released on November 22, 2023, picks up where the 2013 compilation left off. The playlist for this episode includes 26 tracks released in the last decade that refer to the JFK assassination in one way or another.

Info Song Title Artist Year Album Title
The Smoking Gun Abandone 2013 Conspiracy A-Go-Go
John F. Kennedy: The Greatest of All Lee Roy Abernathy 1964 John F. Kennedy: The Greatest of All
Jack Ruby and the Smoking Gun above us only sky 2011 Demo Tape 2010
blog Catholic Day Adam and the Antz 1979 Dirk Wears White Sox
Memories of Kennedy Hasil Adkins 1963 Tragic Songs from the Grassy Knoll
blog The Kennedy Curse Alexisonfire 2003 Alexisonfire
Lee Harvey Alpha Pilot 2009 Alpha Pilot
Jack Ruby Roland Alphonso 2000 Something Special: Ska Hot Shots
Jackie's Strength Tori Amos 1998 From the Choirgirl Hotel
Beat Avenue Eric Anderson 2003 Beat Avenue
Jack Ruby Anodyne 2004 The First Four Years
Lee Harvey Asylum Street Spankers 1996 Spanks for the Memories
A Devil Among the Tailors At the Drive-In 1998 In/Casino/Out
The American in Me Avengers 1979 Avengers
Window Seat [video] Erykah Badu 2010 New Amerykah Part Two: Return of the Ankh
The Grassy Knoll Frances Baskerville 1992 Songs From the Beyond
blog Warmth of the Sun The Beach Boys 1964 Shut Down Volume 2
Jack Ruby The Beat Poets 1989 Totally Radio
blog Abraham, Martin and John Harry Belafonte 1974 Abraham, Martin and John
Tribute to a Great President The Birds of Harmony 1965 Kennedy's Blues
Dreaming in Dealey Plaza Black Lodge 2011 I Was There Again: Live Recordings
Mark My Words Black Rabbit 2013 Conspiracy A-Go-Go
I Shot JFK Black Velvet Flag 1995 Come Recline
2 Shooters on the Grassy Knoll Bless Escro 2011 The Blessed LP
blog Bullets For You Blurt 1984 Bullets For You
The Drag The Bonnevilles 2008 Good Suits and Fightin' Boots
Poor Kennedy Avery Brady 1964 Can't Keep From Crying
Nobody Knows Paul Brady 1990 Trick or Ttreat
Wishing the Days Away Billy Bragg 1986 Talking with the Taxman About Poetry
When We Got the Message Fannie Brewer 1964 Can't Keep From Crying
Why Did He Have to Go? James Brewer 1964 Can't Keep From Crying
I Want to Know Why James and Fannie Brewer 1964 Can't Keep From Crying
Something Just Broke Assassins (Broadway Revival Cast) 1992 Assassins
JFK vs USA Bromheads Jacket 2009 On the Brain
I Shot JFK Brother's Keeper 2001 Fantasy Killer
blog Abraham, Martin and John Charles Brown 1969 Bad, Bad Whiskey
Brand New '64 Dodge Greg Brown 1994 The Poet Game
He Was Loved by All the People Jimmy Brown 1964 Can't Keep From Crying
Foreign Policy The Buckinghams 1967 Time & Changes
Kennedy's Head Buckwheat Catapillar 2013 Kennedy's Head
The Source Built to Spill 1994 There's Nothing Wrong with Love
Kennedy Brain Matter Burning Beneath 2010 An Internal Collapse
John F. Kennedy Was Called Away Norm Burns and the Five Stars 1972 John F. Kennedy Was Called Away
I Saw an X-Ray of a Girl Passing Gas Butthole Surfers 1988 Hairway to Steven
The Shah Sleeps in Lee Harvey's Grave Butthole Surfers 1983 Butthole Surfers
blog He Was a Friend of Mine The Byrds 1965 Turn! Turn! Turn!
Jack Ruby Camper Van Beethoven 1989 Key Lime Pie
Lee Harvey Was a Friend of Mine Laura Cantrell 2004 The Hello Recordings
I Shook His Hand Peter Case 1986 Peter Case
She Is Always Seventeen Harry Chapin 1975 Greatest Stories Live
blog Abraham, Martin and John Ray Charles 1972 A Message from the People
blog Autumn '63 Child Actor 2011 Second Shooter
blog Dealey Plaza Child Actor 2011 Second Shooter
blog Jackie Child Actor 2011 Second Shooter
blog Optimist Prime Child Actor 2011 Second Shooter
blog The Grassy Knoll Child Actor 2011 Second Shooter
In The Ethos Classy Plastic Lumber 2013 Mojave Denizens
blog What the World Needs Now/Abraham, Martin & John Tom Clay & the Blackberries 1971 single
The John F. Kennedy Blues Coal Porters 1996 Rebels Without Applause
It All Goes Back to Jack Jeff Cohen-Robb Morris 1994 Whitewash: A Musical Revue of the JFK Assassionation Coverup
8 Steps to Perfection Company Flow 1997 Funcrusher Plus
Tomorrow, Wendy Concrete Blonde 1990 Bloodletting
blog Abraham, Martin and John Ray Conniff and the Singers 1969 I Love How You Love Me
blog Homenaje a J.F. Kennedy Los Conquistadores 1963 Folk Music in America, Vol. 9: Songs of Death & Tragedy
blog President Kennedy Ry Cooder 1972 Boomer's Story
Semtex Revolution Coroner 1991 Mental Vortex
Grassy Knoll Corpus 2010 Sonny, Stop the Car
blog Less Than Zero (Dallas Version) Elvis Costello & the Attractions 1978 Live at El Mocambo
I'm Still Remembering The Cranberries 1996 To the Faithful Departed
blog Jack Ruby's Hat The Crick Gypsies 2008 Jack Ruby's Hat
Blue Texas Skies Anthony Croasdale 2013 YouTube
God Damn Texas Dark Fog 2013 Conspiracy A-Go-Go
A Tribute to President Kennedy Johnny Dee 1964 Tragic Songs from the Grassy Knoll
The Ballad of JFK Charles Deemer 1963 The Ballad of JFK
Jack Ruby Deep Purple 1998 Abandon
National Anthem Lana Del Rey 2012 Born to Die
November 22nd 1963 Destroy All Monsters 1979 Bored
It's All in Your Head Diamond Rio 1996 IV
Jackie's Still Sad Diesel Park West 1988 Shakespeare Alabama
blog Abraham, Martin and John Dion 1968 Dion
Lee Harvey Oswald Disco Zombies 1980 Drums Over London
Assassination Dixie Nightingales 1965 Kennedy's Blues
Jack Ruby Corey Dixon & The Zvooks 2001 Come and Go
Zapruder Frame 313 Doc Hopper 1998 Zigs, Yaws & Zags
Oswald Dolphins 2012 From Pickerel to Flipper
Zapruder Film Dopamine-Black1200 2009 The Wake
A Tragedy in Dallas James Dotson 1964 Tragic Songs from the Grassy Knoll
Earl Warren The Drastics 2010 Here Comes the Bass / Earl Warren
Life in a Northern Town The Dream Academy 1985 The Dream Academy
Magic Bullet Theory Droids Attack 2006 All Your Chicks Belong to Us
Man Gone Down The Droogs 2013 Conspiracy A-Go-Go
Chimes of Freedom Bob Dylan 1964 Another Side of Bob Dylan
Blind Willie McTell Bob Dylan 1983 The Bootleg Series, Vols. 1-3 : Rare And Unreleased, 1961-1991
Murder Most Foul Bob Dylan 2020 Rough and Rowdy Ways
Conspiracy Theory Steve Earle 2002 Jerusalem
Lee Harvey T. Tex Edwards & The Sickoids 1990 Intexicated!
Public Enemy #1 Eminem 2006 Eminem Presents the Re-Up
blog President Kennedy Stayed Away Too Long Sleepy John Estes 1969 Mississippi Delta Blues Jam in Memphis 2
Dealey Plaza Et2brute 1998 The Truth Becomes Folklore
Lee Harvey Oswald Et2brute 1998 The Truth Becomes Folklore
blog Single Bullet Theory Exploding Castro Cigars 2011 Single Bullet Theory
blog Five Bullets Eye Ocean 2010 The Smoke in Your Eyes
blog Oswald Defence Lawyer The Fall 1988 The Frenz Experiment
blog Zapruder's Film Mick Farren & Jack Lancaster 1995 The Deathray Tapes
blog Now Your Dead Fear 1978 More Beer
Oswald's Dirge Fellaheen 2003 Busking for Karma
JFK Fervid 2013 Little Massacre
Five Stop Mother Superior Rain The Flaming Lips 1990 In a Priest Driven Ambulance
Boiler Room, Part 2: The Grand Design Flash Gordon's Ape 2013 Conspiracy A-Go-Go
Lament for JFK Flying Column 2000 Sounds of Ireland
Field Recording 6 Folksteady 2013 The Kennedy Assassination: A Pop Opera
Marina's Disco Dance Folksteady 2013 The Kennedy Assassination: A Pop Opera
Ode to David Ferrie Folksteady 2013 The Kennedy Assassination: A Pop Opera
Songful of Clues Folksteady 2013 The Kennedy Assassination: A Pop Opera
The Ballad of Jack Ruby Folksteady 2013 The Kennedy Assassination: A Pop Opera
The J.D. Tippit Blues Folksteady 2013 The Kennedy Assassination: A Pop Opera
The Killing of Kennedy Folksteady 2013 The Kennedy Assassination: A Pop Opera
Three Hobos Are We Folksteady 2013 The Kennedy Assassination: A Pop Opera
Two Ahead Folksteady 2013 The Kennedy Assassination: A Pop Opera
blog In the Summer of His Years Connie Francis 1963 Gold
Oh My God Michael Franti 2003 Songs From the Front Porch: An Acoustic Collection
Bullet Theory Funeral For a Friend 2009 Casually Dressed and in Deep Conversation
Zapruder 235 Fuschia 3Oha 2006 Estirant Sombres Sobre Paisatges Artificials
Super Soul Sis Warren G 1994 Regulate…G Funk Era
The Quest for Jack Ruby Geisha Noise Research Group 2013 Geisha Noise Research Group Get Diplomatic Immunity
Grassy Knoll Goodnight Gracie 2000 Simple
JFK – John F. Kennedy Song TheGrammarheads 2013 YouTube
A Man for the Nation John Lee Granderson 1964 Can't Keep From Crying
10 Minutes to Parkland The Grassy Knoll 2012 Grizzarism
Lee Harvey Oswald Tony Greene 2003 Evolution
J.F.K. Greenhouse 27 1993 Smashed
Killing Time (at the Book Depository) Grover Kent 2006 Running Out of Ramones
Civil War Guns N' Roses 1991 Use Your Illusion II
Jack Ruby Hand Over Fist 2012 Big Knife
blog It's a Hard Life Wherever You Go/Abraham, Martin and John Emmylou Harris & the Nash Ramblers 1992 At the Ryman
Lee Harvey Was a Friend of Mine Homer Henderson & The Dalworthington Garden Boys 1985 Lee Harvey Was a Friend of Mine
Ballad of JFK Alex Harvey 1965 Teenage A Go Go
Sunny Bobby Hebb 1966 Sunny
Bullet The Hellacopters 1997 Hell On Earth: A Tribute to the Misfits
blog Abraham, Martin and John Rosetta Hightower 1971 Rosetta Hightower
Conspiracy The Higsons 1982 Attack of the Cannibal Zombie Businessmen
Bullet Hounds Hounds Hounds 2012 Hounds Hounds Hounds
President Kennedy Son House 1965 Father of the Delta Blues
Take Him, Earth, For Cherishing Herbert Howells 1963 English Choral Music
Seconds Human League 1981 Dare
Jackie Onassis Human Sexual Response 1992 Fig. 15
Kennedy (Remind Me to Forget Part II) Humansbeing 2001 Waiting for a Greater
When Will They Shoot? Ice Cube 1992 The Predator
The Grassy Knoll Ill O'Reilly 2011 Butterfly Switch Bladrunner
The Ballad of John F. Kennedy Autry Inman 1964 Studio 102 Essentials
Six Shots in Dallas Internal Bleeding 1999 Driven to Conquer
The Twenty-Second Day of November Bill Jackson 1964 Can't Keep From Crying
blog In the Summer of His Years Mahalia Jackson 1963 Kennedy's Blues
Tabloid Junkie Michael Jackson 1995 HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I
Warren Commission Brent James 2003 From Rock to Acoustic
Reverence The Janitors 2013 Conspiracy A-Go-Go
Bullet Jaw Horse 2012 Cancer Creek
President Wyclef Jean 2004 Welcome to Haiti: Creole 101
Two Brothers Bobby Jenzen 1968 Tragic Songs from the Grassy Knoll
Pick Up Your Brains (The JFK Song) Jesus & The Robot 2006 The All American Hero
Reverence Jesus and Mary Chain 1992 Honey's Dead
The Modern Joshua The Jewel Gospel Singers 1965 Kennedy's Blues
blog Back and to the Left JFn'K 2013 Conspiracy A-Go-Go
We Didn't Start the Fire Billy Joel 1989 Storm Front
Umbrella Man Scott Albert Johnson 2007 Umbrella Man
The Tragedy of John F. Kennedy The Justice Brothers 1964 Tragic Songs from the Grassy Knoll
Zombie Wok Karovas Milkshake 2013 Conspiracy A-Go-Go
Grassy Knoll Kinetix 2006 Kinetix
Song for a Friend The Kingston Trio 1963 Time to Think
Give the People What They Want The Kinks 1981 Give the People What They Want
Abraham, Martin and John Eartha Kitt 1987 My Way: A Musical Tribute to Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
The Death of John F. Kennedy Jim Klink 1964 Tragic Songs from the Grassy Knoll
Zapruder Kompressor 2008 Discipline
J.F.K. and That Terrible Day Bill Kushner 1965 Tragic Songs from the Grassy Knoll
blog Sympathy for the Devil Laibach 1988 Sympathy for the Devil
blog Glad I'm Not a Kennedy Shona Laing 1988 South
War Pimp Renaissance Lard 1997 Pure Chewing Satisfaction
Lee Harvey Oswald The Last Conspirators 2007 Warparty
Dallas The Laughing Horses 2013 YouTube
The Sixth Floor Christine Lavin 1995 Please Don't Make Me Too Happy
Glad I'm Not a Kennedy Levitating Churches 2013 Conspiracy A-Go-Go
Lincoln Limousine Jerry Lee Lewis 1966 Memphis Beat
Jackie, Don't You Weep Little Junior & The Butler-Aires 1964 Kennedy's Blues
JFK Tiffany Lunn 2013 JFK
blog Abraham, Martin and John Moms Mabley 1969 Abraham, Martin and John
Lee Harvey Oswald Mike Macharyas 2006 Jessica Simpson
Motorcade Magazine 1978 Real Life
Get Outta Dallas The Malarians 1989 Finished in This Town
I'm Just a Patsy Manic Street Preachers 2007 Send Away the Tigers
Posthuman Marilyn Manson 1998 Mechanical Animals
Coma White [video] Marilyn Manson 1998 Mechanical Animals
blog In the Summer of His Years Millicent Martin 1963 That Was The Week That Was: The BBC Tribute to John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Zapruder Gary Marx 2007 Nineteen Ninety Five and Nowehere
Lee Harvey Was a Friend of Mine Boris McCutcheon & The Salt Licks 2011 Wheel of Life
blog American Pie Don McLean 1971 American Pie
The Kennedy March The Joe Meek Orchestra 1993 The Assassination of John F. Kennedy
Insignificance (Conversation with Roche) The Mekons 1994 Retreat from Memphis
Jack Ruby Paul Metsa 1993 Whistling Past the Graveyard
The Assassination of John F. Kennedy Richard Miller 1964 The Assassination of John F. Kennedy
Bullet The Misfits 1986 The Misfits
Public Execution Mr. X 1994 Whitewash: A Musical Revue of the JFK Assassionation Coverup
Three Little Tramps Mr. X 1994 Whitewash: A Musical Revue of the JFK Assassionation Coverup
Uncle Sam's Hit Man Mr. X 1994 Whitewash: A Musical Revue of the JFK Assassionation Coverup
What's the Reason Mr. X 1994 Whitewash: A Musical Revue of the JFK Assassionation Coverup
blog Who Killed JFK? Misteria 1992 Who Killed JFK?
Medley: In the Summer of His Years/Rally Round the Flag The Chad Mitchell Trio 1964 Reflecting
J.F. Kennedy's Reservation Ronda Mitchell & Mrs. Lovell 1965 Kennedy's Blues
The Oswald File (Ethnolution II: A Matter of Unnecessary Doubt) Mob Rules 2009 Radical Peace
Lee Harvey Oswald (Was Just a Patsy) Mono Ensemble 2007 Spare Room Flange
Zapruder The Narrows 2012 The Eve of Invasion
New World Nas 1999 Nastradamus
JFK Mix The National Cynical Network 2013 Paranoia
Brain Damage (J Floyd K Remix) The National Cynical Network 2011 Puzzing Evidence – The JFK Show (2011)
Now Negativland 1992 Guns
Day in Dallas Oliver Nelson 1967 The Kennedy Dream
1963 New Order 1994 Brotherhood [Collector's Edition]
November 22nd 1963 New Race 1982 The First and the Last
blog Abraham, Martin and John Leonard Nimoy 1970 The New World of Leonard Nimoy
Machination Nothingface 2003 Skeletons
Grassy Knoll Angie Nussey 2007 Little Tragedies
blog Abraham, Martin and John Nuttea 2004 Urban Voodoo
Crucifixion Phil Ochs 1967 Pleasures of the Harbor
That Was the President Phil Ochs 1965 I Ain't Marching Anymore
The President's Dead Okkervil River 2006 The President's Dead
Tell Me Why The Omecs 2013 Conspiracy A-Go-Go
The Grassy Knoll Opio 2005 Triangulation Station
The Spirit of JFK Scott Orsi 1996 Devo Presents Music from Adventures of the Smart Patrol
The Ballad of Jack Ruby Ozzie 1975 The Parabolic Rock 1975-1982
blog Dealey Plaza (Frame Z-313) Palo Alto 2007 Terminal Sideral: Live 05-06-07 Music and Films
John Fitzgerald Kennedy Buddy Pastuck 1975 Tragic Songs from the Grassy Knoll
Brain of J Pearl Jam 1998 Yield
Song on the Spot (Who Stole John F. Kennedy's Brain?) David Peel & the Lower East Side 1995 Up Against the Wall
A Sunny Day in Dallas Honorable Bob Peters 1965 Tragic Songs from the Grassy Knoll
Zapruder Frame 235 Photographed by Lightning 2010 Blood Music
Born in the Fifties The Police 1978 Outlandos D'Amour
blog Sleeping In The Postal Service 2002 Give Up
blog I Saw John Kennedy Today Luke Powers 2006 Picture Book
The Death of John F. Kennedy Hayden Privett 1965 Tragic Songs from the Grassy Knoll
I Wanna Be Jack Kennedy The Psyclone Rangers 1993 Feel Nice
You've Got to Be Kidding Rabia 1994 Whitewash: A Musical Revue of the JFK Assassionation Coverup
Soopaman Luva 3 Redman 1996 Muddy Waters
blog The Day John Kennedy Died Lou Reed 1982 The Blue Mask
John Fitzgerald Kennedy The Renegades 1999 The Renegades Cantaitalia
blog Abraham, Martin and John Cliff Richard 1970 Tracks 'n' Grooves
Childhood's End Danya River 2013 Childhood's End (J.F.K. Assassination 50th Anniversary Memorial & Tribute)
blog Abraham, Martin and John Smokey Robinson 1969 The 35th Anniversary Collection
Friend The Rockin' Guys 1992 Assassination EP
November The Rockin' Guys 1992 Assassination EP
O.H. Lee The Rockin' Guys 1992 Assassination EP
blog Abraham, Martin and John/Precious Memories (Medley) Kenny Rogers 1975 Love Lifted Me
blog Sympathy for the Devil The Rolling Stones 1968 Beggars Banquet
President Kennedy Gave His Life Mary Ross 1964 Can't Keep From Crying
John Fitzgerald Kennedy Le Rug 2009 Nuke Whales
That Awful Day in Dallas Brother Thurman Ruth 1965 Kennedy's Blues
The Death of John F. Kennedy Ralph Ryan 1964 Tragic Songs from the Grassy Knoll
Blown Away Saigon 2012 The Greatest Story Never Told: Chapter 2, Bread and Circuses
Hommage JFK David Sampson 1999 Monument: The Works of David Sampson
November 22, 1963 Satan's Cheerleaders 1994 Infinity
Dallas 1PM Saxon 1980 Strong Arm of the Law
Dallas (22-11-1963 mix) Sayag Jazz Machine 2006 Anachro'mix Experiences
Kennedy Blues Eric von Schmidt 1995 The Prestige/Folklore Years, Vol. 2: The New City Blues
Dallas 12:30 Maestro Janet "Clazzy" Scott 2003 At My Clazziest
President Kennedy's Mile Screaming Blue Messiahs 1986 Gun Shy
The Turning Point (Ode to John F. Kennedy) Johnny Seay 2005 Sweet Liberty II
Sunny Day in Dallas Gerry Segal 2013 Sunny Day in Dallas
The Day the World Stood Still The Sensation Six of Birmingham, Alabama 1965 Kennedy's Blues
Elvis Killed Kennedy 7th Octave 2004 The Se7enth Degree
The Sound of Silence Simon & Garfunkel 1964 Wednesday Morning, 3AM
The Late Great Johnny Ace Paul Simon 1983 Hearts and Bones
Trailways Bus Paul Simon 1997 Songs from The Capeman
Lee Harvey Oswald The Skatalites 1967 Ska Authentic
President Kennedy The Skatalites 1967 Ska Authentic
Jack Ruby Special Skin Flesh & Bones Meets the Revolutionaries 1975 Fighting Dub
The Truth About Us Skydiggers 1997 Desmond's Hip City
Zapruder Film Sleep in Sunlight 2012 insincere CS
So Mrs. Kennedy, How Was the Drive? Smilin Liar 2006 So Mrs. Kennedy, How Was the Drive?
Lee Harvey Oswald Snog 2010 The Dissolving Satellite of Egotism Overturned
Conspiracy Solarized 2001 Driven
Jack Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Dallas Soul Vigilante 2013 Centigrade 37
The Tragedy of Kennedy The Southern Bell Singers 1965 Kennedy's Blues
The Death of John F. Kennedy The Southern Gospel Band 1965 Tragic Songs from the Grassy Knoll
Thy Word Is a Lantern Unto My Feet Leo Sowerby 1964 The Throne of God
Sad Day in Texas Otis Spann 1964 Can't Keep From Crying
Oh My God Spearhead 2001 Stay Human
Fallen Hero (Ode to JFK) Spirit 2002 Sea Dream
6th Floor Spirit of the West 1993 Faithlift
Mr. John Bill Spivery 1964 Mr. John
Marina ST 37 2013 Conspiracy A-Go-Go
Single Bullet Theory Standard Fruit 2012 Mojave Moon
History Repeats Itself Buddy Starcher 1966 History Repeats Itself
blog The Motorcade Sped On Steinski & the Mass Media 1987 What Does It All Mean? 1983-2006 Retrospective
Nice to Be Out Stereophonics 2001 Just Enough Education to Perform
Dreamers on the Rise John Stewart 1995 Airdream Believer
I Remember America John Stewart 1995 Airdream Believer
blog Bush Killed Kennedy The Strap-ons 2004 Punk on Punk Crime
Lee Harvey Oswald Blues Sugarshock 1994 The Mother Nature EP
Lee Harvey Oswald Suitcase 2001 Brief
Jack Ruby Swillmerchants 2012 I Don't Remember the World
Kuwait City Joe Tate 1994 Whitewash: A Musical Revue of the JFK Assassionation Coverup
Whitewash Joe Tate 1994 Whitewash: A Musical Revue of the JFK Assassionation Coverup
Zapruder Frame Tear Ceremony 1998 Film Decay
Back and to the Left Texas Is the Reason 1996 Do You Know Who You Are?
The Magic Bullet Theory Texas Is the Reason 1996 Do You Know Who You Are?
Purple Toupee They Might Be Giants 1989 Lincoln
Anything Third Eye Blind 1999 Blue
blog Conspiracy Rock This Is Pathetic 1992 YouTube
Get Outta Dallas Mal Thursday & The Cheetahs 1992 It's All Going By Too Fast
Kennedy Moan Bishop Perry Tillis 2006 Too Close
My Past Lives Too Much Joy 2005 Son of Sam I Am
A. Zapruder Truckfighters 2005 Gravity X
Mr. Kennedy Johnny Tucker 1964 Tragic Songs from the Grassy Knoll
Grassy Knoll Tum Tum 2009 Tumthousandnine: The Grassy Knoll
blog Abraham, Martin and John Jerry Vale 1969 Till
The Day Farrah Fawcett Died The Vandals 1991 Fear of a Punk Planet
Voices in Time Vanilla Fudge 1968 The Beat Goes On
Elvis Killed Kennedy Vanilla Ice 2001 Bi-Polar
Magnets The Vapors 1981 Magnets
Grassy Knoll Voss 2012 Sleepless or Slept On
Bicentennial Loudon Wainwright III 1976 T Shirt
Dallas Valentine Terry Walsh and 2 A.M. 1997 Work and Hope
L.H.O. Warum Joe 1986 La Méthode Du Discours
blog 11 MPH (Abe Zapp Ruder Version) Was (Not Was) 1988 What Up, Dog?
Single Bullet Theory Wavespan 2006 Wavespan
Warren Commission We Plants Are Happy Plants 2013 Rainbow Collection: Blast From The Past
Kennedy The Wedding Present 1989 Bizarro
Abraham, Martin and John Paul Weller 2009 Paul Weller
kennedy. (the parade) West Egg 2012 illuminati, the ep.
A Man Amongst Men Big Joe Williams 1964 These Are My Blues
Time Machine Mark Wills 2000 Permanently
Assassination K/Kanserous Wolfgang Press 1989 Raintime
Threnody for Kennedy and Connally Brian Woodbury 1997 Variety Orchestra
I Can't Go to Sleep Wu-Tang Clan 2000 The W
blog The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead [video] XTC 1992 Nonsuch
Don't Blame the State of Texas Lowell Yoder 1964 Tragic Songs from the Grassy Knoll
I Tried Not to Cry Johnny Young 1964 Can't Keep From Crying
Tribute to JFK Johnny Young 1964 Can't Keep From Crying

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54 thoughts on “JFK Assassination Songs

  1. The Avengers “The Amerikan in Me”. San Francisco 1978
    “It’s the American in me that makes me watch the blood running out of a bullet hole in his head”
    “Ask not what you can do for your country, but what your country’s been doing to you.”

      • OK, I’ll expand the list to include “Coma White”. The song has nothing to do with the JFK assassination, but the video includes (overwrought) imagery from the JFK assassination. But since I included “Coma White” I also added “Window Seat” by Erykah Badu. Like “Coma White”, “Window Seat” has nothing to do with JFK but Erykah Badu filmed the video in Dealey Plaza. In the video she walks JFK’s motorcade route through Dealey Plaza and takes off her clothes along the way. Erykah Badu was charged with disorderly conduct and paid a $500 fine with 6 months probation for this little bit of guerrilla theater.

        • He started investigating JFK themes on the Mechanical Animals album, but Manson’s entire Holy Wood album (the one after Mechanical Animals) is based on JFK assassination/conspiracy imagery.

    • What about “Foreign Policy” by The Buckinghams? It has snippets of JFK speeches throughout. It was the B-side of “Susan” on the original 45rpm.

      • This one is iffy but I added it to the list. Even though the assassination isn’t mentioned it still comes to mind when you’re listening to the song. Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. Thanks for this – I’m currently compiling a Top Ten JFK Songs for my own blog, so it came in very handy. Others you might consider…

    Okkervil River – The President’s Dead

    Manic Street Preachers – I’m Just A Patsy

    Bromhead’s Jacket – JFK Vs. USA

    Magazine – Motorcade

    • Thanks for the suggestions. I have added all of them to the list. I had “Motorcade” on an earlier version of the list but took it off when I read that Howard Devoto had denied that the song had any connection to the JFK assassination (apparently this is in the liner notes to the 2008 reissue of Real Life but I have not seen this myself). After thinking about it I decided to include “Motorcade” since I have “Peter Pumpkinhead” on the list, which has a similar sort of theme to it plus JFK-denial by Andy Partridge. The lyrics are general enough to include on this list.

  3. Fantastic list! Good to see my New Mexico friend Boris McCutcheon in here with his cover of “Lee Harvey.” (along with the takes by T. Tex Edwards and The Rockin’ Guys, who call it “H.O. Lee”) One big omission though: The Asylum Street Spankers’ cover of that same Homer Henderson classic.That’s the first version I’d ever heard. It’s on their 1996 album SPANKS FOR THE MEMORIES. Here’s a YouTube of a live version by The Spankers: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rJjsiMrgIY

  4. Wow. I am takiing an excellent course on Coursera – “Songwriting”, taught by Pat Pattison of Berklee School of Music (highly recommend, its Free!). This week, we will “put it all together” and write a complete song and post to soundcloud. Well, since I was 9 years old when JFK was shot, and have been fixated (family says obsessed) off and on by the assasination since, I thought, OK write about that! So, I decided to search to see if anything (song) had been written on the subject. Little did I know! Glad I found this site, will return. You should add “Sounds of Silence” by Simon and Garfunkel. I also found several obscure ones titled “Ballad of JFK” – by “Hayes and Wammack” and also by Alex Harvey & Jimmie Grimes, also by Charles Deemer (went on to become an author and playwright and professor at Portland State University).

    • Interesting suggestions. “The Sound of Silence” is marginal but is mentioned often enough in discussions of music inspired by the JFK assassination that I’ll add it to the list.

  5. Hi, Please may I bring to you attention my tribute song that I have released this year. I have had good feedback about this whilst performing it in the UK this year, and am excited to perform it again as part of my next gig on 30th November, in a church so the acoustics should be great!

    I hope you enjoy it, and please share it with anyone who may appreciate it….


    Best wishes, Tiffany.

  6. Fantastic list! I didn’t see Peter Gabriel’s “Family Snapshot,” which includes some JFK-assassination imagery (though it’s actually about a different assassination). Judgement call as to whether you’d want to include it. Also, would Living Colour’s “Cult of Personality” count? It references Kennedy (and even includes a sample of his “Ask not…” speech), but it is not specifically about the assassination. Again, these are just suggestions. Your list is truly impressive.

  7. I’ve got three more for you:

    1. Sixth Floor by Spirit of the West

    “At the corner of Elm and Northeast Houston
    Staring up at the Southeast window
    Someone circled allegedly
    I refuse to pay six bucks to see”

    2. The Truth About Us by The Skydiggers

    “Ah Marina, Marina, it’s sad and it’s lonely,
    when you’re pointing the gun at the president
    I’m a flunky with a rifle, I’m an NRA golden boy
    a genius forging a legend”


    3. She Is Always Seventeen by Harry Chapin

    “It was nineteen sixty-one when we went to Washington;
    She put her arms around me and said, “Camelot’s begun.”

    We listened to his visions of how our land should be;
    We gave him our hearts and minds to send across the sea.
    Nineteen sixty-three, white and black upon the land;
    She brought me to the monuments and made us all join hands.

    And scarcely six months later she held me through the night
    When we heard what had happened in that brutal Dallas light.”

  8. I posted this comment under yours over at my CompVid101 site but wanted to be sure you saw it, so cross posting here as well –

    Very well said -and I am delighted to have you stop by and comment. I hope it’s clear that I truly appreciate the work you’ve done to assemble the list, and I explored many of the links to the blog and your notes on the album.

    I saw the Post-Gazette article and the CBS News article about “Silence” being inducted (properly and astoundingly late) into the National Recording Registry. It may well be that both the news sources and your reader couldn’t find a context within which to understand Simon and just glommed onto the assassination.
    …and I was going to post to your site this evening with suggestions of the Stewart songs, so I’m happy you found this. Looking forward to many a happy hour broadening my education by looking into some of the indie bands I don’t know and the unfamiliar music from those that I do.

  9. The Ballad of John F Kennedy b Tom Magera at the Kay Bank Recording Co. in Minneapolis in 1964. The song was taped st WNAX in Yankton SD .Magera and his wife took the. tape to Minnesota to’cut the record’. The records were distributed in their hometown Scotland SD and in Yankton SD in May 1964

    • Magera slso wrote and recorded Eternal Light and taped and recorded it along with Ballad. both songs have. ‘Ask not what your country can do for you..”

  10. I still insist that Bob Dylan’s “Series of Dreams” makes an oblique reference to the JFK assassination in the line “…Dreams where the umbrella is folded…”

  11. PLEASE HELP>>> I heard a song once, and I believe is had to do with jfk’s assassination. I believe it was sung by a lady. But it was more about the funeral and Jackie and the kids. I remember parts of the song. something about the horse(not sure of the color, or if they were pulling the coffin) and about Jackie keeping her head up? the singer was in the front yard of their home and mom was watching it on the news?

  12. Hi Todd,
    I recently found that live365 is finally down, what a shame, I can freaking believe it. Should you have any plans for taking Turn me on, dead man to another site, please let us know.

    • Ok, I think I wasn’t that wrong after all. I mean, I found the station at radionomy, which sucks because I’ve found myself listening to some tracks you would never play at live365, so I ask, do you have any plans for taking Turn me on, dead man to a site you can play your playlist without having to play lousy ‘lounge’ tracks?

  13. How could you miss John Wesley Harding’s “The Devil In Me”? It’s first line is:
    A shotgun and Kennedy
    In Dallas in ’63

    I should know, being named after a Peter Sellers gag and all.

  14. There was a song by I believe a man made in 1963 or 64 titled Mr. Kennedy! I believe he was a black artist!!

  15. Hi, I think “I’m juste a patsy” from The manic street preachers should be added to this very comprehensive list. Great job!

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