CopyCats on Dig The Now Sound

Dig the Now Sound (Thursdays at 10:00 pm eastern on Turn Me On, Dead Man Radio) plays standout recent garage/psych. The featured track this week is “Blood Is the Way” by the Spanish garage punk band CopyCats. “Blood Is the Way” is on the 7″ EP Miss the Strange, which you can stream on Bandcamp. CopyCats start their first ever European tour tomorrow. On their Facebook page they are asking for help to find venues (see dates below). Help them out if you can.


Turn Me On, Dead Man: Where are you located?

CopyCats: We’re based in Granada (south of Spain) since 2010 approximately.

Turn Me On, Dead Man: What’s the music scene like there?

CopyCats: The music scene here’s a bit dead, but we’re beginning to see a common feeling in a lot of people looking for something exciting and new SO things are getting better. There are some good bands here in Spain like Belgrado (Barcelona) or la URSS for example…

Turn Me On, Dead Man: Have you toured much?

CopyCats: We’ve never toured before. Tomorrow (June 27th) we start our first European tour until July 14th. Hope we will tour the USA someday…
Turn Me On, Dead Man: Here are the tour dates:
June 27 – Madrid – Funhouse (w/ Rey Muerto)
June 28 – Zaragoza – Avv Arrebato
June 29 – Besancon – Ze Music All Bar
June 30 – Paris – TBA
July 1 – Kortrijk, Belgium – The Pit’s (w/ the Denyals)
July 2 – Amersterdam, Netherlands – TBA
July 3 – Hamburg, Germany – Gangeviertel
July 4 – Berlin, Germany – Wowsville
July 5 – Leipzig – Atari (w/ Scandalous Deed)
July 6 – Berlin, Germany – Cortina Bob
July 7 – Graz, Austria – Sub
July 8 – Vienna, Austria, or Slovenia – TBA
July 9 – Bologna, Italy – TBA
July 10 – Milan, Italy – La Sacrestia (via Conchetta, Milano)
July 11 – Turin, Italy – TBA
July 12 – Kreuzlingen, Switzerland – Horst
July 13 – Seignosse, France – The Barco Loco
July 14 – Barcelona, Spain – TBA
Looks like an ambitious schedule. Have you gotten much interest outside Spain?

CopyCats: People outside Spain doesn’t know much about us as we’ve only  made a demo tape record (2010), we’ve played only around Spain and have just released our first EP “Miss the strange” …but they’ll soon have news from CopyCats!

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