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Occasionally people will suggest songs that appear to make references to the JFK assassination. In some cases I’ve added the song to the list of JFK assassination songs but in other cases I’m not so sure. One such example is “Series of Dreams” by Bob Dylan. I’m not convinced that the image of an umbrella in this song is a reference to the JFK assassination. Use this page to make your case for or against this or any other song. Please maintain a civil tone in your remarks. Thanks.

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  1. Greetings Dead Man,

    As I may be the person you are referring to, I will state my case simply.
    The line in the song that I believe is a reference to the JFK assassination is “…Dreams where the umbrella is *folded*…”. This is, I believe, an oblique reference to the infamous “Umbrella Man” and the theory that his umbrella was a signalling device for the assassins (that’s plural). The song is about a “series of dreams” and contains references to random images and incongruous scenarios which reflect the kaleidoscopic, narrative sequences of the dream state. If the image(s) are interpreted as having any meaning at all, then I believe one would naturally interpret an image of a “folded” umbrella as significant only as it applies to the scenario in Dallas where the umbrella was *unfolded* or open. Dylan is putting this image into a meaningful context by using the pronoun “where” as opposed to “when”. Dreams “when” an umbrella is folded could refer to a multitude of scenarios from rain showers to hot, sunny days, where one might open and close (unfold or fold) an umbrella for a variety of reasons. But “dreams *where* the umbrella is folded” seems to put the scenario in the context of a specific place and time, namely, Dealey Plaza, November 22nd, 1963.
    It would seem that he is obviously making reference to the only umbrella in our history that has any meaningful significance in the fact of it being either opened or closed. In fact, this umbrella has meaning in the fact that it was indeed *open* (unfolded) on that day in Dallas, whether as a pointed protest aimed at JFK or to serve a more sinister purpose in signalling those truly “aiming” at Kennedy to fire and effect a change that our country and the world is still challenged by to this very day. “Dreams where the umbrella *is* folded” seems to me to indicate the dreamer is wondering “what if…” the umbrella had not been “unfolded”, and the signal had not been given to the shooters, and JFK had gone on to reelection, and the course of history had not been changed by unseen hands on the levers of fate. The fault is not in our stars, but in ourselves. Ad hominem. Casus belli.
    Thank you for allowing me to put forth my theory on why this song should be included among those that reference the JFK assassination.
    I hope this might be enough to sway your opinion or that there might be other comments that would support my contention.

  2. Here’s another suggestion for you “Everything You Know is Wrong” by Chumbawamba form their album “UN.” It is about conspiracies in general, and mentions several, but includes two clear references to JFK. “I’ve got Kennedy’s brain in a jar/ If you knew what I knew you wouldn’t laugh so hard” and “See my silhouette in the Super 8/ around the grassy knoll.” I think it’s a judgement call on your part as to whether a song be primarily about JFK, or merely include some reference to be included in the list.

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