Turn Me On, Dead Man Radio is now on Radionomy

A few weeks ago Live365 sent all webcasters a notice that they were terminating service at the end of January. I was certainly disappointed but it wasn’t a complete surprise. Live365 had been struggling even before the increases in royalty rates were to go into effect. Looking back I guess I’m just happy it lasted as long as it did. I had been with Live365 doing Turn Me On, Dead Man Radio for over 15 years. I was a “founding broadcaster,” which earned me a 20% discount on their personal broadcaster rates. Despite its quirks and aging interface I was loyal to Live365 for as long as they were around, and I think would have stuck with them no matter what.

But Live365 has disappeared. Yesterday afternoon I was looking at my listener stats, but when I clicked on one of the links an error message announced that the page I was looking for didn’t exist.

Some time ago I registered with Radionomy but it wasn’t immediately obvious to me how to get started and I set it aside. But now with Live365 gone, I took a fresh look at it and decided to give Radionomy a try. It will take a little time to get fully reestablished and figure out all of the functions of the interface, but if you look up Turn Me On, Dead Man on Radionomy you can already hear garage rock, punk and psychedelia playing again. So check out the new Turn Me On, Dead Man Radio on Radionomy.

One thought on “Turn Me On, Dead Man Radio is now on Radionomy

  1. Guess what? Live365.com is coming back! Check the website! By the way, I used to listen to your station. You played some great music!

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