“Trip Inside This House” by Magic Shoppe on Dig the Now Sound

The featured track on this week’s edition of Dig the Now Sound (Wednesday, Sept. 19 at 10:00pm eastern) is “Trip Inside This House” by Magic Shoppe. “Trip Inside This House” leads off the band’s new EP Triangulum Australe E.P. (on Optical Sounds), and it’s also the opening track for the 2011 edition of the Trip Inside This House Summer Solstice compilation. Incidentally, -valis has also chosen a track from Triangulum Australe E.P. for his Pick of the Week (“Shangri-La In Reverse”), which airs Friday, Sept. 21 at noon eastern.  So it’s Magic Shoppe week on Turn Me On, Dead Man, I guess.

I recently corresponded with Josiah Webb about “Trip Inside This House”.

Turn Me On, Dead Man: I see you lead off your latest EP with the track you contributed to Vol. IV of the Trip Inside This House Summer Solstice compilation.  How did you go about writing and recording that track? I see -valis chose it as the lead-off track for the compilation. Did you plan it that way?

Josiah Webb: I was just starting to mess around with the some of the music that became “Trip Inside This House” when Valis contacted me about submitting a track for the compilation. Once that was all set, the rest of the track came together fairly quickly. I record everything at home, so i can take as long as i want to record and mix everything. Initially, i intended it to be a lot more “electric” sounding. Once i added a couple of acoustic guitars, it took on a much more organic mood. Valis and i never really talked about track order with regards to the other groups, it was totally up to him. I am pleased that the track was chosen as the opener and that it is back-to-back with the Secret Colours track (i dig that band).

Turn Me On, Dead Man: Your first album started out as an EP. Are you taking the same approach with this release?

Josiah Webb: My wife and i have a 22 month old at home. Your world changes into this hyper concentrated ball containing your kid, so my time is pretty fucking limited. Also, i have a hard time listening to more than a few tracks by any band. I’m not really interested in releasing anything beyond the length of an E.P. at this point in my life.

Turn Me On, Dead Man: Yes, a toddler will definitely turn your life upside down. Your sound is distinctive so I was curious to hear about your influences. What artists have had the greatest impact on you? Any record(s) in particular that changed your life? How far afield do you personal tastes run? Do you have any favorites that might surprise those of us who see you as a psychedelic artist?

Josiah Webb: I LOVE The Standells (Mid 60’s band from L.A.).. Also most of the late 90’s L.A. stuff, like The Warlocks, BJM, BRMC, etc.. Life changing record? The first time i heard “Isn’t Anything” by My Bloody Valentine, i wasn’t sure what the fuck i was listening to. It sounded like a bunch of fire engines in the Holland Tunnel. I walked away from that listening experience kind of shaken… like it sort of freaked me out. I got over it and became a huge fan of that record, along with the “You Made Me Realize” E.P.

Turn Me On, Dead Man: Do you have any passionate interests that fall completely outside of music (that you’d care to discuss, anyway)?

Josiah Webb: I am completely into the “furry” culture…… I was on the train the other day and this woman was dressed up like a fucking Thunder Cat. She started explaining what a “furry” is to this business woman. It was kind of hilarious to listen the business woman pretend to understand it… I am also an enormous soccer fan.

Turn Me On, Dead Man: Where are you headed in the future?

Josiah Webb: Shit is so digital now, that any pressed physical medium (aside from Vinyl!) is pointless… Wherever i go, it will be completely digital.

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