JFK Assassination Song: “Catholic Day” by Adam and the Antz

Before discussing “Catholic Day” by Adam and the Antz, I want to mention one of the songs included on the Turn Me On, Dead Man compilation Conspiracy A-Go-Go, available as a free download on Bandcamp, “Five Bullets” by Eye Ocean, from the 2010 release The Smoke in Your Eyes. The song is called “Five Bullets” because, according to songwriter Pascal Cormier, “John F. Kennedy was shot in the throat, twice in the back and then twice in the head simultaneously.” Cormier sees a broad conspiracy at work in the JFK assassination, “I believe that JFK was assassinated by people he knew, I believe the CIA, Cardinal Spellman and the Vatican were definitely involved, using the Roman Catholic Mafia and some U.S. Military. I believe one of the shots he got to the head was done by the driver.”
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